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Land Records


Department of the Interior Homestead files

These federal records from before 1930 are at the Saskatoon Offices of the Saskatchewan Archives. Microfilm versions are held by the Regina office.

Or you can look at the Western Land Grants (1870 - 1930) (formerly called Dominion Land Grants) web page for records dating from around 1870 to 1930. You can search by Section, Township, Range, and Meridian or by Name or by Keywords. You need to have a map showing the Townships and Ranges to locate the properties in question.


Section, Township, Range

Don't know what Section, Township, and Range are? This web page from Manitoba gives a good explanation.


Department of Agriculture Grant and Homestead files

These files dating after 1930 are also held by the Saskatoon Offices.


Land Titles

Information on land titles can be obtained from the District Land Title Office. Certified copies of titles can be obtained from this office as well.

Prince Albert Land Titles
63 - 12th St. East, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan S6V 1B3
Phone: 306 953-3600
Fax: 306 953-2226


Patents for grants and later transactions

These can be found at one of the Land Titles office. There is an office in the Prince Albert court house. Want to get a general idea of what the forms in the land patent process looked like? Check out this page.


Determining topographic map numbers, UTM grid, and latitude and longitude coordinates

The problem with the Dominion Land Grants is that they give only Section, Township, and Range information. There is a web site which will convert the Section, Township, and Range for you here.

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