Commencing about the year 1830, the Methodist Conference having charge of this circuit sent some very able clergymen who labored as itinerate preachers in this and neighboring towns to about 1836.  The first two who entered upon this service were Rev. Mr. Beckley and Rev. Mr. Fuller.  They were followed by Rev. Zed. Twitchell and Rev. Mr. Brewster.  In September, 1835, a Methodist camp meeting, which continued about a week, was held in a grove.  There was a large attendance at this meeting from the Methodist societies at Athens, Newfane, Wardsboro, and Londonderry.  From the spring of 1839 to the spring of 1843, the people of West Townshend and vicinity attended the Methodist church.  Clergymen: Rev. Harvey Guernsey supplying for first two years of the term, and Rev. William H. Hodges for the last two.