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Prince Albert, Saskatchewan GenWeb Project - Lookups

Dear Prince Albert and Area Gen Web Community,
Visit our new digital abode at, where we embark on a renewed journey. In this labor of love, our dedicated volunteers document the stories of one room schoolhouses, sacred cemetery grounds, historical maps, and vanishing placenames. It's a testament to our commitment to preserving the essence of our shared past.

We're excited to share that, with the support of our Patreon community (, we've secured a new domain and web hosting provider. This ensures the uninterrupted flow of information for years to come. Your involvement is crucial in growing our Patreon community, allowing us to persist in this meaningful endeavor.

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The Prince Albert and Area Gen Web Project Volunteer Team



Lookup volunteers

If anyone is willing to volunteer their services, please send your details via the Submit Lookup form.


As the Carrot Flows
As the Carrot Flows: A Story Told (I see there is someone already offers to lookup this one, but hey the more the merrier)

 Our Courageous Pioneers
Our Courageous Pioneers : History of Gronlid and Surrounding Districts of Argus, Athol, Edenbridge, Freedom, Maryville, Murphy Creek, Sandhill Creek, Taelman, Taras, Teddington.

 My family were in the Brooksby/Maryville area from 1902 until about 1940 before they all headed east to Ontario. I have extended family out in the area still. 

Contact Stephen Cureatz



Pathways to Pathlow
Local history book published in 1983 covering these areas: Pathlow #1 and #2, Percieville, Sacriston, Harriville, Willowdale, Flett's Springs and Shannon View

Publisher: Pathlow History Book
Pathlow, Saskatchewan, Canada S0K 3B0
First Printing, 1983

I would be happy to look-up your family surname (first and LAST) in this reference. Articles in this book are "family submitted" and only as reliable as the people who contributed to it. Please provide as much detail as you can, as there are multiple family members with individual articles.

E-mail me your request with the words Pathways to Pathlow Look-up in the subject line.
I will reply as promptly as I can.

Contact Kimberley Harris Walters


Dorintosh: Memories of Yesteryear
Contains some 200 families from the Dorintosh area

Contact Larry McKay


A Season Or So...
A history of the people of Bjorkdale and surrounding districts (June 1983)

As the Carrot Flows. A Story Told
Covers Fairy Glen District - Clapton, Carrot River(not the town), Argus, Dover, Belgrave.

Memoirs We Treasure. North Star, Lund and Pine Bluff (1981)
This area is situated in the Brockington area and south, about 20 miles north of Melfort and a few miles northeast of Beatty.

Contact Karen McKeith


Birch Hills - the people and the history
(Harperview, Coolidge, and Heatherdell)

Memories We Share
(North of Birch Hills)

Reflections On The Past

Memories We Share
A history of the School Districts of New England, Winton, and Fisher.
Area covered is north of Birch Hills.

Contact Eunice Groves


Bridging the Years
A history of Nipawin and District

Under Northern Lights
A history of Codette and district

Candle Lake History Book

Chips off the Block
A history of Aylsham and District

Pioneer Ways to Modern Days
A history of Carrot River and district

Contact Doreen / Dennis Lang
Note: only available to do lookups from May 1 to Oct. 15.


Bridging the Years
A history of Nipawin and District

Under Northern Lights
A history of Codette and district

Search for Yesteryears
A history of Newfield School and the districts of Lost River, Elkhorn, Little Bridge, Murphy Creek, and Teddington

Contact Stacey Starkell


Cordwood Days to Modern Ways
History of Carragana, Chelan, High Tor, Porcupine Plain, Somme and Weekes 1914 to 1967

Contact Mary Read


From the Hill to the Border (1981)
Published by: Hearts Hill Historical Society

Contact Suzanne Stewart


Gleanings along the Way
A history of Naicam, Lac Vert, and surrounding districts (1980)

Contact Dianne Rabchak


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