A Brief Synopsis of the Irish in the Leeds North Sub Registration Districts 2a-2ff of Leeds Civil Parish in the 1851 Census, and the Occupations they Held

Leeds Town Civil Parish, North Leeds Sub Registration District covers 89 Districts (1a-1x and 2a-2z) plus the Leeds Cavalry Barracks and the District Moral and Industrial Training School for the Pauper Children of the Township of Leeds in the 1851 census. Districts 1a-1g are covered on this first page of this compilation and districts 1h-1p on the 2nd page, 1q-1x on the third page.

The following compilation includes the locations of the Irish-born and observations noted in districts 2a-2ff, Leeds Cavalry Barracks plus the District Moral and Industrial Training School for the Pauper Children of Leeds Civil Parish, North Leeds Sub Registration District of the 1851 Census.

The Irish-born in District 2a were living on Shore's Yard, Smithies Yard, Timble Bridge, Scale's Yard, Mann's Court, Crofs Sumerset Street and Hobson's Yard. There were no place names of origin in Ireland given for this district. The occupations held by the Irish were: Laborers (Bryan, Lyons, Meehan, O'Brien, Slatery, Timlin-3 and Welch), Stone Mason (McNally), Basket Maker (Brankin), Blue Dyer (Meehan), Farm Laborer (Early), Hawker of Pottery (Conway), Hawker (Conway), Flammerman- Smith (Hetherington), Shoemaker (Lawler), Clothes Dealer (Hunter, Kilroy), Cloth Dresser (Johnstone), Flax Mill Girl (Early), Flax Spinner (Meehan), Dressmaker (Donoly, Johnstone, Kelly), Tow Teaser-Hemp (Coolan), Piecer Cloth Mill (Coolan-2), Pauper Worsted Weaver (Gallagher), Pauper (Greenwood and McGuinness), Pension-Able Seaman (Brown) and two without occupations (Duggan and Timlin).

The only Irish-born individual in District 2aa was Nicholas Lloyd, a Book Keeper living on Beckett Street.

The Irish-born in District 2b were living on Watkinson's Yard, Dunn's Yard, Off Street, Phillips Yard, Brick Street, Graham Court, Goulden Yard and Rising Sun Yard. The following family hailed from County Mayo: Mary Doine (Widowed Lodging Housekeeper), her son John (Cloth Dresser), Daughter Bridget (Domestic Duties) and daughter Mary and Jane Quinn was born in Castlebar, Ireland (her husband Christopher, a Tailor was born in Dublin and two daughters Jane and Mary in Leeds. John Kelley (Laborer) was born in Galway, Ireland (his wife Catherine was born in Kings County, Ireland and daughter Mary in Leeds). Bridget Webster was born in Kings County as well (husband William a Tailor in Lancashire). The following hailed from Dublin: Julia McDonald (Cap Maker), Mary Ann Moore (husband Charles was a Bricklayer's Laborer from Leinster, Ireland, daughter Mary and Murray Step children Esther, Mary, John and James were from Leeds, step daugher Ann from London), Thomas Hoy (Rail Laborer whose wife Mary was from Monahan and daugher Jane from Leeds) and John Cummins (Rail Laborer). John White (Brick Maker), Susanah White (Domestic Duties) and Mary Ann White (Clips Cloth) were from Sligo. Ann Knowles (Widowed Mill Worker) was from Cashel, Ireland and Jane her daughter was from Athlone, Ireland. Catherine Foster (Hawker) was from Cavan, Ireland and son William from Newcastle Upon Tyne and son John in Leeds. Ann Reardon (Widowed Cap Maker) was born in Limerick as was Hannah Braley (Cap Maker). Finally Winifred Burk (Servant) was born in Ballingagh, Ireland. The remaining Irish-born presented by occupation are: Agricultural Laborers (Cain, Connorton, Hogan, Montgomery, McCale and Stanton), Farm Laborers (Gannon, Gramagon, Hoban, Ivoran), Laborer (Flanning, Jordan), General Laborer (Gannon), Rail Laborer (Cox-2, Gaies, Styan), Bricklayer's Laborer (Ancil, COnnor, Dudley, McCormack), Mat Maker (McCarty), Jobber Laborer (Durkin), Cabinet Maker (Buckley), Drover (not known), Blue Dyer and Chelsea Pensioner (Byrne), Glazier (Hannah and McKan), Shoemaker (Loughman, McKnight), Tailor (Gore, Mooney, Smith), Lodging Housekeeper (Burns, Dawson), Hawker (Kenny, Smith), Hawker/Collector Rags (Ivoran), Silk Weaver (Johnson), Mill Worker (Brearley, Gannon, Granagon, McGawan, Morgan), Flax Mill Worker (Callaghan, Kye, Monaghan), Doffer in Flax Mill (Kye), Screwer in Flax Mill (Montgomery-2), Carder Flax Mill (Cain), Cloth Drefser (Cain-2, McHale, Navan), Worsted Spinner (Cain, Cox, McAndrew), Flax Spinner (Cain, Walker-2), Servant (O'Brian), Nurse (Gallagher, Morgan), on Parish Relief Woolen Cloth Finisher (Bloomfield) and those without occupations (Day, Durkin, Mc Hale, Merchant-3 and Whitaker.

There was only one Irish immigrant in District 2bb, Mary Freeman a Flax Spinner from Ireland living on Ludlow Street.

There was a huge concentration of Irish-born in District 2c and unfortunately none of the entries noted place of origin in Ireland. The highest concentrations of Irish Immigrants were living on Off Street and Yard, Lloyd's Arm's Yard, Riley's Court and Yard as well as Duke Street, York Street, Hoyles' Yard and Toward's Court. The following Irish immigrants Surnames will be presented by occupation. Laborer was the most common occupation with surnames Bartly, Burgin, Byrne-2 from 2 families, Campbell, Clark, Common, Donelly, Duffy, Early, Fearnck, Flanigan, Girway, Hinchy, Joyce-3, Kelly-2 from 2 families, Kenedy, Linard, Lofthouse, Mar, Maney, McNelus, McDermott, McGrath, McHalen, Meath-2, Millet, Mitchell, Morriss-2, Nolan, O'Brien, O'Conoral, O'Donnel-2, Quidley, Reagan, Ryan, Short, Slattery, Sweeny, Tigue-2, Traverse -2 and Welsh. Farm Laborors including surnames Hogan-2 from 2 families, Ag Laborers (Joyce and Rice), Farmers (Buck, Clines, Killan and Raby), Factory Laborer (Rice), Factory Boys (Delainey-2 and Lyons) and Excavators (Hayes and Smith). There were also a large number of Irish employed in the Textile Industry including the following: Cotton Weaver (Flanagan), Cloth Weaver (McGann), Weaver (Kershaw and Reagan), Reelers (Flanagan), Flax Reelers (Burke, Byrne), Flax Spinner (Broderick, Brothric, Bryne-3, Campbell-3, McGree, Rice-2), Flax Dresser (Byrne, Dowley, Havugh?-3, Kelly, Lofthouse-2, Morriss, Walder), Screwer in Flax Mill (O'Donnell-3), Doffer in Flax Mill (Dever, Roach), Card Spinner (Quinlan), Carder (Kelly), Rover in the Flax Mill (Jones), Sweeper in the Flax Mill (Collier), Flax Spreader (Griffin), Slubber (Stephens), Cap Maker (Donnelly), Cloth Dresser (Burke, Flanigan and Hessard-2), Shoemaker (Clark, Conelly, Joyce, Magowan and Nolan), Boot and Shoemaker (Farrel, Maguire), Shoe Binders (Culligan, Healy, Jones and Joyce), Staymaker (McCourt), Tailors (Farran, Halene, Lisett, McDermott, Rider), Clothes Dealers (Nolan and O'Brien) and Dressmaker (Joyce). The Pottery industry employed several Irish immigrants including Potters (Dever, Galazar and O'Donnell), Pottery Laborers (Coyle and McGee). Many Irish were employed as Servants (Common, Dever, Dugan, Durkin, Frane-2, Harold, Jennings, Kukes, Lofthouse-2, Mitchell, O'Brien) and House Servant (McQuine). There were 3 Lodging Housekeepers (McDermott, McGreal and O'Brien), Hawkers (Carroll, Conroy-4, Frane, Joyne, Gallagher, Hughes, Hutchinson, Joyne, Kelly and Reagan-2), Ostler (Havugh?), Marine Printer (Gilligan), Book Binder (Phillips), Oyster Dealer (Burke), Fish Monger (Barter), Mechanic (McGrath), Fruit Dealer (O'Brien), Bricklayer (McGee), Cane Dresser (Malloy), Dealer in Brushes (Durkin), Mason (Holmes), Stone Mason (Bryne), Joiner (Hales-2), Confectioner (Cassey), Beggar (Walsh), Blacksmith (Brothric and Mitchell), Chelsea Pensioner (Broderick), on Parish Relief (McCarthi) and 12 listed without occupations (Breasley, Byrne, Campbell, Colley, Davis, Gilespie, Healy, Hodgson, Hopkins, Lyons, Rider and Trainer).

The only Irish-born in District 2cc were Adam Paul Ewing (Printer Compositor Apprentice) and his brother Alexander G (Errand Boy) who were born in Dublin, Ireland. They are living on Anglesen Street with their mother Isabelle a Widow from Glasgow, Scotland.

The Irish-born in District 2d were living on Summerset Street, Court, Upper Summerset Street, Little Summerset Street, Barker's Yard on Summerset Street, Pounder's Court on Somerset Street, St Peter's Street, Smith's Yard St Peter's Square, Peter's Court on St Peter's Square, Dyer's Street and Dutton's Yard. There were no place names of origin in Ireland given. Irish immigrants held the following occupations: Laborers (Clancy, Fitzgibbons, Linahan, Mclaughlin, McLoughlin-2 from 2 different families and Summers), Mason's Laborers (Kelly and Kerns), Farm Laborer (Murphy and Welsh), Plaster's Laborer (Farnon), Bricklayer's Laborer (Conway, Glancy, Macloughlin-2 from 2 different families, McCugh, Snee and Sullivan), Marble Mason (Judge), Iron Founder's Striker (Commin) and Blacksmith (Sullivan). The Irish held numerous occupations in the Textile Industry including Flax Spinner (Judge, Kelly and Mulerkey), Flax Dresser (Kelly-2), Flax Reeler (Cronan), Cloth Dresser (Irwin 3 from 3 different families, Baxter-2, Tatelay), Cloth Burler (Baxter), Woolen Rag Dresser (Wright), Cordwainer (Richardson-2), Needlewoman (Wade), Staymaker (Hoesy-2, Linahan, McEwen, Sullivan), Stay Stitcher (Wainwright), Silk Dyer (Pawson), Washing/Needlewoman (Ward), Piecer at Mill (Kilroy and Ruane), Tailor/Draper (Gallagher), Tailors (Boyd, Corcoran, Eames, Madden, Quin), Shoemaker/Chelsea Pensioner (Kelly), Shoemaker (Kelly and Welsh), Binder (Richardson) and Boot Binder (Kilroy). Irish also held the remaining jobs: Servant (Dowlin, Riley and White), Domestic Servant (Kilroy), Charwoman (Aspin), Washerwoman (Mahar), Domestic Duties (Madden), Lodging Housekeeper (Cose), Hawkers (Clinton and Doherty), Licensed Hawker (Brady and Dunn), Oyster Hawker (Mulerkey), Rag/Bone Collector (Geraghty, Kilroy), Brush Hawker (Brannan), Spectacle Hawker (Walsh), Confectioner (McMorrow), Straw Bonnet Maker (Baxter), Gardener (Irwin) and Chelsea Pensioner (Lee). Finally the following were listed without occupations: Clark, Kellyt, Larkin, Murphy, MacGiver, Maher, Sewell and Tooll.

The Irish-born for District 2dd were living on Arthur Street, Saville Green York Road, York Road, and the vast majority were patients in the Beckett Street House of Recovery or Fever Hospital. Three residents hailed from Dublin including David Gowans (Tailor's Apprentice and nephew of William West), Bridget Coleman (Seamstress) and Elizabeth Holmes (whose Husband William a Laborer and their daughter was born in Leeds). Margaret O'Clery (School Teacher) was born in Bulgaden, Limerick as was her sister Ann (School Teacher). The remaining Irish-born were listed as patients in the House of Recovery and are listed here by occupation and surname: RC Clergyman St Patrick's Leeds (O'Donnell, Geary), Farm Laborers (Garraty, Duffy), Farm Servant (Caspeane), Potter (Mullar), Screw Maker (Burns), Rag Sorter (Grogan, Nunn), Match Seller (Holmes) and Hawker (McManer), Cap and Lace Hawker (Bolland). The rest of the Irish-born were in Textile Industry related jobs including: Yarn Drefser (Lusby), Piecer at Cloth Mill (Donally), Flax Drefser (Conelly), Drawing Frame Silk Mills (Haven), Flax Spinner (Garraty), Flax Mill Worker (Duffy) and a Boot Binder (Bolland). There also was one patient, 5 year old Martin Flynn.

The Irish-born of District 2e were spread out among St Peter's Square, Dorsey's Yard, York Street and Terrace, Lemon Street and Yard, Slainburn Square, Wilkinson's Yard, Holmes Yard adn Scotes Yard. There were no place names of origin in Ireland given. They are listed here by occupation and surname with the largest concentration of Irish employed as Laborers (Brannan, Baren, Clark, Connell, Connor-3, Corcoran-2 from 2 different families, Crawford, Cuttle, Donnelly, Gouldering, Jordan, McManamy, Sweeny and Stuart), Mason's Laborer (King), Mason (Healy), Late? Farmer's Laborer (McHale) and Farmer (McLoughlin). Other occupations include: Joiner/Builder (Smith), Hawker/Laboror's Lodging House (Moran), Lawyer (Murkley), Hawker (Backs, Casey, Chean and Riley), Umbrella Maker (Hanley), Bagpiper (McCabe), Picture Frame Maker (Sheridan), Oyster Dealer (Thompson), Washer Woman (Corcoran, McDonald and Swan), Nailmaker (Ulleart), House Servant (Trusey) and quite a few without occupations listed (Butterfield, Carens- 2 from 2 different families), Carney, Connor, Harrison, Hogan, Irwin, Kelly, Longley, Markly, Marshall, McNeal- 2 from 2 different families, Morris and Raymufs). The remaining Irish were employed in Textile Industry related jobs: Factory Hand (Corcoran and Cox-2), Mill Hand (Baren and McDonald-3), Flax Mill Hand (Carney, Connor, Corcoran, Tife-2), Silk Mill Hand (Lloyd), Flax Rover (Ray), Flax Spinner (Nangle), Colorer (Cox), Cloth Weaver (Green), Cloth Dresser (Casy), Cap Maker (Burke), Clothes Dealer (Burns), Tailor (Marshall, McCann and Munley), Shoemaker (Baylin-2, Hickey), Old Clothes Dealer (Fitzpatrick) and Boot Binder (Lloyd).

The Irish-born in District 2ee were living on Peach, Primrose and Pear Streets. Ellen Inman, who was living with her husband Joseph (Tailor from Eccup Yorkshire) and daughter Jane (from Leeds) was born in Dublin, Ireland. They lived on Peach Street. The remaining Irish did not give place names of origin in Ireland and are as follows: Parson Missionary (Campbell), Dressmaker (Campbell), Servant (Caird), and Pupil Teachers (Masterman-2).

The Irish-born in District 2f were living on High Street, Back High Street, Seal Yard on High Street, Little Lemon Street, Fallstaff's Yard and St Peter's Square. There were no placenames of origin in Ireland given in this district. The following Irish-born are listed by occupation and surname: Agricultural Laborer (Clandy, Flanigan and Sullivan), Confectioner (Handdock), Journeyman Carpet Weaver (North), Provision Dealer (Clark, Powell) and a Hawker of Hardware (Mitchel). The Textile Industry related occupations were as follows: Linen Weaver (Dolan), Cloth Dresser (Henry), Flax Spinner (Flanagan-2), Cordwainer (Sear), Tailor (Fial?), Shoemaker (Donaldson), Journeyman Shoemaker (Kirwain, Hare?), Shoebinder (Robson), Dressmaker (Clark-2) and three without occupations (Dison, Haydon and Middleton).

The Irish-born in District 2ff were living on Haymount Street and Place, Lincolnfield Row, Hillside Street and on Newton Range Farm. Robert Taylor (Town Missionary) and his wife Mary were born in County Derry, Ireland (daughter Matilda was born in Ireland, son Jon and daughter Sara Mar in Leeds). Elizabeth Rhodes (Power Loom Weaver) was born in Dublin, Ireland (husband Asa an iron moulder and his mother Amelia were from Leeds). Robert John Ogilvie was from Dublin, Ireland (he is the son of Robert a Tailor from Yorkshire, Mother Eliza from Kent and his brothers are from Lancashire and Yorkshire, Leeds). Finally, James Morgan (Farm Servant) was born in Cavan, Ireland.

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