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County of Ponoka Churches (past and present) - also see the cemetery listing below
Visit the Church History Index to review the history of many of the churches below. Lists of charter members, clergymen, confirmation classes, etc can be found in most of the articles. As well, to see more information on the national/international churches, see the Important Records page
Alliance Church Ponoka 4215 46 St, Ponoka, AB T4J 1C1
Phone: (403) 783-3958
Church of the Epiphany Anglican Church 5207 - 52 Avenue, Rimbey, AB T0C 2J0
Mail: P.O. Box 199, Rimbey, AB T0C 2J0
Phone: 403-843- 2597 or EMAIL
This parish is part of the Red Deer Deanery.
Diocese of Calgary OR
Provincial Archives of Alberta (some records only)
Parish of St Mary Anglican Church
(or here)
5120 - 49th Avenue, Ponoka, AB T4J 1J1
Phone: (403) 783-4329

Diocese of Edmonton OR
Provincial Archives of Alberta (some records only)

Concord Baptist Church
First Baptist Church 5109 57 Ave Ponoka, AB T4J 1G5
Phone: (403) 783-5533
Water Glen Baptist Church Location: 24-28-2-W4th
Bluffton Catholic Church
Burned down April 9, 1965
Lady of Our Snows Catholic Church Location: 27-20-2-W4th
-the church bldg is no longer used as a church
Edmonton Archdiocese Chancery Office
8421 - 101 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, T6A 0L1
Phone: (403) 488-0118
Saint Augustine Roman Catholic Church 5113 - 52nd Avenue Ponoka, AB T4J 1H6
Phone: (403) 783-4048 or Fax: (403) 783-4555
Edmonton Archdiocese Chancery Office
8421 - 101 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, T6A 0L1 Phone: (403) 488-0118
St. Margaret's Roman Catholic Church Mail: P.O.Box 8 , Rimbey, AB T0C 2J0
Phone: (403) 843-2126 or (403) 843-2126
Fax: (403) 843-4690
Edmonton Archdiocese Chancery Office
8421 - 101 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, T6A 0L1
Phone: (403) 488-0118
St. Michael's Hungarian Roman Catholic Mission (also known as Manfred Church) Location: SE 32-42-22-W4th
(Manfred district)
-Used for special occasions only ...
Edmonton Archdiocese Chancery Office
8421 - 101 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, T6A 0L1
Phone: (403) 488-0118
Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall (Ponoka)

Location: 6311-51 Street, Ponoka, AB T4J 1E4
Phone: (403) 783-5622

Rimbey Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses Mail: Box 1522 Rimbey, Alberta T0C 2J0
Phone: (403) 843-3273
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) Box 345 Rimbey, Alberta T0C 2J0
Phone: (403) 843-2718
LDS Family History Library
3002 47th Avenue, Red Deer, AB
T4N 3P1
Phone: (403) 346-6768
Asker Lutheran Church Location: SE corner of SE 10-43-23-W4th
Mail: RR #1 Stn Main., Ponoka, AB T4J 1R1
Phone: (403) 783-2229
Part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, Synod of Alberta and the Territories
Lutheran Historical Institute
7100 Ada Boulevard, Edmonton, Alberta T5B 4E4
Phone: (403) 474-8156 or Fax: (403) 477-9829
Calvary Lutheran Church Location: 24-31-2-W4th Lutheran Historical Institute (see above) OR
Provincial Archives of Alberta
Danish Lutheran Church
Lutheran Historical Institute (see above) OR
Provincial Archives of Alberta
Saint Peter's Lutheran Church
Lutheran Historical Institute (see above) OR
Provincial Archives of Alberta
St. Cross (KreÚz) Lutheran Church
Trinity Lutheran Church 5501-54 Avenue, Ponoka, AB T4J 1L8
Part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, Synod of Alberta and the Territories
Lutheran Historical Institute OR
Provincial Archives of Alberta
Zion Lutheran Church Mail: P.O. Box 133, Rimbey, AB T0C 2J0
Phone: (403) 343-2767
Part of the Lutheran Church-Canada, Alberta-British Columbia District
Lutheran Historical Institute (see above) OR
Provincial Archives of Alberta
Echo Valley Church of God in Christ (Mennonite) Location: 13 km north of Rimbey on Hwy. 20
Mail: Bluffton, AB, T0C 0M0
Phone: (403) 843-2165
Genealogical Resource of the Mennonite Church in Canada
Concord Free Methodist Church
Church no longer holds services?
The Free Methodist Church in Canada
Ellis Free Methodist Church
The Free Methodist Church in Canada
Moravian Church Church bldg is no longer used as a church Canadian Moravian Historical Society
2304 - 38 Street, Edmonton, Alberta T6L 4K9
Phone: (403) 440-3050 or Fax: (403) 463-2143
Parkland Reformed Church Mail: PO Box 4066, Ponoka, AB T4J 1R5
Phone: (403) 783-1888
Rimbey Christian Reform Church Location: 5506 - 51 Ave, Rimbey, AB T0C 2J0
Mail: Box 994 Rimbey, Alberta T0C 2J0
Phone: (403) 843-2585 Fax: (403) 843-4486
Sonrise Christian Reform Church Location: 1/2 mile S of Alberta Hospital
Mail: P.O.Box 4354 Ponoka, Alberta T4J 1R7
Phone: (403)-783-6012
Seventh Day Adventist Church (Ponoka) 6230 - 57 Avenue, Ponoka, Alberta T4J 1L0
Phone: (403) 783-6404 or EMAIL
These churches are part of the Alberta Conference
Records are maintained by the individual churches and Conferences. Also see the Adventist Archives site for more info, and check out theAdventist on-line searchable obituary and periodical indices
Seventh Day Adventist Church (Rimbey) Location: 52 Ave. & 51 Street, Rimbey, AB T0C 2J0
Mail: P.O. Box 763, Rimbey, Alberta T0C 2J0
Phone: (403) 843-2261 or (403) 843-3619 or EMAIL
Dakota United Church Location: 19-28-2-W4th Alberta & Northwest Conference Archives OR Provincial Archives of Alberta
Rimbey United Church Mail: Box 7 Rimbey, AB T0C 2J0
Phone: (403) 843-2458
Alberta & Northwest Conference Archives OR Provincial Archives of Alberta
Zion United Church Location: SE corner of SW 1-43-24-W4th Alberta & Northwest Conference Archives OR Provincial Archives of Alberta
Church of Christ closed about 1936
Church of the Nazarene P.O. Box 889. Rimbey AB T0C 2J0
Phone: 403-843-2029 or 403- 843-3306
Records are kept by individual churches. For mre information, see the Nazarene Archives
Church of the Open Bible 3708-42 Street, AB T4J 1A7
Phone: (403) 783-6500
Hoadley Evangelical Missionary Church
Meadowbrook Church Location: 7-11-1-W4th
Mail: R.R. #3, Lacombe, AB T0C 1S0
Phone: (403) 782-5691
Ponoka Pentacostal Tabernacle
Rimbey New Life Fellowship Location: 5038 - 49 Avenue
Mail: Box 1414 Rimbey, Alberta T0C 2J0
Phone: (403) 843-3336
The Russian Church (Greek Orthodox)
St. Michael's Church
Word of Life Center 5009-53 Avenue, Ponoka, Alberta
Phone: (403) 783-5659
The Provincial Archives of Alberta is the official depository for the records of the provincial government, however, records from some other organizations can be found there as well. They can be contacted at the following address, etc to confirm their holdings:
Provincial Archives of Alberta
12845-102 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T5N 0M6
Phone: (780) 427-1750 or Fax: (780) 427-4646 or E-MAIL
For more information on some of the above and other churches, also see "Church Histories"

These agencies are authorized registries to provide copies of birth certificates, etc
EckRim Agencies Ltd Box 770, 4817 - 51 Street, RIMBEY, Alberta T0C 2J0 Phone: (403) 843-3838 Fax: (403) 843-3840
Ponoka License & Registry Box 4204, 4902 - 50 Street, PONOKA, Alberta T4J 1R6 Phone: (403) 783-5525 Fax: (403) 783-5565

County of Ponoka FUNERAL HOMES
Some of the following information may be found in funeral home records:
Full name of the deceased
Names and addresses of immediate family
Date and place of birth
Military service
Date and place of death
Church membership
Name of both parents
Fraternal and civic organizations
Death certificate number
Some funeral homes may include a clipping of the newspaper obituary,
and a few details of the funeral service.
Bowker Funeral Home 5137 - 50 Avenue, PONOKA, Alberta Phone: (403) 783-3122
Oberhammer Funeral Chapel 4922 - 50 Avenue, RIMBEY, Alberta Phone: (403) 843-4445

County of Ponoka CEMETERIES (and interment lists)
Asker Cemetery
Nathaniel Lutheran Cemetery
Bismark Lutheran Cemetery
Rimbey West Haven Cemetery
Burn Brae (Homeglen) Cemetery
St. Mary's Cemetery
Dakota United Church Cemetery
St Mary's Convent Cemetery
Earlville Rutherford Cemetery
St. Michael's Cemetery
Ellis Free Methodist Cemetery
St Peter's Lutheran Cemetery
Ferrybank Cemetery
Svea Lutheran Cemetery
Forest Home Municipal Cemetery
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery
Hoadley Cemetery
Iola Fairview Cemetery
Water Glen Baptist Cemetery
Meadowvale Cemetery
Zion United Church Cemetery

Indices to grave markers and burial records from the Ponoka and Rimbey and Bluffton areas have been collected by the Alberta Genealogical Society and others, and are available at the AGS library or for purchase.

For more information on some of the above cemeteries, also see
the "Local Cemetery Histories" or the "Local Area Cemetery Interment List" pages

The Church of Jesus Christ & the Latter Days Saints (Mormons) run the Family History Centres which, while each housing their own collections of records, also allow a researcher to borrow records on microfische/microfilm, etc such as census, books, etc from the main library in Salt Lake City. These Centres are truly one of the best resources for anyone compiling their genealogy. To search the LDS on-line database and learn about the large number of resources available at the Family History Libraries, visit their main site for genealogists, or visit a local library:
RED DEER 3002 47th Avenue, Red Deer, AB Phone: (403) 346-6768
EDMONTON 9010 85th Street, Edmonton, AB Phone (780) 469-6460
CALGARY 2021 17th Avenue SW, Calgary, AB Phone: (403) 245-2949
CARDSTON (Temple) 846 First Avenue West, Cardston, AB Phone: (403) 653-3288
LETHBRIDGE 1912 - 10th Avenue South, Lethbridge, Alberta, T1K 0B7 Phone: (403) 328-0206
Web page

PARKLAND REGIONAL LIBRARY >> Library located near Ponoka County - search their catalogue which contains lots of local resources that can be borrowed through interlibrary loan programs...
Mail: Box 1130, Rimbey T0C 2J0
ALBERTA LIBRARY >> A province-wide multitype library consortium

Location: 5110 - 48 Avenue Mail: Box 4610, Ponoka, AB T4J 1R6
Phone: (403) 783-3843 or Fax: 403-783-6745 or EMAIL

Local History Books "LOOK-UP" VOLUNTEERS
These locally written history books offer both the development of the areas they cover, along with many short biographies of local families, as well as school and business histories. Check out the indexes (see below) to see if the surname you are researching is listed!
Crestomere Memories Local history of the Crestomere area of Ponoka County BOOK INDEX Deb or Leah
Mecca Glen Memories Local history of Mecca Glen area of Ponoka County Now available ON-LINE!! BOOK INDEX Deb or Leah
Ponoka Panorama Local history of Ponoka and western area of Ponoka County BOOK INDEX Deb or Leah
Over the Years... Local history of town of Rimbey and area. BOOK INDEX Deb
Also see the "Related Book Resources" page

County of Ponoka SCHOOLS (current)
(many of the original rural schools no longer exist - for historical info, see the School District Index)
Location and/or Postal Address
Alberta Hospital School Box 1000, Ponoka, Alberta T4J 1R8 Phone: (403) 783-7623
Fax: (403) 783-7869 or EMAIL
Bluffton School
Box 1, Site 2, R.R. 1 Bluffton, Alberta T0C 0M0
Phone: (403) 843-6528 or
Fax: (403) 843-6532 or EMAIL
Community Outreach School
5214-50 Street, Ponoka, Alberta T4J 1S7
Phone: (403) 783-5464
Fax: (403) 783-8225 or EMAIL
Crestomere School
R.R. #3, Lacombe, Alberta T0C 1S0
Phone: (403) 783-2141
Fax: (403) 783-2135
Diamond Willow Middle School
5510-48 Avenue, Ponoka, Alberta T4J 1N7
Phone: (403) 783-3386
Fax: (403) 783-3388
Echo Valley Christian School
Mamawi Atosketan Native School R.R. #4, Ponoka, Alberta, Canada T4J 1R4 Phone: (403) 783- 4362
Fax: (403) 347-0282 or EMAIL
Mecca Glen School
R.R. #1, Ponoka, Alberta T4J 1R1
Phone: (403) 783-2463
Fax: (403) 783-6666 or EMAIL
Ponoka Christian School
6300 50 Street, Ponoka, Alberta T4J 1E6
Phone: (403) 783-6563
Ponoka Composite High School
6002-54 Street, Ponoka, Alberta T4J 1N9
Phone: (403) 783-4411
Fax: (403) 783-5450 or EMAIL
Ponoka Elementary School
5004 - 54 Street, Ponoka, Alberta T4J 1N8
Phone: (403) 783-3583
Fax: (403) 783-6094 or EMAIL
Rimbey Christian School
4522 54 Ave, Rimbey
Box 90, Rimbey, Alberta T0C 2J
Phone: (403) 843-3904 or
Fax: (403) 843-3904 or EMAIL
Rimbey Elementary School
5302 - 52 Street, Rimbey
P.O. Box 710 Rimbey, Alberta T0C 2J0
Phone: (403) 843-3751 or
Fax: (403) 843-2093 or EMAIL
Rimbey Junior-Senior High School (or here)
Box 620 Rimbey, Alberta T0C 2J0
Phone: (403) 843-3761 or
Fax: (403) 843-4111 or EMAIL
Riverside Elementary School
4003-43 Street, Ponoka, Alberta T4J 1P3
Phone: (403) 783-3965
Fax: (403) 783-5341 or EMAIL
St. Augustine's Catholic School
4512 55 Street, Ponoka, Alberta T4J 1N6
Phone: (403) 783-5541
St. Thomas Aquinas RCSRD No. 22
Phone: (403) 783-9216
Woodlands Adventist School

Centre Street, Ponoka
RR 3, Site 2, Box 16 Ponoka, Alberta T4J 1R3

Phone: (403) 783-2640 or
Fax: (403) 783-2640 or EMAIL
Some of the histories of the schools listed are available on in the "School District Histories" page

County & Regional Newspapers
Newspapers can provide an excellent view of the development of a town and county, along with information about it's community and citizens. Obituaries, birth & wedding notices placed by family members provide information and clues that may prove useful when researching a family's story.
In the town of Ponoka, the local newspaper was the Ponoka Herald from around 1900 to 1984. The paper eventually folded and it's archives were auctioned off (where they ended up is something I am trying to determine), however the local museum kindly microfilmed most of the issues.
North Country Times From 1950 until at least 1951 Leroy E. Brownlee published a monthly one-sheet newspaper, North Country Times, which covered news in Hoadley, Bluffton and Rimbey districts.
The National Hobby and Trader From 1949 until at least 1958 Leroy E. Brownlee printed a lonely-hearts newsletter, entitled The National Hobby and Trader, which had a Canada-wide circulation, and reached the lovelorn as far away as Missouri.
Ponoka Herald Microfilmed archives are available at the Fort Ostell Museum.
Phone: (403) 783-5224
Rimbey Review Established in 1997, this small weekly paper covers the area around the town of Rimbey.
Ponoka News On-Line I have included this site in the hope that someday they may actually update their site as they have indicated they intend to do... Check it out - you never know!

Local Aboriginal Organizations
Visit the Musee Heritage Museum and search their data base of over 15, 000 names. It is an excellent resource for anyone searching out their Aboriginal, Metis, or Francophone roots on-line.
The following is a list of local aboriginal bands:
Ermineskin Band Gerry Ermineskin P.O. Box 219,
Hobbema, AB T0C 1N0
Phone: (780) 585-3741
Fax: (780) 585-2550
Louis Bull Band Helen Bull P.O. Box 130,
Hobbema, AB T0C 1N0
Phone: (780) 585-2064
Fax: (780) 585-3799
Montana Band Darrell Strongman P.O. Box 70,
Hobbema, AB T0C 1N0
Phone: (780) 585-3744
Fax: (780) 585-3264
Samson Cree Nation Lena Cutknife P.O. Box 159,
Hobbema, AB T0C 1N0
Phone: (780) 421-4926
Toll Free: 1-800-661-2579
Fax: (780) 585-2700
For information about treaties & other aboriginal organizations, visit Aboriginal Affairs

Looking for more information ? Check out these sites....
Come, visit our Archives site for more bakground info about the County of Ponoka
County of Ponoka ARCHIVES
Come, visit our Historical Archives for more about the development of the County of Ponoka
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