John And Elizabeth Dice Cutrell Family Pictures

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John and Elizabeth Dice Cutrell Family
This photo of members of the John and Elizabeth Dice Cutrell family of the Hiwassee area of Smith Co. Tennessee.
Shown in photo are Laura Alice Cutrell Fiveash (wife of B.F.Fiveash); Nannie Dice; Wilmoth Cutrell; Alonza Foster
Cutrell; John Nickles Cutrell; Mary Lucy Adeline Lane; Virginia North; Silas Ewin Cutrell; Epaphroditus Cutrell.
Photos of the Cutrell family cemetery can be seen on this website:

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Laura Alice Cutrell Fiveash and Silas Ewin Cutrell (siblings) moved to La Junta, Colorado circa 1900 and both are buried
there in the Fairview Cemetery. Silas got a job hauling sand from a pit near his house with a wagon and mule. When
they got motor carts to haul sand Silas bought the barn used for the animals and converted it into a brick home.
There were no stairs inside the house to the upper level. The boys slept up upstairs and the girls and rest of
family slept downstairs. There was a dumb waiter in one of the rooms to send items to the upper floor.

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John was the brother of Phillip Cutrell and a picture of James Cutrell son of Philip can be seen on this website:

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Silas, Mary, Homer and Lena in Tennessee

Silas Cutrell Home in La Junta Colorado

Alonzo Foster Cutrell Family
Major Sandris Cutrell, Katherine Spain wife of Alonzo, Hershal Claborn Cutrell , Leven Louis Cutrell,
Front Row: Alonzo Foster Cutrell, Myra Agatha Cutrell, Abbie Elnora Cutrell.
Alonzo and Katherine along with several of these children are buried in
Cedar Grove Cemetery- Lebanon-Wilson County, Tennessee.

Tombstone of Silas and Mary Cutrell
The Tombstone of Silas and Mary Cutrell in Fairview Cemetery- Colorado

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