Frequently Asked Questions

I have many county sites that I maintain and it has come to my attention that many people are emailing me and asking basically the same questions. If I'm answering the same questions for each county over and over again, I'm not able to upload new material for your research. Below you will find the most frequently asked questions and the answers to them. I hope this will help all of us in researching our ancestors more efficiently.

Q) I am new to genealogy and would like to know where to get started in your county?

A) I would suggest that you explore "Research Resources". In this section you will also find many links to great sites for beginners. Also, just as important, you should post a query on the query board, join the email list and ask questions about your ancestors there. It has been my experience that the more places you ask the question, the better your chances of getting an answer.

Q) I am looking for information about XXX.

A) Unfortunately, if you don't see it on the site then I don't have any information about it. I do not live in ANY of the counties that I maintain and am unable to check other resources. These county sites are contributor driven. In other words, if you don't see it here and you have it, consider contributing it to the site so that others may benefit.

Q) I don't see XXX church or cemetery on your list.

A) If there is something missing on these lists, please feel free to supply the information that is missing so that others may benefit.

Q) Can you send me a marriage license (or Birth certificate, death certificate) for my ancestor?

A) No. In most cases, you will need to check with the county courthouse in order to obtain original documents. You can find contact information in "Research Resources".

Q) Can you tell me when the county history book will be available?

A) Nope. In most cases I don't have anything to do with the people who make the history books. If I have any information at all it is generally posted on the first page of the site with a link or email address for additional information.

Q) Can you look some information up for me?

A) If it's not on the site then I don't have the resource. Your best bet would be to ask on the email list. There are many people subscribed and it's possible someone has that resource available.

Q) How do I submit information to you?

A) You type the information into your computer.  Save the file as a .txt (TEXT ONLY) file.  Attach it to an email to me.  Simple as that.


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