Harlan Battalion - L.Farmer Letter
Harlan County Battalion
Letter of Leonard Farmer©

Also with the Harlan County Battalion
papers at the Boone Research Library
was this letter and list:
Harlan Court House
Harlan Co Kentucky
May 23rd 1865
W H Hays Esq- Inspector General of Kentucky
Frankfort Kentucky

Dear Sir, Your orders requesting the recruiting of a company for State Service came duly to hand, I have complied with Order No. 3 has recruited 45 militia for State Service which is hoped will be immediately called into active service.

We have not had a Circuit Court here in this county for three years, the courthouse has been burnt by Gurillas the Jail destroyed and bad men has controlled the county or near so. The Gurillas has nearly laid waste to the county by pilaging Plundering & Robbing who are now in small squads say from ten to twenty together who when times axe suitable raids through the County and takes what suits their wicked purposes These Gurillas axe all well armed and men of the worst character and the Civil Authorities cannot apprehend them The Sheriff axe unable to serve process or arrest the Gurillas and cannot in a greater portion of the county collect the State Revenue

Harlan County is mountainous bordering some ninety miles on to the Virginia line and can be raided by bands of men from Lee County Va at any time they choose When these robbers makes raids they take arms, clothing, bacon &c and where they find a man that bitterly opposes them they burn their house furniture and leave the women and children without clothing or beds to sleep upon The hardship that we have endured has been greate, old men thats gray headed takes their blankets and lays in the mountain to avoid assassinated by these bands of robbers

If you immediately call this company into active Service it will enable the Circuit Court to be held and in a short time I think the laws can be inforced by the Civil Authorities.

This company will enable the Sheriff to collect the taxes on Liquors that has been made in this county for the last two years

If this quantity thus recruited are unable to restore law and order I will as soon as possible recruit a full company according to orders

I will suggest to you J K Bailey Clerk of the Harlan Circuit Court or Luke Jones Esq as well qualified to muster us into the service

I inclose to you the names of the recruited men which will show the number recruited together with their ages I hope to hear from you soon Respectfully your obedient servant

(Signature of Leonard Farmer, copied from document-facsimile)

Note: To date we have discovered nothing further about State Guard service in Harlan County immediately following the end of the War.

The list of men (name,age) recruited by Leonard Farmer
for the service of the State of Kentucky:
Martin Smith, 18
James Farmer, 32
John Jones, 32
Hugh H Smith, 44
Albert Ball, 19
Ivans Ball, 22
William S Ball, 29
Hugh Ervin, 39
Russell Carter, 22
M L Pope, 18
Nathan Pope, 23
John Crider, 22
Henry Hensley, 22
G W Hensley, 24
Lewis Hensley, 22
Wilson Hensley, 31
H Phillips, 25
James Hensley, 18
Malin Ervin, 23
John Noe, 22
Martin Sergent, 24
G W Crider, 45
A Crider, 23
Joseph Blanton, 38
David Noe, 19
William Blanton, 19
Calvin Fee, 19
George Howard, 19
Calvin Howard, 17
Critenden Howard, 19
Benj Howard, 18
Albert Coldiron, 19
Wilkerson Hensley, 19
Hiram Blanton, 18
James Fields, 20
Albert Farmer, 22
Hiram Fee, 21
Wm Shackleford, 29
Nathan Shackleford, 18
Lewis Harris, 29
Speed Jones, 45
Preston Harris, 44
Hezekiah Jennings, 56
Lewis Farmer, 18
Jackson Blanton, 24

The original of this article including the Daily Reports, the Voucher List and the
complete Rosters was originally published in Volume I of Harlan Footprints

Also at this site:
the Daily Reports of the Harlan County Battalion, an
alphabetical listing of the extant vouchers
and a copy of the voucher to Thomas Creech.
from the Harlan County Battalion file at the Military Museum

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