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Blended Heritage

Community histories of Ada, Alada, Baldwinton, Bluebell, Cairnsview, Dufferin, East Bank, Happyland, Irene, Langemarch, Madawaska, Mount Ethel, Ruth, Seagram, Thule, Vance, Wasteena, Wilbert, Winter, RM of Round Valley #410

Mary Read

Fond Recollections

Rabbit Lake, Mullingar, Meeting Lake, Armadale, Misterton

Alan Porter

Prairie Tapestry: A Superb Story

Superb, Patrick, Somme, Kintail, Nichol, Ethmuir, Ruby Lake

Alan Porter

Chain of Memories

Leipzig & Cavell

Stan Hingston

The Landis Record

Landis District Memories

Sue Fitzgerald

Notes and Half Notes

Handel & District

Stan Hingston

Portrait of a Community

Kelfield and District

Stan Hingston

Portrait of a Community

Kelfield and District

Alan Porter

Memories and Milestones

Springwater: Caputh SD, Grassdale SD, Stapleton SD, Whiteshore SD

Alan Porter

Prairie Wool and Pussy Willows; Covering the Rural Municipality of North Battleford No. 437.

This 545 page book contains the history of pioneers who settled in the old school districts of Forest Hall, Highworth, Metropole, Mount Hope, Ranger and Whitewood Lake in the early 1900's. Place Names of Brada, Denholm, North Battleford

Bernice Field

Out of the Past

1905-6 to 1980: Villages of Senlac and Rutland, and School Districts Abbey Wood, Airedale, Canadian, Cotswold, Long Lake, Penile (RM 411)

Jim Whittome

Bresaylor: Between The Battle and the North Sask. Rivers

The Bresaylor Settlement: hamlet of Bresaylor, Bresaylor S.D. #111, Battle Bank S.D. #3125,Arbor Hill S.D. #3270 and Federal S.D. #4048.

Wallace Gregson

A Harvest of Memories

Two History Books of Biggar: Oban, Neola, Avalon, Elwell, Monarch, Louvain, Kensmith, Twin Hill, Fairmount, Vanceview,Gagenville, Curths Hill, Castlewood, Whiteshore, Wilson Lake


The Wilsons of Denholm-1841: Pioneer Families of the Upper Gatineau

Written by Alexa Pritchard and Mary Wilson which includes the family lineage of the Wilsons and Smiths who eventually settled all over Saskatchewan . Birth, death and marriage dates only with some articles.

Sharon Peters

From the Hill to the Border

Published by the Hearts Hill Historical Society in 1981 [RM Hearts Hill #352 Place Names: Cactus Lake, Cosine)

Suzanne Stewart


Memoirs of Hillsburgh

RM #289 - D'Arcy, Brock & Netherhill

Warren Sadler

Oxen to Oil: Diamond Memories

History of RM of Oakdale #320 and includes Algoma, Ashford, Avoca, Beaufield, Bonn, Ermine, Buffalo Coulee, Coleville, Driver, Elm Point, Eureka, Gleneath, Hopedale, McKellar, St.Florence, Somme, Teo Lake, and Warwick School Districts)

Valerie and Mae Diebel

Golden Memories of Alticane, Mayfair, Mullingar, Redfield, Whitkow Districts

Published by the Mayfair History Book Committee, 1986 & Printed by Turner-Warwick Printers, North Battleford, Saskatchewan. 673 pages with INDEX. Rural Municipalities of: Meeting Lake #466, 467, 437, 436 and 435. Ranges 10, 11, 12 and 13

Terrance Jestin
Look up no longer available


Pioneer History of the Stang Kinship in Russia and in Canada

Written by Michael W. Stang

Kelly Mitchell

Big Manitou Country 1905-1980 II

History of the district around Big Manitou Lake and the village of Marsden, Neilburg, Point Lake, Roland View, Sherlock Lake, Stanmore, Wells and Yonker.

Mary Read

Grassland to Grainland 1982

History of the Adanac, Phippen, Queenston, Crooked Valley, Local Centre, Cleavering and Tako.

Mary Read

Luseland Hubs & Spokes 1 & 2

Luseland, Sk

Marion Sims

Turtleford area

Beaverbrooke, Cleeves, Turtle Grove, Warnock, Clayville, Handsworth, Vimy Ridge, West Hazel, Hillhead



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