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The Tri-State Packet
September 2008
Volume XXXII, No. 1
December 2008
Volume XXXII, No. 2

March 2009
Volume XXXII, No. 3
June 2009
Volume XXXII, No. 4
September 2007
Volume XXXI, No. 1
December 2007
Volume XXXI, No. 2
March 2008
Volume XXXI, No. 3
June 2008
Volume XXXI, No. 4
September 2006
Volume XXX, No. 1

December 2006
Volume XXX, No. 2
March 2007
Volume XXX, No. 3
June 2007
Volume XXX, No. 4
September 2005
Volume XXIX, No. 1
December 2005
Volume XXIX, No. 2
March 2006
Volume XXIX, No. 3
June 2006
Volume XXIX, No. 4
September 2004
Volume XXVIII, No. 1
December 2004
Volume XXVIII, No. 2
March 2005
Volume XXVIII, No. 3
June 2005
Volume XXVIII, No. 4
September 2003
Volume XXVII, No. 1

December 2003
Volume XXVII, No. 2

March 2004
Volume XXVII, No. 3

June 2004
Volume XXVII, No. 4
September 2002
Volume XXVI, No. 1
December 2002
Volume XXVI, No. 2

March 2003
Volume XXVI, No. 3

June 2003
Volume XXVI, No. 4
September 2001
Volume XXV, No. 1
December 2001
Volume XXV, No. 2

March 2002
Volume XXV, No. 3
June 2002
Volume XXV, No. 4
September 2000
Volume XXIV, No. 1
December 2000
Volume XXIV, No. 2
March 2001
Volume XXIV, No. 3
June 2001
Volume XXIV, No. 4
September 1999
Volume XXIII, No. 1

December 1999
Volume XXIII, No. 2

March 2000
Volume XXIII, No. 3
June 2000
Volume XXIII, No. 4

September 1998
Volume XXII, No. 1

December 1998
Volume XXII, No. 2

March 1999
Volume XXII, No. 3

June 1999
Volume XXII, No. 4

September 1997
Volume XXI, No. 1

December 1997
Volume XXI, No. 2

March 1998
Volume XXI, No. 3

June 1998
Volume XXI, No. 4

September 1996
Volume XX, No. 1

December 1996
Volume XX, No. 2

March 1997
Volume XX, No. 3

June 1997
Volume XX, No. 4

September 1995
Volume XIX, No. 1

December 1995
Volume XIX, No. 2

March 1996
Volume XIX, No. 3

June 1996
Volume XIX, No. 4

General Contents of The Tri-State Packet (1977-1995)

About The Tri-State Packet

The Packet is the official publication of the Tri-State Genealogical Society and is published September, December, March, and June. Membership is $12.00 per year and is due in June of each year. The first issue of The Packet will be received in September. Late memberships paid after a mailing of The Packet will receive all issues due them at the next mailing. Back issues of The Packet are available for $3.50 each or $14.00 per volume, postage paid. Indiana residents add 5% state sales tax. Free replacement of copies are sent only when notice of non-receipt is received by the Society within 90 days of date of publication. If you have recently moved, the Post Office will not forward The Packet to your new address. Please let TSGS know your change of address.

Submitting Articles

Articles for submission in The Packet may include previously unpublished family or public records.
Materials for publication may be sent to:

The Packet does not publish family group charts, but will place them in the files of Willard Library for the benefit of other researchers.

Deadlines for contributions to The Packet are July 15th, October 15th, January 15th, and April 15th.

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