Rev. George Porter, in his anniversary sermon, sketches the history and growth of this church in the following manner:

      The first town meeting of which we have any positive knowledge, was held on the 30th day of May, 1771.  This was ten years after the first settlers began to occupy the town, and when the resident families were 25 in number.  When and in what number the inhabitants were formed into a church, the town records say not; but the American Quarterly Register states that Rev. Nicholas Dudley, born at Epping, N.H., graduated at Harvard College in 1767, was ordained at Townshend, Vt., June 21, 1777, and was dismissed in 1780; thus laboring between two and three years.  In August, 1794, Rev. Samuel Cheever, D. D., received a call to this church, and remained until 1797.   From 1797 the church was supplied by Rev. Hezekiah Taylor, J. Bennington, and Mr. Whitney, neighboring ministers.  Mr. Josiah Moulton received a call, remaining about a year.  After Mr. Moulton, the next pastor of the church was Simeon Snow, about one year.  Rev. William Riddell was born at Coleraine, Mass., Feb. 4, 1778; graduated at Dartmouth in 1793; and was licensed to preach at Newbury, Vt., in January, 1794.  He remained in Townshend about three years.  He married  a daughter of Rev. Samuel Hopkins in 1797, by whom he had seven children, one of who was the well-known Rev. Samuel Hopkins Riddell.

      The church was supplied by ministers from neighboring towns until March, 1815.

      L. Whitcomb, ordained and installed Aug. 29, 1815; died in Savannah, Georgia, January 2, 1821. Philetus Clark, was ordained and installed Nov. 21, 1821; dismissed July 6, 1824.  James Kimball, ordained and installed Jan. 13, 1825; dismissed Oct. 6, 1830.  H.N. Graves, ordained and installed Feb. 5, 1833; dismissed Sept. 14, 1848. John Wood came Jan. 1849, settled June, 1850; dismissed Apr. 11, 1854.  Remained as pastor till Nov. 11, 1858. C.L. Cushman, ordained and installed Dec. 22, 1859; dismissed Oct. 15, 1866.  A.S.Barton, installed Mar. 12, 1867; dismissed Dec. 13, 1869. F.W. Olmstead, acting pastor; called June 13, 1870; resigned Oct., 1872. George Porter, acting pastor; called July 1, 1877; resigned Oct. 1882. H.H.Acterian, acting pastor; called July 1, 1883, 1891, present pastor, C.T. Switzer.