James Carroll "Cal" and Mary Forrest "Sis" Dice Cutrell Family Pictures

Photos Submitted by Sue Cutrell Reynolds and Fran Cutrell Rutkovsky
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James Carroll "Cal" and Mary Forrest "Sis" Dice Cutrell
James Carroll "Cal" Cutrell (1862-1914), son of Phillip Cutrell and Mary
Ann Fiveash married Mary Forrest "Sis" Dice Cutrell (1861-1941), daughter
of John Henry "Tuck" Dice and Mary Handley. They had three children:
Leon Brockman Cutrell (1886-1972)
Sam Pierce Cutrell (1888-1916)
Henry Gilford Cutrell (1890-1955)

Pictured aslo on this website is a picture of John S. and Elizabeth Dice Cutrell
John was a brother of Phillip Cutrell mentioned above as father James Carroll Cutrell.

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Children Of Cal and Sis Cutrell
Left to Right: Sam, Leon and Henry

Note: There are 3 Cutrell cemeteries, one where John S. and Elizabeth Dice Cutrell are
buried another where Phillip and Mary Ann Fiveash are buried and last the Midgett G.
Cutrell cemetery all on Hiwassee Road. James Carroll and Mary Cutrell are buried in the
Cutrell cemetery where Phillip and Mary Ann Fiveash are buried. Phillip and John were
brothers and the sons of Midgett G. Cutrell and Fanny Swan. Midgett G. Bought the land
in Smith County about 1852.

Midget G. Cutrell
Midgett Cutrell's stone was found out behind a barn on the property they once owned on
Hiwassee Rd. It was broke into and we took it up to repair. As yet we have not repaired
the stone My aunt showed my sister where it was found, but what we are thinking about
doing is placing the marker in one of the other cemeteries. His wife was more than
likely buried there but no marker has been found.

The Cutrell Men
This photo we have and we can't name everyone in it. We call it the "Cutrell Men" Top left
is Phillip Cutrell, James Carroll Cutrell, (we think next is Midgett Gilford Cutrell),
unknown middle row; unknown, unknown, possible Ephraim Cutrell, unknow, unknown, unknown
Front row; unknown, John S. Cutrell, Alonzo Foster Cutrell, John Wilson Cutrell. Some of
these could possibly be Swan's. We are think it was made around the time Fanny Swan Cutrell
died, she being the wife of Midget G. Cutrell. If you can Identify anyone in this
photo please contact us at the address at the top of this page!

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