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Robert Kellock ALLAN
Wilbur Fee BOWKER
J. Robert BROWN
Edward M.H. PARLBY
Edith Blanche COX
Samual Brigham LUCAS
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Wilbur Fee BOWKER
Born in 1910 in PONOKA, Alberta. He attended the University of Alberta and graduated with an LL.B. in 1932. He articled with George Steer of Steer, Jackson and Gaunt in Edmonton, and was an associate with that firm from 1934-46. The current successor firm is Milner Fenerty since 1990. Bowker married Marjorie MONTGOMERY in 1940. He enlisted in the army in 1942. After WWII he returned to law practice briefly before joining the law faculty at University of Alberta. He became Acting Dean in 1947 and Dean of Law in 1948, a position he held until 1968. He earned his LL.M. from the University of Minnesota in 1953, and was awarded an Honorary LL.D. from the University of Alberta in 1972. Bowker retired from the law faculty in 1968, to become Director of the Institute of Law Research and Reform, a position he held until his retirement in 1975. From 1975-1984 he was a member of the board of the Institute of Law Research and Reform. Bowker is the author of numerous articles in legal journals, and has been active in professional and other organizations. He was appointed an officer of the Order of Canada in 1990.

Edith Blanche COX (1894 - 1985)
Born in Upper Stewiacke, Nova Scotia, COX came to Alberta in 1913. She was a teacher for several years, then worked as a clerk for the Bank of Montreal, 1918-1923. In 1923, while living in Killam, she married William Wright ROGERS. They had no children. They moved to Calgary in 1929 and became involved in the Social Credit movement in the early 1930s. She was elected to the Alberta Legislature as a Social Credit member in 1935, defeating ex-Premier John E. BROWNLEE in the Ponoka constituency. She sat until her defeat in the 1940 provincial election. She was a school trustee in Edmonton, 1959-1974, and an Edmonton school is named in her honour.

Leroy E. BROWNLEE (1891 - 1969)
Born in the USA, possibly in Washington or Missouri, BROWNLEE came to Alberta in 1911 and homesteaded near Hoadley. During the 1920s he operated a wood sawing and feed grinding outfit. In the 1930s he built and ran a sawmill and shingle mill on his homestead. In 1940 he built his own printing press and started a printing business which he called The Star Press. He wrote and printed four books, which he sold by mail: Farm Blacksmithing, Building Farm Lumber Saw Mills, Building a Shingle Saw Mill, and Circular Saw Hammering. He printed flyers, handbills and posters for local businesses and organizations, and from 1950 until at least 1951 he published a monthly one-sheet newspaper, North Country Times, which covered news in Hoadley, Bluffton and Rimbey districts. From 1949 until at least 1958 he printed a lonely-hearts newsletter, entitled The National Hobby and Trader, which had a Canada-wide circulation, and reached the lovelorn as far away as Missouri. He never married.

Robert Kellock ALLAN (1862 - 1942)
Born in Ontario, ALLAN worked for the Inland Revenue Department in Winnipeg as a customs collector from 1881-1885. He served with the 90th Winnipeg Rifles in the 1885 Riel Rebellion, and fought at the Battle of Batoche. He subsequently lived in Grafton, Minnesota and Strathcona, Alberta before settling in Ponoka in 1900, where he ran a hardware store. He married Mary Jane HENDRY, ?-1920, also from Ontario, and they had four children, Donald Hendry, 1902-?, Fred, Margaret (THOMSON) and Elizabeth Kellock, 1899-?, (who died in infancy). He moved to Edmonton in 1920.

William MORRISON (1891-1970)
Born in Kinnears Mills, Quebec, MORRISON and his family moved to a farm south of Okotoks, Alberta in 1905-1906. He attended the University of Alberta and took courses in theology. He served as a summer student Presbyterian minister in Vulcan, Little Bow and Ponoka between 1913 and 1915. He served with the Edmonton Highlanders (194th Battalion) during WWI. He married Henrietta EBERLY, 1892-1966, of Okotoks in 1919, and they had three children, James Absolom, Ian Archibald Warcup and Mary Amanda Gwen. Henrietta's sister, Jessie, ca. 1900-?, lived with the Morrisons, and was a teacher during the 1920s and 1930s. William attended Robertson's Presbyterian College at the University of Alberta from 1921-1925 and was a member of its last graduating class. He was ordained in the United Church in 1925 and served in Abbey and Waldeck, Saskatchewan, and Blackie, Peace River, Airdrie, Gleichen, Carmangay and Medicine Hat, Alberta. In 1935 he was elected as a Social Credit MLA but gave up his seat to William Aberhart for a by-election.

Samuel Brigham LUCAS (1844-1907)
Born in Aylmer, Quebec, LUCAS married Amelia F. AYLWIN, ?-1918, in 1871, and they had six children. He was appointed a farm instructor by the Indian Department in 1879, and he came to the Cree reserve at Hobbema, North-West Territories. His family joined him in 1884. He served as sub-agent at the Hobbema reserve from 1883 to 1885 when the Edmonton Agency was divided into two parts. He was then appointed agent for the new Hobbema Indian Agency. In 1885 the family took refuge in Edmonton when the Riel Rebellion spread to the Agency. Lucas was transferred to the Sarcee (Tsuu T'ina) Indian Agency as agent, 1891-1897, then retired to land near Ponoka. His brother, Frank A. LUCAS, married Margaret MORISON in 1883, and had nine children. They came west in 1884, with S.B. Lucas' family, and homesteaded near Wetaskiwin. Their daughter, Isabell Maud, 1886-1963, trained as a nurse at the Holy Cross Hospital in Calgary, 1911-1914. She was Matron of the Wetaskiwin Hospital, 1914 - 1916, served overseas with the Nursing Corps during WWI, did post-graduate work, and later worked as a travelling nurse for the Department of Indian Affairs, 1926-1945. She married Archie SMART in 1945. Thomas William Lucas, son of Sam and Amelia, farmed. Sam Lucas, 1897-1964, son of Frank and Margaret, took over the Wetaskiwin farm in 1927.
For further information see E. Brian Titley's entry, "Samuel Brigham Lucas", in the
Dictionary of Canadian Biography, vol. XIII. - Toronto : University of Toronto Press, 1994, p. 603-605.

Edward M.H. PARLBY (1865-1951)
Born in England and trained as a surveyor, PARLBY came to Canada in 1885 and worked in Ontario before coming to Alberta in 1887. He settled in the Ponoka area for a short time. In 1890 he established the Long Valley Ranch with his brother, Walter, near present day Alix. The brothers dissolved their partnership and Edward kept the ranch when he married Anne Morison Wilkins in 1896. The Parlbys had three children, John, George and Jean. Edward served as a Justice of the Peace, and was active in many community organizations, including the Alix Agricultural Society and the local school board. Anne's brother, Francis E. Wilkins, ?-1908, came to Alberta in 1889 and bought land near Red Deer. He was Red Deer's first member in the North-West Territories Legislative Assembly. Another brother, George S. Wilkins, ?-1907, joined the Klondike gold rush and spent several years gold mining in Dawson City, Yukon before returning to the Red Deer area.


FLEMING grew up in Lacombe, Alberta and trained as a teacher. She was the first school teacher in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, 1912-1914. She then became the first high school teacher at Rimbey, Alberta. She married Sinclair MELLIS, a farmer near Rimbey.

Henry STELFOX (1883-1974)
Born in Lymm, England, educated at Manchester Grammar School, was an accountant's clerk in Manchester, STELFOX joined the South African Constabulary ca. 1903 and served until 1906, then emigrated to Alberta and homesteaded at Battle Lake. He also farmed at Morningside and Rimbey. During WWI he worked at the shipyards in Victoria, British Columbia, and then settled at Rocky Mountain House, Alberta in 1920. He and his wife, Janet Katherine GLYDE, 1888-1958, had nine children, Margaret (Scott), 1916- , Henry Bradshaw, David, John Glyde, Hilda (Jameson), Katherine (Coutney), Helen (Zander), Gertrude (Rudd) and Janet (Sande). He was an ardent conservationist and was active in the founding of the Alberta Fish and Game Association. He also wrote many essays and poems about wildlife and conservation, native people, and Rocky Mountain House and its pioneers.
He published two books of poems as well as Rambling Thoughts of a Wandering Fellow, 1903-1968 / ed. by John G. Stelfox. - Edmonton : I.D.B. Press, 1972.

Flora McARTHUR (1850-1932)
Born in Scotland, McARTHUR emigrated to Canada with her parents in 1852. She married Malcolm McCRIMMON, (1851-1928), in 1882 and they had four children, Janet Sarah, (1883-1885), John Arthur (known as Arthur), (1885-1963), Florence May Campbell (BROAD), (1867-?), and Roderick Murchinson, (1889-1962). In 1914 Flora and Malcolm bought a farm at Bon Accord, Alberta. Between 1917 and 1921 Malcolm and Roderick ran a saw mill south of Belloy, Alberta. Arthur, who was a writer and historian, worked for the Hudson's Bay Company store in Calgary and then in Edmonton (1902-1906). Between 1906 and 1912 he was in charge of the Canadian Northern office for northern Alberta, and was involved in the construction of the Grand Trunk Railway. From 1912 to 1917 he worked in California and Arizona, USA, and then fought in the Canadian Army during WWI. He took up farming at Bon Accord in 1920, and was treasurer and secretary for the Bon Accord community centre. He married Beisie Emelia HOEFER, (1891-?), in 1926, and they had four children, Everett Ray, Joyce (Mayled), Malcolm William and Catherine Belva. Arthur retired to Ponoka in 1958.

Born in Nininger, Minnesota, USA, JACKSON married Lily Elizabeth CASE ( ?-1929), at Hastings, in 1887. He later was an active railway contractor in Alberta. Frank and Lily had six children, George, ?-1920, Irvin, ?-1920, Charles, Earl, Harvey Willis, ca. 1900-1964, and May (McLEAN). Harvey was born in Hastings and came to Alberta with his father. He and Charles operated the Rimbey General Store, 1914-1917, before farming at Evarts, Alberta. In 1937 he moved to Calgary and engaged in the real estate business. He and his wife, Leila H. had two children, Fern (Powers) and Ervie.

Robson MADGEN (1870-1936)
Born in Nenthead, Cumberland, England, MADGEN emigrated to Canada in 1897 and homesteaded at Morningside, Alberta. He returned to England in 1910 to marry Esther Annie ANGUS, 1873-1924?, also of Nenthead. The couple settled on the Morningside homestead. Their son, Leonard Angus, 1911-1987?, took over the farm upon Robson's death. He later moved to Ponoka, and retired to Calgary.

Alfred E. WYNDHAM and his wife, Caroline STUART, came from Dorsetshire, England and settled in Ontario. Alfred came west to command the 12th Battalion of York Rangers in the 1885 Riel Rebellion. The family joined him in 1887 and they homesteaded near Carseland, Alberta and built the IU Ranch. In 1910 they moved to Dorothy, Alberta. They had eleven children, including Alexander "Alex", Ernest Alfred, Charles Jr., Spencer, Mary (Campbell), Beatrice Ida, Walter, Tim and John S. "Jack". Alex, 1860-1949, was born in Toronto, educated in England and came to Calgary in 1877 to join the NWMP. He served in Steele's Scouts for five years and in the 1885 Riel Rebellion. He was discharged in 1890 and farmed near Carseland and Okotoks, Alberta. He retired to Carseland in 1934. Spencer, 1867-1944, homesteaded in the Kneehill area of Alberta with Charles and Tim in the early 1890s. He married Mary CROCKER, 1876-1968, in 1906 and they had three children, Charles Alfred, Spencer Trevelyan and Ralph Ewan. Mary CROCKER had emigrated to Alberta from Nebraska, USA with her parents ca. 1900, and lived in Ponoka and later North End Pine Lake where she was postmistress in her parents' store. She and Spencer lived in the Kootenay area of British Columbia, Grassy Lake and Elnora in Alberta, and finally moved to Washington, USA in 1922.
For further information see L.G. Thomas' article, "A Ranchers' Community Okotoks", in Ranchers' Legacy, Alberta Essays by Lewis G. Thomas / Patrick A. Dunae, ed. -- Edmonton : University of Alberta Press, 1986.

GRESHNER graduated from the School of Nursing, Alberta Hospital, Ponoka (1958). She was director of nursing at the Hospital until her retirement in 1992.

LAWRENCE ran a livery stable in Hussar, Alberta as early as 1921. In 1925 he worked on a road crew between Ponoka and Menaik, Alberta as a sub-contractor to T.W. Griffin who held the provincial government contract to gravel the road. He returned to Hussar and ran the livery stable until at least 1929.

Born in Oregon, USA ca. 1882 DAWSON visited relatives in Ponoka in 1912, and while in Alberta was hired by the Edmonton-based Northern Trading Company. He spent three years engaged in fur trading for the company in the area of Fort Smith, NWT. He visited his family in Oregon in 1915. In 1916 he made a 22,400 kilometre fur trading trip from Edmonton, down the Mackenzie River to the Arctic Ocean, around Alaska, and down the west coast to Seattle. The trip took seven and a half months, and he came out with over $20,000 worth of furs. In 1919 he was trading at Lac La Biche. In 1920 he moved to Hazelton, British Columbia, and shortly afterwards married "Issie", originally from California. The Dawsons operated the Omineca Hotel in Hazelton for many years, and later a general store. They lived in Hazelton until ca. 1950.

Ernest DAVIDGE (1888 - 1981)
Born and studied Theology in Toronto, DAVIDGE began his career as a student minister in Bottrel, Alberta, and was later ordained by the Presbyterian church in 1912. He subsequently served at Queenstown, Foremost, Veteran, Cardston, Acme, Ponoka, Clyde and Delia, Alberta. He retired in 1952 and moved to Calgary in 1954 where he was responsible for establishing Renfrew, St. Andrew's and St. David's United churches. He also served as visitation minister at Trinity and Knox United churches. He married Gertrude Mary Julia STONEHOUSE in 1917 and they had three children.

J. Robert BROWN
Originally from Ontario, BROWN came to the Innisfail, Alberta area around 1913. In the 1910s he was a Presbyterian minister at Delburne and Halkirk. He became a United Church minister after church union and served at Rimbey in the late 1920s, at Consort and Black Diamond in the 1930s, at Trochu, Hardisty and Clive in the 1940s, and at Springbank in the 1950s. He and his wife, Ethel COLEMAN Brown, had at least two children, A.F. (?) and John A.

Howard D. FALKENBERG (1920 - 1988)
Born in Ponoka, Alberta, FALKENBERG went to school in the Leduc district and high school in Camrose, where he moved in 1935. He eventually owned a grain and chicken farm 16 kms southwest of Camrose. He and his wife, Alice, had four children, Aaron, Gwen, Sandra and Brenda. He was active in many agricultural organizations. He was on the executive of the Alberta Broiler Growers' Association and the organization's Marketing Board in the 1960s and 1970s, and was vice-president and president of Unifarm in the 1970s and 1980s. He was also president of Poultry Products Institute of Canada, Inc. in the early 1970s, Alberta chairman and national vice-president of the Canada Broiler Council in the late 1960s, and an executive member of a number of other organizations. He was also active in his community.


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