Smith Co. Family Photos

Smith County Family Photos

Photography As A Tool In Genealogy

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Jeremiah Edward Agee Sr.
Bible Pages Included

Jonathan W. Agee

Levi Agee

Rev. Horace Greely Agee

James T. and Talitha Cornwell Allen

James (Jimmy) Washington and Nancy Webb Allison

Jack and Gertye Amonett Family

John and Elnora Nesbitt Anderson

Minnie C [Redditt] Andrews

Herman Mack Apple and Daughters

John Ballou
A Old Letter

Leonidas W. (Lon) Ballou

Henry Clay and Mary Allen Compton Barry

Isham D. Beasley

Beasley Vault Cemetery
Isham D. Beasley Born in Smith County

Isham And Susan Day Beasley

Calvin And Susan Gregory Beasley

Clarkey Beasley

Henry And Alice Taylor Beasley Family

Dr John Johnson And Edith Sloan Beasley

Jesse and Nancy Dickerson Beasley Family

Jesse and Rachel Massey Beasley

George Douglas and Mattie Lenola Stewart Billings Family

Andrew C. and Margaret Shoemake Blair Family

Benjamin Jackson and Callie Donia Shoemake Blair Family

Callie Donia Shoemake Blair

Jacob (Jake) and Margaret Evelyn Hesson Boston

Peter (Pete) and Celestia Hazel Pettross Boston

The Boulton Family History

Nancy (Paty) Boze "5 Generations"

The Jack Bradford Family

The T. C. Bradford Family

The Brimm Family

Alexander Roscoe and Rosetta Shepherd Brooks Family
By Terri Dillehay

Alexander Roscoe and Rosetta Shepherd Brooks Family
By Patricia 'Patti' Lankford McNeal

Jackson and Martha Brooks

Seymour and Dora Smith Brooks Family

The Robert Bruce Family

William Brittle Burford

George Washington and Martha L. Burton

Martha L. Burton and Grandson

John Willis Bush and Estella Bush

Grandison Layton and Leroy Peyton Bush

The Butler Family

William Benton and Lucy S. Kemp Canter

George and Ada Salter Carpenter

Cassity Reunion 1936 & 1963

H. C. and Geraldine Gillespie Chaffin Family

John Thomas and Lula Boston Chaffin Family

Robert Lee & Dora Barton White Chaffin Family

Robert King (Bob) Chambers Family

Walter and Victoria Gregory Chambers Family

Children Of William and Ellen Chambers

Group Photo of the Clark, Fisher and Violett Familes

Bertha Lena Clark

Charley Morris Clark

Henry Blanton Clark

James Thomas Clark and Susan Fisher Clark Page 1

James Thomas Clark and Susan Fisher Clark Page 2 (Children)

Jonathan Bell Clark and Lurana Jane Ligon Clark

LeCompton Holford Clark Family

Lemuel Hardin Clark Family

Morris Brown and Nancy Hughes Ragland Clark

Samuel Jones Clark and Elzie Clestie Shannon Clark

Professor Seton Taylor Clark

Wilbur Armstrong Clark

Wiley and Elizabeth Paris Clark

Monsieur Cooper

Thomas Allen and Elizabeth Frances Piper Cothern

Thomas Moore and Margaret E. McDuffee Cothron

Nathan Burdine Cox

Allen and Mary Barker Craighead

Overton and Sarah Dillehay Craighead

Theoplis ("Taught") L. Craighead Family

Walter and Callie Kemp Craighead Family

Andrew Jackson and Sarah Elizabeth Duncan Searcy Crawford

James Wesley and Jennie Stewart Crawford Family

James Carroll "Cal" and Mary Forrest "Sis" Dice Cutrell Family

John And Elizabeth Dice Cutrell Family

Benjamin Merrill and Cassandra H. Taylor Davis

Denney Family Reunion

Brown Denney Family

James Elbert Denney

Timothy Denny/Denney Family

William Ira Denney

Descendents Of William Ira Denney

Dickerson - Porter Brothers Quartet

Audie Dickerson's Girl Party

James Samuel (Jim) And Matilda Anderson Dickerson

Children Of Jim And Matilda Dickerson

John Thomas And Laura Aldora Smith Dickerson

William David And Esther Sloan Dickerson Family

Barnett T. Dillehay and Family

Edward Ridley and Bertie Lee Collins Dillehay

Jerome (Rome) and Annie Chambers Dillehay

James Esker Dillehay

James Harvey Dillehay

Jesse James and Carryann Emmaline Dillehay

Nancy Goodner Dillehay

Willie Herbert and Lethie Anderson Dillehay Family

Susan Clark Douglas

Benson Driver Family

Will D. and Mattie (Brooks) Duke Family

Dr. James Americous and Francis Elizabeth (Perkins) Durham

George Earps and Son Earl Earps and Family

William Campbell Earps and related Families

Eliza Or Elizabeth Eastes

Major William Wallace Fergusson Family, c. 1890

Joseph Chapman Fisher

Narcissa Pendester Fisher
Also Known As Dexter or Dex

Benjamin Franklin and Laura Alice Cutrell Fiveash

Felix Ruby and Maude Price Franklin

Britton Landreth Gammon

Henry Allen and Louisa Linville Gammon

John H. and Martha Cornwell Gammon

James and Margaret Jane Henry Gillaspie

Harrison Lee and Martha B. Clark Glover

Thaddeus Green

Alexander and Susan Payne Gregory Family

Brice Martin and Martha (Mattie) Smith Gregory

Gregory Brothers and Cousins

Elston and Stanton Gregory

Henry Milton Gregory

Herschel and Mary Dickerson Gregory Family

James Johnson (J. J. or Jim Gid) Gregory Family

James Gregory Family
Son Of Tapley Gregory Of Smith County

Joanna (Annie) Elizabeth Dillehay Gregory

Joel L. Gregory
Follow Links to Photos of Abel J. Gregory

John G. and Eliza (Louisa) Willis Gregory Sons
Elias Enoch, Thomas Idle, Wiley Clemons and Ukley Porter Gregory

John Henry (Spud) Gregory

Mary (Polly) Ann Gregory and Family

Norman Cleo Gregory And Ancestors

Rebecca Kemp Gregory

Stephen Calvin Gregory

Thomas And Sallie Gregory

Thomas Jefferson (Pete) Gregory Family

Thomas R. and Quille Gregory Family

Katie Iona (Blankenship)and Son Carsie Lee Gregory

Wiley Clemons (Dock) Gregory and Family

William Isaac (Ike) and Lucinda Gregory Gregory

William Joseph "Bill Cat" Gregory Family

William Jesse (Jabe) and Martha Susan Shoulders Gregory

Americus "Mack" J and Mary Mahala "Halley" Kemp Grissom

William Stokes Gregory

Joseph C. Grisham Family

Three Gentlemen
William H. Hale, Jonathan Bell Clark and Enoch Fisher

Elijah A. (Lige) and Sarah Elizabeth Searcy Hackett Family

Elijah Leonard (Pony) Hackett

Hugh West and Blanch Sanderson Hackett

Hugh West And Myrtle Sanderson Hackett

Joe Hackett

Levi And Lizzie Kemp Hackett

Thomas Elijah (Jack) and Fannie Elnora Key Hackett

William Temple (Buck) And Mahala Jane Vance Hackett

John Hadley Family

John (Jackie) Hale

William H. Hale and Martha Ann E. Clark Hale

Albert and Willie Haley

Albert Francis Harris

Eddie Myers Harris

James H. (Jim) Harris

Robert Hastings and Anne Clark Hastings Page 1

Anne Clark Hastings Family Page 2

Jasper Newton Henry Family

Cecil and Tommy Highers

Henry Foster Highers Family

Jane Highers 1862-1892

John F. Highers and Son

Josiah T. and Ann Belk Highers

Simon Claiborne and Ella Frances Miller Highers

Asa Holland and Related Families

Mack Henry and Lillie Mai McCall Holleman

Thomas Jefferson & Sinia Ann Canter Holleman

Albert P. Hubbard Family

Samuel Woodson Hubbard

Wm. David and Eliza Harris Hubbard Family
Children Only

Almie Espie "Dona" Hughes

Robert A. James Family

Robert Barlett James Family

William Chesley Jenkins

William Wade Jenkins

George Washington "Red" Jenkins

Dr. William Henry Jolley

W. Benton and Mary Brim Jolley

Julia Jones Group

Asa Kemp Family

Bailey Peyton and Juda Granade Kemp

Birl Dixon Kemp Family

Burrell Franklin and Mary Ann Winkler Kemp

Caltha Sophronia West Kemp

Charles Lee Kemp Family

Harvey (Harry) and Jane Russell Kemp

Henry Bluford Kemp Family

Hubert Otis Kemp

James Riley and Eldora Sloan Kemp Family

John Morgan and Virgie Allen Kemp

Jonathan Kemp

Judith (Judy) Pankey Kemp

Lansford Kendred (Kenny) and Laura Gregory Kemp

Larkin and Ann McClain Sutton Kemp

Larkin Henderson Kemp Family

Larkin and Louisa Lankford Kemp Family

Leslie Burford Kemp Family

Mary Zetta Hackett - Kemp Family

Peyton Taylor and Bell Taylor Kemp

Rufus Jefferson And Susie Beasley Kemp

Uzzi Jefferson and Martha Evelyn Witt Kemp

William Layton Kemp Jr. Family

Wylie Kemp Reunion and Related Families

Thopholis and Martha Russell Kennedy

George Milton and Lucinda Jane Dickens Key

Henry Thomas (Bub) Key

James Marcus Key

Kirby, Meadows, and Monday Men on Umbrella Rock

Diogenes Ballou (Dodger) and Norman Buford Kittrell

Diogenes Ballou (Dodger) And Martha Kittrell

John Bell (Jack) and Julia Ballou Kittrell

William Edward Kittrell

Avery P. and Katherine Willis Knight

Elster M. Knight

John Riley Knight and wife Patie Jane Dallas
And Other Related Family Pictures

Miles Brice Knight Family
No Descriptions

Ridley Clay Knight

Wade Sanders Knight

Mike Lancaster and Beulah Prichard and Cleora Lancaster

Sidney Lankford, Wife And Half Sister

Wade and Permelia Dillehay Lankford Family Gathering
Easter Sunday March 27, 1921

Wade Hamilton Lankford 4 Generations

Lankford Brothers Sons Of Wade Lankford

William Addison and Octavia Sircy Lankford

Jesse "Babe" And Sarah Elizabeth (Kittrell) Law

Luther Asbury and Fannie Bettie (Durham) Law

Thomas Prowell and Mary Hammock Baines Ligon

Walter Clarence and Benjamin J. McCaleb
Views From The Battle Front

Alexander McCall

Arris Thomas (Tom) and Octavia Searcy McCall

Charlie Jay and Mollie Lee Duke McCall

Hugh Lawson & Polly Ann Kemp McCall

Dr. John McCall

Maury McCall

Maryann & Sarah McCall

Rachael Mary Elizabeth King McCall Family

Robert McCall

William (Bill) Grant and Callie Gaines McCall

William Martin McCall

Robert Shelton McClellan Family

Robert Shelton McClellan
Views From The Battle Front

Thomas (Tom) Jefferson McClellan Family

John and Martha Washington Glover McDonald

George and Mary Matilda Ligon Manning

William Martin

Bailey Peyton Massey Family

Bailey Peyton Massey Veteran

Nathan Burdine Massey

William Alvie and Mary (Haggard) Massey Children

William Zolliecoffer Massey Family

Johnny Wilson Merryman 1876-1945

James David Miller and Lucy B. Kemp Family

George Lee and Eliza Seymore (Gregory) Mince

William Mince/Mintz

Byrum Griffith and Margaret "Lizzie" Elizabeth Austin Mitchell Family

Captain George C. Moore

Billy Moore Family

Mattie Moore and Annie Lee Goodall

Thomas Albert Morris and Mary Ann Gill Morris

John Maxwell and Martha Hackett Nesbitt

Marion Wilburn (Pete) and Lottie Angel Nesbitt

William Nixon Family

Tom and Abbie Belcher Noah

William A. Nunley

Fleming Frances and Tennie Alice Grissom/Grisham Overstreet

John and Martha Frances "Fannie" Green Overstreet Family

Miles Parker Family

Wiliam Paris Family

Samuel Fulton Patterson Family

Charlie Casper Payne Family

Henry Jefferson Perkins Family

Joseph Banks And Martha Jane Perkins

Nancy Susan Gregory Perkins

Swan T. Perry

Thomas Mitchell Perry

Sidney (Sid) Stanton and Satiary Adavilla Knight Pettross

Henderson B. Petty

Robert E. and Minnie Estelle Shoulders Petty

Howard Eugene Piper Family

Hudson Ellis "Huts" Porter Family

Robert M. And Neily Orange Preston

Frances E. Miller Slade Price

Dr. John Beverly Ragland

Dr. William Hardin Ragland Jr.

Elder C. E. Ramsey

C. E. Ramsey Baptism

Daniel and Mary Rideout Rittenberry

Williamson Samuel Roark

John Calvin Roberts

Ada "Eddie" Roberson

Samuel Peyton Rose Family

David and Marina Olivia Sexton Rowland

Calvert Porter (Cobb) Russell and Sons

James Allen Russell and Family

Thomas Jefferson and Mary Susan (West) Sampson

Joseph Allen Sanderson Family

Thomas David and Mary Wilkinson Sanderson

Thomas and Sallie Ann Shelton Children

T. T. (Tom) and Mary Mitchell Shepherd

Sidney Shoemake

Shoulders Family Reunion
Decendents Of Malachi Shoulders 2001

Brice Shoulders Family

James Shoulders Family

James William Shoulders and Darthuley Florence Mitchell Shoulders Family

Peter Shoulders Family

Richard Shoulders Family

Samuel Shoulders Family

Walter Shoulders

William Ira and Roxianne Gregory Shoulders

Pleasant Franklin Shrum

George "Benton" and Maggie (Pope) Silcox Family

George Richard Silcox and Related Families

George Washington and Mary (Pulley) Searcy/Sircy Family

James S. and Martha F. Jones Searcy/Sircy Family

Jasper D. Searcy/Sircy Families

Jincey Jane Sircy Family

Mary Elizabeth Burton Sircy

Wesley G. Sircy Family

Willis and Sophronnia Young Searcy/Sircy

Elisha Brockett and Elizabeth Goad Sloan Family

Alfred Bailey and Agnes Lee Nesbitt Smith Family

Charles Franklin Smith

Stites W. and Lula Ann Hacket Smith

Thomas J. Smith and Wife

Wade Taylor And Susan Missouri Smith

William "Hairy Bill" Smith

William Taylor Smith

Joseph William and Mary Eveline Kemp Steverson/Stephenson

Levi H. Squires

Wiley Jefferson and Frances Ethel "Fannie" Clark Swinney

William Elisha Sykes Family

Ben and Mary Gregory Towns

Emma Tunstall

John and Matilda Harper Gordon Vanderpool

The Violett Sisters

James and Susie Violett

The Wade Family

James William Wade

Thomas Marion and Pherbia Armpster (Armp) Highers Warman

Andy and Aunt Bet West Family

Charlie "Haden" and Tabitha E. "Dixie" West

Miles "Doc" West

Nannie Tennie Wester

Virgil (Gad) and Ellen Dee Gregory Whitley

Charlie Alexander and Mary Shrum Wilburn

Woodrow and Helen (Gregory) Wilburn

Robert Henry "Bob" And Martha Downs Williams

James Claridy And Millicent Sutton Williams

John Clardy Williams

Alfred Winkler

Ellen Hughes Pope Woodard and Sons

Emmaline Sircy Woodard

Henry Douglas Woodard

Henry Jeff Woodard Family

Henry Lester and Cleora Lancaster Woodard Family

Herman Haskel and Mary Lillie Sircy Woodard

James Washington Woodard Family

Joseph and Louisa Davis Woodard

John Henry and Jane Woodard Woodard

John Lee Woodard Photo and a Poem by Rick Woodard

Marion and Aunt Dem Hackett Woodard and Children

Milt and Mary Hawks Woodard

Brack Allen and Ada Belle Beasley Woods

Dr Lewis Vance Young and Family

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