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Fertile Forest School District
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The Teachers
The History of the Fertile Forest District
Miss Lillian Archibald
Fertile Forest #3177 district was formed in time for the building of the schoolhouse in 1915 on the S.W. 1/4 quarter of Section 7-43-26-W4. A man from Edmonton was hired to put up the the schoolhouse for a cost of $900, but the ratepayers hauled all the materials to the site. Classes started in the latter part of 1915, with Faye LLOYD teaching 6 or 8 students for $60 a month. The hardworking janitor, Jimmy KROFTA was paid $2.50 per month.
The first school board meeting was held in the home of Joe ARDELL on October 12, 1914.
To be expected, the schoolhouse was very cold in the Alberta winters, and often until nearly noon, the children would huddle by the stove to keep warm while studying, with some would perching on the partitions in order to get higher up and enjoy the extra heat. On one occasion the furnace got too hot and the partition caught on fire, but a bucket of water was thrown on the wall even before the children noticed the fire, by a sharp eyed janitor.
In addition to the being cold, often their lunches would be frozen by the noon hour arrived. On the colder days, the teacher would allow students to put their jars of soup into the schoolhouse furnace to heat up. If the jars were left a bit too long, they exploded, showering everyone with hot soup!
In 1939, Hans CHRISTIANSEN put in a basement and installed a heating system, but the schoolhouse was never stuccoed as had been the plan.
In the early years, the fields along the roads leading to the school, were sparcely fenced, and cattle often pastured on the open range frightening the children walking to school. There was an abundance of partridge and prairie chicken then, and when on a frosty morning, they assembled on the grain stooks and straw piles their chattering sounded just like human voices. The walks and horseback rides on nice mornings in the spring and fall will long be remembered by the pupils.
With all the fires in the early days, it was remarkable that the schoolhouse survived to be purchased by the district when classes were no longer being held, and turned into the area's community centre.
Miss Joyce Bednar
Miss Belman Bresee
Mr. Gerald Dahms
Miss Alice Dick
Miss Draper
Miss Florence Fleming
Miss Hawkins
Miss Minnie Henderson
Miss Betty Hoar
Miss Agnes Konen
Miss Faye Lloyd
Miss Edith Malcher
Mr. James McPherson
Mr. Deforest Nelson
Miss Ida Reglin
Miss Elizabeth Rutherford
Miss Catherine Scrogie
Miss Margaret Slater
Mrs. Rita Stickney
Miss Martha Strohshein
1914 School Board
Miss Evelyn Thompson
Joe Ardell (Chairman) George Hoar (Secretary) Ed Williams (Trustee)
Mrs. Elsie Tulloch

District Quick Facts
District/School Nbr:
First school year:
Original name:
Fertile Forest
First teacher(s):
Faye Lloyd
Date established:

S.W. 1/4- 7-43-26-W4

Last school year:
Name changes:


Last teacher(s):

Built in 1901

Later Bldg Usage:
built by a man from Edmonton
Additional Information:
Schoolhouse became a community centre, when no longer needed for classes.
School tax info:

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