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The Teachers
The History of Dakota District
The Teachers (con't)
Jean Archibald
(Mrs. John Tiltgen)
Wherever there are children there must be schools. The settlers, headed by Dave Wing, applied to the government for permission to build a school on E. OLMSTEAD's land. Permission was granted, and in the spring of 1902, work was begun on the school by Hugh MILLER with the help of the men. In October, the new Dakota School District number 665 was ready for classes. It was painted red and was a colourful landmark until it was rebuilt in 1928.
Mr. Olmstead served as Secretary-treasurer until 1929. Bill WINSLOW was then elected, and continued in this capacity until the county took over the operation of the schools.
The school's doors were closed in June, 1954, and the children bussed to Crestomere School. The building has been converted into a granary by Harry Miller.
Jessie Hardacre
Caroline Hartt
Marion Archibald
(Mrs. Leslie Hoar)
Mabel James
Jennie A. Johnston
(Mrs. Sim Deuel)
Frank Bazant
Mr. B.M. Benson
Miss Thelma Keeling
(Mrs. Kitchener)
Amy Berg
Miss Ebba Billsten
(Mrs. Paul Moseson)
C. Martin Langston
Henry G. Laycock
Emma Boright
Margaret McEachen
Elsie Bresee Millicent Millikin
(Mrs. R. Jenkins)
Jessie Burns (Mrs. Fred Kinley)
Tax Rolls from 1902
Emma Cissell
(Mrs. Milton Olmstead)
J. Allen
G. Herrick
Mr. Morgan
H. Billhorn
E.R. Olmstead
Abbie Olmstead
Edythe S. Clark
E.F. Bresee
Wm. Reid
Fanny Proctor
Jessie Crandall
F. Cissell
J.H. Stewart
Mr. Roberts
Marie Donnelly (Mrs. R Olson)
Ned Clough
Joseph Stewart
Mrs. Cora Schickerowski
Celia Evans
Ira Dreuel
C.S. Wing
Mrs. M.A. Smith
Ben O. Farnham
Chas. Downs
D. Wing
Clare Stack
Bernice Fenske
(Mrs. Harold Luce)
Mary Hall
Geo. Winslow
F.M. Summerby
Olive Sweet
Ethel Fraser
Government of the North-West Territories of Canada Department of Education Regina, February 26, 1902
Under the provisions of Section 46 of the School Ordinance,
I hereby approve the site selected by the Board of Trustees of the Dakota School district No 665 of the North-west Territories at or near a point about mid-way on the road allowance between sections 27 and 28, township 43, range 27, west of the 4th Meridian.
Andrea O. Thorsen
Verna Galvin
Elsie Toreson
(Mrs. Doug Bresee)
Rose Hagemann
(Mrs. L. Anderson)
H. Grace Walker
Mary Hall (Mrs. J. Crichton)
Miss Mary S. Wright
H. Grace Walker

Dakota School
This photo courtesy of "Crestomere Sylvan Heights Heritage"

Dakota School District #665 Map
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District Quick Facts
District/School Nbr:
First school year:
Original name:
First teacher(s):
Date established:


Last school year:
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Last teacher(s):

Built in 1902

Later Bldg Usage:
became a granary
Hugh Miller and others
Additional Information:
School tax info:

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