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Battleford Regional Genealogy GenWeb
Battleford Regional Genealogy GenWeb
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The Map that you see above you shows the names and location of each of the Rural Municipalities for which you may find research tools and resources on the Battleford GenWeb site defined by this Region.

The table on the left had side contains a list of the communities and Places located in Rural Municipalities each having a number, serviced by the Battleford GenWeb site. If you do not find your community name in the list you may want to check out the Other Places List which has quick links to the appropriate Saskatchewan GenWeb site wich is responsible for providing research tools and resources for your location.

Battleford Rural Municipalities and Place Names
RM Number RM Name Community
318 MOUNTAIN VIEW Herschel
319 WINSLOW Dodsland
319 WINSLOW Plenty
320 OAKDALE Coleville
347 BIGGAR Biggar
347 BIGGAR Springwater
347 BIGGAR Duperow
347 BIGGAR Big Rose Colony
349 GRANDVIEW Handel
349 GRANDVIEW Kerfield
349 GRANDVIEW Ruthilda
350 MARIPOSA Tramping Lake
350 MARIPOSA Broadacres
351 PROGRESS Kerrobert
351 PROGRESS Luseland
352 HEART'S HILL Cactus Lake
377 GLENSIDE Baljennie
377 GLENSIDE Crane Creek
377 GLENSIDE Lizard Water
377 GLENSIDE Spinney Hill
379 REFORD Landis
379 REFORD Leipzig
379 REFORD Wolfe
381 GRASS LAKE Reward
381 GRASS LAKE Salvador
381 GRASS LAKE Sunny Glenn
382 EYE HILL Denzil
382 EYE HILL Evesham
382 EYE HILL Macklin
382 EYE HILL Primate
382 EYE HILL Gros Werder
382 EYE HILL Cosine
409 BUFFALO Wilkie
411 SENLAC Senlac
411 SENLAC Rutland
438 BATTLE RIVER Battleford
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As we delve into preserving and commemorating the vibrant history of Battleford and its environs, your participation is crucial. Whether you hold memories of historical maps, one-room schoolhouses, cemetery headstones, transcriptions, yearbooks, directories, or historical letters, your input significantly enhances understanding for fellow seekers exploring their family tree and histories. Join us on this exciting journey!

Warm regards, The Battleford and Area Gen Web Project Volunteer Team

An era is coming to an end at the end of 2023. This site was generously Hosted by and now has migrated to and the new domain is

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An era came to an end at the end of 2023 and the Battleford Gen Web has moved to a new domain at This site was generously Hosted by and now has migrated to