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County of Ponoka GenWeb Project - Important Record Resources
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Exciting news....
On March 29, 2003, the National Library of Canada and the National Archives of Canada will be launching a new website - the "Canadian Genealogy Centre" which promises to compile many related sources, and improve access to information needed by family history buffs researching Canadian roots!
Information about RECORDS that may be helpful to your research:

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The National Archives of Canada founded in 1872 has an excellent website that explains everything the researcher needs to know about their holdings.
For the family history researcher, the NAC has created an excellent booklet called "Tracing your Ancestors in Canada" which can be obtained either by phone or downloaded from their site. This booklet helps to outline the types of records held by the NAC and other Archvies, that may provide the researcher with the resources they need to trace their family history.
The National Archives offers a service to researchers who are not able to go to Ottawa or one of the other Archive outlets, where they will answer SPECIFIC queries or provide copies - (this does NOT include copies of birth, marriage & death certificates).
Please read the preamble on their site BEFORE send a query to avoid disappointment.
For WRITTEN or IN PERSON inquiries: For PHONE inquiries:
National Archives of Canada
395 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N3
(Also see other locations)
Genealogy Reference:( 613) -996-7458
General information: (613) 995-5138
TTD: (613) 947-0391
Reference Services: (613) 992-3884
For ON-LINE inquiries: For FAX inquiries:
On-Line Query Form Fax: (613) 995-6274
For assistance with writing a query to be submitted to the Genealogical Research Services.
List of freelance genealogical researchers who can be hired to do searches at the Archives.

This organization not only produces excellent materials, but also has a large library, & a generous research services policy as well. Their webpage is well worth a visit!
The Society's holdings are quite extensive. For guides on how to go about researching your Alberta family history, look for the section called "CANADA--ALBERTA--GENEALOGY MANUALS". If you are tracing family histories for other areas, there are manuals for Canada, as well as a variety of countries...
Getting Started in Genealogy
Tracing your Ancestors in Canada The National Archives provides an excellent publication, free of charge, called "Tracing your Ancestors in Canada ", which can be obtained by phone at (613) 996-7458, or which can be downloaded in .PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format. This booklet provides a complete listing of all resources of interest to family history researchers along with a few references to other archival collections.
Genealogical Sources Information Leaflet Government of Alberta
The Basics on How to Search for Ancestors in Canada FamilySearch from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

PRIOR TO 1898, births were not registered.
For ALBERTA births registered from 1898 to August 31, 1905:
All Vital Statistics Civil Registers for this period are held by the Provincial Archives of Alberta. Researchers can visit the Archives, sign an agreement and search the records but no copies can be taken. Instead the Archives offers transcripts for a small fee. If you are not able to visit the Archives, research can be done on your behalf for a fee. Provincial Archives of Alberta
12845 - 102 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T5N 0M6 Canada
Phone: (780) 427-1750
Fax: (780) 427-4646
For information only: E-MAIL
(for information only)
For ALBERTA births that occurred after September 1, 1905:
Family history researchers can order either a certified photographic print of the birth registration or a birth certificate (the "framing" size includes the names and birthplaces of the parents). A variety of intormation must be provided when applying for the records, and for births less than 100 years ago, verification of the eligibility of the applicant to receive the information, may be required. Births that occured 100 years ago or more, are considered public records.
For OTHER birthplaces, see Canadian and other Vital Statistics Offices
Birth certificates can only be issued to a relative other than mother, father or self after 100 years have elapsed

Prior to the 1960's, divorces were granted through a private act of the Parliament of Canada.
From the late 1800's in order to get a divorce in Canada, the person wishing to end a marriage had to place a notice of intent in The Canada Gazette and 2 local newspapers for a period of 6 months indicating that they were applying for an Act of Divorce from the Canadian government.
The information included in
the notice of intent was:
The information included in the
application or petition was:
  • the names of both parties
  • their place(s) of residence
  • the grounds for the divorce
  • the names of both parties
  • the date of the marriage
  • the place of the marriage
  • the parties' place(s) of residence
  • an explanation of the events that provided the grounds for the divorce
If adultery or bigamy were the grounds for the dissolutionment of the marriage a
co-respondent was usually named in the petition.
For information on divorce proceedings and records in Alberta:

Between the years of
1867 - 1919

are held by the
Senate of Canada:

Office of the Law Clerk and
Parliamentary Counsel
Room 304, 3rd Floor,
222 Queen Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A4
Phone: (613) 992-2416
After 1919: MORE TO COME ...

Succession Duty - Public Trustee's Office
10365 - 97 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3Z8 Canada
Succession Duty - Public Trustee's Office
10365 - 97 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3Z8 Canada
Also see Will & Testament Records
Inventories of property, Letters of administration, Letters of Probate, Trusteeships and guardianships, Bonds and depositions, Correspondence, etc
Also see ESTATE Records
Also check to see if the court that probated the estate retained a copy of the will.

INFORMATION that these records may provide:
  • Name of owner or tenant
  • religious denomination
  • occupation
  • number of people in the household
  • nature
  • value of the building(s
(Note: you must know the place of residence to access these records)
Although these records are considered permanent records, and the contents are kept in accordance with provincial legislation, retention is the responsibility of the various municipal governments and there are instances were the records may not have been preserved appropriately.

Information about citizenship or naturalization records
The National Archives of Canada has created a database called InGeneas which is available on-line to all researchers.
This searchable database contains the names of passenger list records of immigrants to Canada who arrived at Canadian ports between 1748 to 1873, and a variety of immigration records from 1748 - 1906. Most of these records have been extracted form microfilm of original records held a variety of archives and libraries, and the database continues to grow everyday. An excellent start to searching for Canadian family history!
From the InGeneas database, which is continually growing.... If you don't find what you are looking for, check back later! Immigration records from 1748 to 1906
Passenger list records from 1748 to 1873
From ArchiviaNet Immigration records from 1925 - 1935
Prior to 1865, shipping lines were not required to maintain manifests of the passengers they carried, thus there are no comprehensive passenger lists available at the NAC prior to 1865.
A free searchable database of some 15,000 names has been compiled by volunteers from a card index at the NAC which makes up the Miscellaneous Immigration Index. These records dating from 1801 to 1849, are made up mostly of immigrants from Great Britain to Upper (Ontario) and Lower Canada (Québec) which were located in the vast collections of the NAC, and are do not form a comprehensive list of immigrants.
This Index can also be viewed at the NAC Reference Room (see Visiting the NAC)
Search the database compiled from the Miscellaneous Immigration Index
For the periods of 1732 and 1749 - 1760, there are a few records on microfische of immigrants from France which can be viewed at the NAC or borrowed through the interlibrary loan system.
For more information about Canadian Immigration Records visit the National Archives of Canada site

Alberta census may be listed as the Assiniboia District, NorthWest Territories, since the area did not become a province until 1905. Unlike previous census, these records list all individuals in a family and not just the head of the household.
1881 & 1891
INFORMATION available about each individual:
  • age
  • sex
  • country or province of birth
  • religion
  • ethnic origin
  • occupation
  • marital status
  • education
  • age
  • sex
  • country or province of birth
  • religion
  • ethnic origin
  • occupation
  • marital status
  • education
  • date of birth
  • year of immigration
  • address or location of land
Note: Census returns subsequent to 1901 are closed under the Statistics Act, which contains strict confidentiality provisions that protect the information indefinitely. There are no exceptions in the legislation that permit the disclosure of personal information from the census without the individual's written consent. For information about efforts to have this reviewed, visit Statistics Canada.
LOCATIONS where census records can be viewed or borrowed:
1) Search the 1901 census on-line! (courtesy of the Edmonton Branch of the Alberta Genealogical Society - where a copy of the index can also be purchased)
2) Family History Centres have microfilm copies ( all years)
3) Provincial Archives of Alberta
12845 - 102 Avenue,
Edmonton, Alberta
T5N 0M6 Canada
(all years)
4) Calgary Public Library
W.R. Castell Central Library,
616 Macleod Trail S.E,
Calgary, AB T2G 2M2A
Canada (all years)
5) National Archives of Canada
Visit the Archives in Ottawa or a Decentralized Access Site or
Borrow copies of the microfilms through inter-institutional loan
Many libraries and archives hold some census information.

When homesteading conditions were met, a Letters Patent transferring title from the Crown to the settler was issued. Most Patents have been microfilmed and are available through inter-library loan
Note: For grants made by the provinces after 1930, or any land transactions subsequent to the issuance of the original Letters Patent, the Alberta resources below must be consulted, as the Federal Land Records do not contain that information.
Provincial Archives of Alberta
12845 - 102 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T5N 0M6 Canada
2) LAND RECORDS - Northern Alberta
(Subsequent to Homesteading)
North Alberta Land Registration District
10365 - 97 Street, P.O. Box 2380
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2T3 Canada
3) LAND RECORDS - Southern Alberta
(Subsequent to Homesteading)
South Alberta Land Registration District
J.J. Bowlen Building,
620 - 7 Avenue S.W. , P.O. Box 7575, Station M.
Calgary, Alberta T2P 2R4 Canada
Search the database provided by the National Archives - The records refer to grants issued in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and the railway belt of British Columbia, c. 1870-1930.
Search the database provided by the Glenbow Museum

1) BY THE GOVERNMENT OF ALBERTA (of their representatives)
Vital records of events that occurred in Alberta can be searched if an application for a GENEALOGICAL SEARCH is submitted. The events that can be searched for are: When applying for a search the following INFORMATION should be provided:
  • Births
  • Stillbirths
  • Marriages
  • Deaths
  • Legal Changes of Name
  • type of event
  • full name (first middle last) of person(s)
  • date of the event
  • location of the event
  • age of the person(s) at the time of the event
  • the relationship of the researcher to the person(s)
  • any other information that may be useful in identifying the records
An genealogical search application can be SUBMITTED to:
a) ALBERTA RESEARCHERS: Contact an authorized registry office by mail or in person
Contact an authorized registry office by mail OR
Alberta Municipal Affairs,
Alberta Registries Vital Statistics
Box 2023
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 4W7 Canada
Phone: (780) 427-7013 (recording)
Email: [email protected] (for information only)
Please note that a minimum fee of $20 will be charged for each search. If the exact date is unknown, then for every 3 years searched, an additional fee will be charged.
Visit their site with information re pricing, and searches available
See "look up" section above or visit their site

Records prior to 1854: Records exist from 1828 - 1850xist in the National Archives and a search can be requested by writing to the address below. A few naturalization registers exist for Upper Canada (Ontario), 1828-1850 only. A nominal card index is available in the Reference Room at the National Archives. You can request a search by sending us a written inquiry.
Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Public Rights Administration
365 Laurier Ave West, 15th Floor
Ottawa, ON K1A 1L1

Canada's Books of Remembrance Each book acts as a record for all of the names of the Canadians who fought and lost their lives in each of the six wars.
Soldiers of the First World War — Canadian Expeditionary Force Search the database provided by the National Archives Also see the Public Records Office in England for personnel in the Air Force as they were part of the Royal Air Force
Military Records These records contain information about the individual's employment history with Federal Departments, the military units with which he or she served, pension details (if available), as well as personal information.
Post-First World War Military Records These military records also include medical history on enlistment and discharge, medals awarded, personal evaluation reports and dental charts.
To obtain Post-First World War Military Records you can apply by in writing, by mail or fax, to this address:
Personnel Records
Unit National Archives of Canada
395 Wellington Street
The following information must be provided:
  • surname,
  • full given name(s)
  • service number (or rank if an officer).
  • date and place of birth
  • name of next of kin
Fax: (613) 947-8456.
Use the "Application for Military Service Information"
Burial Locations
(First and Second World Wars)
Contact the:
Commonwealth War Graves Commission

or visit their site -
Commonwealth War Graves Commission
and search their database

Canadian Agency Suite
1706 - 66 Slater Street
OTTAWA, Ontario K1A 0P4
or Visit the Canadian Virtual War Memorial
Canadian Merchant Marines Records Merchant Navy Registry
Veterans Affairs Canada
P.O. Box 7700
or visit their site -
Canadian Merchant Navy War Dead
and search their database
Military Medals from the Korean, First and Second World Wars Honours and Awards Section
Veterans Affairs Canada
66 Slater Street
OTTAWA, Ontario K1A 0P4
Military Medals from the United Nations and Long Service Medals: National Defence Headquarters
DHH 4-3-2
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0K2
Canadian Volunteer Service Medal for Korea: The Chancellery Rideau Hall
1 Sussex Drive
OTTAWA, Ontario K1A 1A1

Access to adoption records is restricted to protect the confidentiality of the information they contain. To trace a biological parent, sibling or child, there are a variety of private agencies available (see our links page for some of the listings)
Before the early to mid 1900s, many children were placed with family, friends or neighbours without documentation by government authorities.
Post Adoption Registry Adopted individuals or birth parents can register with the Post Adoption Registry for free and if both parties register then a reunion can be arranged. This is a free service of the Government of Alberta.
Licensed Adoption Search Agencies Information about and a list of Government of Alberta licensed agencies who will do adoption searches. There are fees associated with these searches.

Church records can often be found in parish archives, but you may have to go to central repositories or the national or international church organization office to locate the records. Church records can include baptism, confirmation, marriage, and death registers, along with clergy rolls, minutes, newsletters, correspondence, property records, and other church or church-business related materials.
St. Mary's Anglican Church, Ponoka is part of the Edmonton Diocese, while the Church of the Epiphany, Rimbey is in the Calgary Diocese.
The Diocese of Edmonton records from 1899 on, are held by the Provincial Archives The Diocese of Calgary records are located in the Special Collections Library of the University of Calgary and the Glenbow Archives.
Visit the Anglican Church of Canada
Visit the Nazarene Church International Organization
Records are kept by individual churches. For mre information, see the Nazarene Archives
Both the Rimbey and Ponoka Churches are part of the Alberta Conference
Records are maintained by the individual churches and Conferences. Also see the Adventist Archives site for more info, and check out theAdventist on-line searchable obituary and periodical indices
Visit the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Canada
(also see the Lutheran Roots Genealogy Exchange)
Zion Lutheran Church is part of the Lutheran Church-Canada. Also see the Archives project the Evangelical Lutheran Church is undergoing
Trinity and Asker Lutheran Churches are part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
Alberta and Northwest Conference Archives
c/o Provincial Archives of Alberta

Mailing Address:
12845 - 102 Avenue,
Edmonton, Alberta T5N 0M6

Telephone: (780) 427-1750
Fax: (780) 427-4646
E-Mail [email protected]
Visit the Website: Alberta & Northwest Conference Archives for info before contacting the Archives.
Telephone Number: (780) 427-1750
Fax Number: (780) 427-4646 or Email
> holdings include records from 1853 to present for the for the Alberta Conference. This also includes records from the Congregational, Methodist and Presbyterian Churches from which the United Church was formed in 1925 when the denominations merged.

Many are in manuscript form at the Provincial Archives of Alberta.

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