A Brief Synopsis of the Irish in the Leeds North Sub Registration Districts 1h-1p of Leeds Civil Parish in the 1851 Census, and the Occupations they Held

Leeds Town Civil Parish, North Leeds Sub Registration District covers 89 Districts (1a-1x and 2a-2z) plus the Leeds Cavalry Barracks and the District Moral and Industrial Training School for the Pauper Children of the Township of Leeds in the 1851 census. Districts 1a-1g are covered on this first page of this compilation.

The following compilation includes the locations of the Irish-born and observations noted in districts 1h-1p, Leeds Cavalry Barracks plus the District Moral and Industrial Training School for the Pauper Children of Leeds Civil Parish, North Leeds Sub Registration District of the 1851 Census.

The Irish-born in District 1h were living on Ebenezer Street, Union Street, Harwood Street and Court, Union Street and Court, Stead's Yard, Watecliff's Court and Short Court. There were four immigrants from Dublin, Ireland in this district. John Connolly (Dyer), his wife Ann and Daughter Bridget (Flax Spinner) were born in Dublin and their son was born in Leeds. William Campbell (House Painter) was born in Dublin and his wife Sophia and son were born in Leeds. Finally John Wright (Tailor) was also born in Dublin. The heaviest concentration of Irish immigrants was on Ebenezer Street, and none of the remaining immigrants had documented places of origin in Ireland. They are listed here by occupation and surname including 8 Laborers (Bohan- 2, Easty, Farrell, Flynn, McGilley, McHugh, Nowlan), Plasterer's Laborer (Gilligan), Plasterer (Gilligan, Macle), Bricklayer's Laborer (Carroll, McMahon, Murray), Farmer (Gordon, McConnelly, Merry), Ag Laborer (Dernon), Mason (Kelly), House Painter (Hawthorne), Wheelwright (Duffy), Tailor (Lamb, O'Brien), Shoemaker (Burke, Dillon, Kelly, McDonough-2 from 2 families, McGower, Mulany, Shiel, Shields -3 from 3 different families) and Shoe Binder (Dillon, McDonough, McGower, Shield- 2 from 2 different families). Many of the shoemaker's wives were shoe binders. Other Irish and their occupations: Hawker (Cox- 2, McGinn, Mulin, Wynne), Traveller (Casey-2), Com'l Traveller (McCurtain, McHeown, and Siron), Land Surveyor (Griffin), Hardware Dealer (Connolly, Naughley), Glazier (Byrne), Hair Dresser (Donelly), Fruiterer (Carroll), Errand Boy (O'Brien), Housekeeper (Dickinson), Lodging Housekeeper (Byrne, Hunter), Pensioner (Burns), Laundress (Flood), Charwoman (Kenney), Servant (Morgan, Reynolds, Shiel, York and one with unknown surname), Pauper (Emery, Quinn) and Housemaid (Farrell). The following Irish-born were employed in the textile industry: Mill Worker (Bohan-4 from 2 families, Callaghan, Muligar, Pinder), Weaver (Cullogen, Dwyer- cloth weaver, Margeson- cloth weaver, Keany- linen weaver), Flax Piecer (Nowlan), Cloth Dresser (Nowlan-3, Murphy), Blacking Maker (Mullin), Woolen Mill Employee (O'Brien), Stay Stitcher (Flynn), Flocker (Easty), Sewister (York), Dressmaker (Smith). The following were listed without occupations: Atkinson, Carrol, Cash, Cassidy, Gordon, Haigh, Keeley, McKenna, McPhillips and Simpson.

The Irish-born in District 1i were living on Nelson Street, Polland Yard, Union Street, Pumper Street, North Street and Lady Lane. Catherine Fielding (whose husband Henry was a Shoemaker from London) was born in Dublin. She was the only Irish immigrant in this district with a documented place of origin in Ireland. The remaining Irish were Laborers (Adderkin, Convey, Durker, Forde, Gollichan-3, MacNamara, Mahon, Makay and Neales), Hawkers (Gibnney, McAndrew and McDonald), Mechanic (Holehan), Dyer (Hayes), Shoemaker (Conlon), Servant (MacNamara), Tailor (Nelson and Riely), Washer Woman (Durker), 68th Regiment (Kelly) and those without occupations (beckwith, Craig, Doran, Finley and Stansfield).

The majority of the Irish-born in District 1j were living on North Street in the Leeds Workhouse; only two were living on Templar Street. Michael Dillon a Commercial Traveller was born in Armagh, Ireland (his wife Sarah Ann a Dressmaker was born in Yorkshire as was their daughter Sarah Ann). The only other Irish immigrant that was not in the Leeds Workhouse was Moses Whiteside, a Tailor. Of the Irish immigrants listed as living in the Leeds Workhouse, only one was listed as an employee of the facility and not an inmate pauper, Mary McDonald, a Housemaid at the Workhouse. The rest were all listed as inmate paupers and are listed here by occupation and surname: idiot (Flynn), Currier Pauper (Irwin), Cloth Dresser (Byrne), Laborer (Bird), Tailor (Mooney), Flax Dresser (Maguire), Pot Hawker (Holden), Charwoman (Mitchel), Spinner (McCormick) and two without occupations: Oxburgh and McDonald.

The Irish-born of District 1k were living on St John's Square, Lady Lane, Bridge Street and Little Bridge Street. There were no Townlands of origin in Ireland given. The Irish immigrants presented by occupation and surname and include 7 Tailors (Fitzpatrick, Kearny, Madden, Mugan-3 and Murther), a Dressmaker (Madden), Wool Saver (Devlin), Flax Mill Employee (Devlin), Cordwainer (Kelly, Riley), Licensed Hawker of Cutlery (Calaghan), Hawkers (Barrett, Bird), Bricklayer's Laborer (Devlin, Murray), Washer Woman (Grogire), Book Binder (Wood), Painter (Annesley), Oyster Dealer (Murray-2), Chemist (Clark), Tinner/Brazier (Culladen), House Servants (Diblin, Jordan and Manly) and Taylor (no occupation).

The Irish-born of District 1l were living on Poland Street, Sun Street, Star Street, Bell Street and Hope Street. The following families immigrated from County Mayo: Ann Walder (Widow whose two daughters Catherine and Mary were born in Leeds), Elizabeth McUll (Widow dependent on her children), son Richard (Factory worker), daughters Bridget, Eliza, Margaret, Sons John and Patrick were all born in Mayo. Bridget McKell (Widow dependent on her family) was born in Bilina, Ireland (likely Ballina, Mayo), as were daughters Cathrine, Elin, Napey and sons James and Thomas who all worked in the Mill (plus son Anthony-no occupation age 7). Fanny McKell and Michael McKell (Hawkers, Lodgers, who lived with them) were also born in "Bilina, Ireland. Margaret Kilday (Widowed Lodging Housekeeper) was born in Mayo as were her two sons Austin and John. Nancy Brealer (Widow dependent on her children) was born in Mayo as were sons William, Edward, and Martin (all laborers). Finally Fichard Heckley (widowed Hawker) was also born in Mayo. Hailing from Tipperary was Denis Magher (Shoemaker), wife Anne and son William (children Daniel and Mary Anne were born in Leeds). The Bennett Family appears to have travelled quite a bit with Richard (father, a laborer) hailing from Mullaw, Ireland (there is a Mullagh in 14 different counties in Ireland), wife Sarah was from Yorkshire, and their children hailed from Dorchester, Ireland, Glasgow Scotland, Manchester Lancashire, Dundalk, Ireland and York in Yorkshire. Dundalk is in Louth, Ireland. Bridget Danley was born in Dublin (husband Edward a Combmaker was from Leeds as was son George). Syman Russel (Laborer) was born in Clare, Ireland (as was his wife Mary, son Michael- a Hawker, Bridget, Mary and son Pat). The remaining Irish immigrants did not give places of origin in Ireland including: Shoemakers (Kingley and Magher), Tailor (Hullen), Cloth Dressers (Tuohy and Irwin), Staymaker (Kingley), Hardware Dealer (Kingley), Reeler (Williams), Joiner (Walder), Hawker (Grant), School Mistress (McIntyre), Laborer (Bennett) and two without occupations (Fox and Walder).

The Irish-born in District 1m were livng on Templar Street and Court, Bridge Street, Hope Street, Moscow Street and Barret's Yard. Alice McKay (Capmaker) was born in Belfast, Ireland and Mary Ann French (Dressmaker) was born in Dublin, Ireland. The rest of the Irish immigrants are listed here by occupation and surname. Laborer was the predominant occupation including surnames Byrne, Conway, Cunningham-2, Hind-3, Kilcoin, Kilsome, McAndrew, Mugan-6, Murray, Rinnan, Rowley, Ruddy, Runnan and Walsh. The textile industry provided the following occupations: Flaxwarehouseman (Brown), Cloth Dresser (Byrne, Hind, Horn), Piecer (Mugan), Cloth Piecer (Mugan), Flax Dresser (Farley), Porter (Farley), Cordwainer (Kelly), Dressmaker (Burgess). Finally the Irish worked as a House Servant (Hill), Housekeeper (Horn), Laundress (Brown), Pensioner (Brown) and 4 were listed without occupations (Hill, Oates, Smith and Webster).

The Irish immigrants in District 1n were living on Regent Street, Rose Street, Gower Street, Brewery Street, Bell Street, Millwright Street and Lilac Grove. There were no counties of origin in Ireland given in this district. There were two Railway Laborers (Mann and Smith), a Shopkeeper (Breartin), a Comb Plate Presser (Murphy), Hand Loom Weaver (Spillard), Dressmaker (Hinchcliff), Cloth Cap Maker (Connell), a Nurse (Whalin), Servant (Shaw) and three without occupations (Abbott, Munday and Rourke).

The Irish-born in District 1o were living on Cloth Street, Cannon, Street, Pink Street, Pendulum Street, Millwright Street and Rose Street. There were no place names of origin in Ireland given. There were 4 Cloth Weavers (Giles, Griffin-2 and Donovan) and all 4 were living on Cloth Street. There were two Tailors (Brown and Briley), a Furrier (Briley), Laborer (Griffin), Chelsea Pensioner (Walsh) and four women listed without occupations (Rowlin - a traveler's wife, Rhodes, Sheard and Thompson).

The Irish immigrants in District 1p were living on Lower Templar Street, Crofs Templar Street and Bridge Street. The following immigrants were from Dublin: Helen Berry (widowed Lodging Housekeeper), Thomas Kerwin and Patrick Minto (Cordwainers) and George Holmes (Horse Clipper). Francis Coligan (Dealer in Hardware) and his wife Catherine were from Armagh, Ireland (6 sons and a daughter were born in Leeds). Mary Furlong (widowed Boot Binder) and her daughter Sarah were born in Newry, Ireland. There is a Newry in County Armagh, Down, Tyrone and Wicklow. In addition to these Irish immigrants were the following Shoemakers (Fairburn, Keogh-2), Tailor (Coyle), Lodging Housekeeper (Mack, Rogers), Cooper (McKenna), Grand Porter (Marshall), Cordwainer (Marshall), Laborer (Allen, Mourn), Servant (Patrick) and two without occupations (McManany and Patrick).

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