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Crestomere School District
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The Development of the CRESTOMERE School District
The School Board amalgamated 9 original School Districts into one in 1953:
An additional district joined in 1954:
Another district was added in 1955:
In 1956, one School District left and amalgamated with another district:

The Teachers (partial) 1954-69
The History of the Crestomere School District
Mrs. Elsie Bresee Located midway between Ponoka and Rimbey and in the centre of the county, Crestomere school opened its doors to classes in the fall of 1953. The building, was officially opened with ceremonies that took place on a warm winter's evening of December 10, 1993 following a ribbon cutting and christening at the front door. Over 400 persons crowded into the assembly room for the program to follow. The name CRESTOMERE was selected to recognize the rim or crest of hills to the west, south and north and the little lake just west of the site. The Scottish word for lake is mere. The christening was performed by education chairman from the county - Mr. Ivor DAVIES, followed by the ribbon cutting by Superintendent E.W. WHITE. Mr. Russell PETTERSON was the first principal, remaining on staff for 7 years. In 1960 he became principal of Ponoka High School and in 1966, Ponoka Composite High School. Russell and Joyce lived in the teacherage by the school and took an active part in community life. Their three children - Terry, Gregory and Garth were all born while they lived in the district. Other members of the first staff were: Mrs. Bernice LUCE, Miss Rose HAGEMANN, Mrs. Joyce PETTERSON, Mrs. Lilly HUMPHREY, Miss Marlene OHMAN and Mrs. Martha KINLEY. The first caretaker was Mr. Harold LUCE. Along with Harold, who was also bus driver, were Russell LONG, Mr. Roy KINLEY, Mr. George KINLEY and Mr. Helmer RILEY (who has driven to the present). In 1955 another driver and vus were added. The patrol operator at that time was Mr. Alvin HENDERSON. The original enrollment of 212 was made up of 10 grades. Grade Xi was added next year , and in 1967, was centralize in Ponoka Composite School. The small community consists of the original school and the addition of 2 classrooms and gymnasium in 1960, 5 teacherages - 2 new, 3 brought in from Meadowbrook, Wilmot and Rose; bus garage and addition in 1966, and Andy's store across the road built in 1954.
Mrs. Elizabeth Busat
Mrs. Laureen Gillard
Mrs. Bernice Luce
Mrs. Emma Olmstead
Mrs. Anna Siebold
The Principals 1954-69
Mr. William Bodnaruk
Mr. Halvar Jonson
Mr. Gordon Larson
Mr. Russell Petterson
Mr. Robert Stuart

District Quick Facts
District/School Nbr:
First school year:
Original name:
First teacher(s):
Date established:
Last school year:
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Last teacher:
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