On the farm of General Fletcher, and a short distance from the present dwelling-house of John S. Fullerton, were buried all who died in the district prior to 1799.  Use of this place for burial purposes was abandoned near the close of 1814.  Here are the graves of General Fletcher and some members of his family.

      Maple Grove Cemetery is situated about 100 rods west of Townshend village on the north side of the road leading from said village to West Townshend, and contains about one acre of land.  It was given for a burial ground by Zatter Butterfield. A Mrs. Brown who died in 1812 was the first body buried in the cemetery.  It was the only cemetery near the village until about the year 1862.  In the vicinity of 1880 Miss Lucy P. Tyler of Somerville, Mass., and a former resident of Townshend, started a fund, the income of which was to be used in caring for the graves and lots of the friends of the donors.  The fund has since been increased to $350.

      A substantial brick tomb was built at a cost of about $500, the old tombs removed, the wall rebuilt and other work done at a cost of about $300.  In 1890 there was $200 expended in grading the grounds with money that the late Daniel Read gave for the purpose.

      Oakwood Cemetery is located about 100 rods south of the westerly part of the village of Townshend.  The land was bought by the town in the year 1864, and contains about four acres including the old cemetery, which has been added to it.  At the time of purchase a portion of the grounds were laid out into lots, drives and walks; and on June 11, 1884, J.H. Phelps, S.D. Winslow, 2d, and Henry Salisbury were chosen by the town a committee to take charge of said cemetery.