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Crystal Springs School District
The History
The Teachers
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The Teachers
The History of Crystal Springs School District
The Teachers
Iva Bamsey Crystal Springs School District #1763 was established around 1906 and the school house was built in 1907 by Wm. Kuhnke on the S.W. quarter of 22-43-1-W5. Crystal Springs School opened for classes in 1908 with Miss Annie Burns of Home Glen as the teacher.
The school house was built on a high elevation of land where to the east there is a gully form which flows a spring. This is how the school was named.
During the early years, classes were held in the summer months only. Among the first students who attended were: Eva BRAWN, the PRESTONs, MICKEYs, BETTSs, BORGs, and COLLIS'.
A well was never drilled at the school so water was carried from the spring each day. Those performing this chore were paid 5 cents per day, and was considered a major source of income among the students.
As was the case for all country schools, the school house was the focal point for recreation in the community.
For several years during the war, correspondence was taught under the supervision of Miss Marie MYTTOM and Thelma RUSK.
Some of the early trustees on the school board included George BETTS. Swan BORG, C.B. DAVIDSON, J. ELEY, Hollis OGILVIE, Les FRIZZELL, Pat KENNEY, and George TWISS. Chris COLLIS was the secretary for many years. The local board collected taxes, hired teachers and took care of all school business. In 1928 the collection of taxes was taken over by the muncipality and in 1939 Earl EADIE of Rimbey was elected trustee for Division Five of the larger unit.
When the County of Ponoka Board was formed, and Crestomere was built and opened in 1953, Crystal Springs School was closed and the children travelled to Crestomere by bus.
The old school was purchased by the district as a community hall.

Hazel McEachern

Mrs. Rose Berg

James McKinnon

Miss Annie Burns
Bertha Metche
Miss Muriel Damant

Miss K. Moraw

Miss Ethel Dobell

Miss Eva Morrow

Gwen Edmunds

Marjorie Murray

Miss Farnell (Mrs. E. Hurley)

Lorna Park

G.F. Godfrey

Mr. Pearce

Geraldine Godfrey

Dorothy Rauhala

George Godfrey

Miss Sarah Riley

Miss Rose Hagemann

Mr. Smith

Mrs. Doris Irwin

Miss Sweet

Miss Johnson
Jean Watt
Miss Lloyd
Mr. Yarwood
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District Quick Facts
District/School Nbr:
First school year:
Original name:
Crystal Springs
First teacher(s):
Miss Annie Burns
Date established:

S.W. quarter of 22-43-1-W5

Last school year:
Name changes:


Last teacher(s):
Miss Rose Hagemann, Miss Lorna Park & Miss Dorothy Rauhala


Later Bldg Usage:
Wm. Kuhnke
Additional Information:
School tax info:

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