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About the Tri-State Genealogical Society

IN RECOGNITION... The Tri-State Genealogical Society (TSGS) Website was created by Christopher Myers in early July 1996. The site was first reported in the Sep. 1996 issue of the Packet. Shortly after September 1996, Chris was appointed the first official TSGS Webmaster of the official TSGS Website. A lot of expansion and improvements were created by Chris to the site until it evolved into what it is today. He maintained the site until the beginning of 2002.

Chris established one of the very best genealogical websites on the Internet. Only a few professionally built sites even compare to the scope, appearance, functionality, and value to members of the TSGS Website. Thanks, Chris, for your volunteer time, efforts, dedication and expertise. -JGW

The Tri-State Genealogical Society (TSGS) has been serving Southwest Indiana, Southeast Illinois, and Western Kentucky researchers for over 30 years. We hope you will enjoy your excursion on our homepage and find the information quite useful, and that if you are not already a member, you will consider coming aboard TSGS to take full advantage of Membership Benefits which includes our quarterly publication, The Packet.

TSGS was formed in 1977. Elections are held each year. TSGS Past Presidents are listed in the table below.

1977-1978 *Jeanne Bender; Edna Kasper
1978-1980 Bettie Cook   (2 terms)
1980-1982 Donald R. Counts   (2 terms)
1982-1984 John G. West   (2 terms)
1984-1985 Ken Franks
1985-1987 Marjorie Kinsey   (2 terms)
1987-1989 Bettie Cook   (2 terms)
1989-1992 John G. West    (3 terms)
1992-1993 George Wolf
1994-1995 Bettie Cook
1995-1997 Marge W. Shaw   (2 terms)
1997-1999 Marge Kinsey   (2 terms)
1999-2000 George Wolf
2000-2002 Karin M. Kirsh   (2 terms)
2002-2003 Virginia Aldridge
2003-2004 John G. West
2004-2008 Bettie Cook   (4 terms)
2008-2011 John G. West   (3 terms)
2011-2013 Donald R. Counts   (2 terms)

* Jeanne Bender served only 3 months.

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Page Updated: 13 Feb 2013