Harlan County Battalion - Roster
Harlan County Battalion - ROSTER©

Benjamin F. Blankenship- Major Elijah B. Hale- Assist Surg
William Dixon- Quartermaster Abner Lewis- Serg Major
(Hale served 15 Nov 1862 to 13 Jan 1863
Lewis served 13 Oct 1862 to 9 Dec 1862)

Some individuals appear more than once on the rosters particularly if they were promoted from private. Major Blankenship went on to serve in the 47th Kentucky Volunteer Mounted Infantry as a Captain in Company H and many of the others went on to serve in Union outfits particularly Companies F & H of the 47th and in the 49th. The Harlan County Battalion was on active duty from 13 Oct 1862 to 13 Jan 1863 and detachments were on duty up to Feb 28th. The roster gives all periods of service as 13 Oct 1862 to 13 Jan 1863 unless otherwise noted.

Company A
Company B
Company C
Company D
Company E
Company F
Company G

We have not been able to find individual records on service in the Harlan Battalion at the Federal and State level. Most of these soldiers went on to serve in Federal Union Army units and have records for that service only. If anyone finds any mention of service in the Harlan Battalion in individual records we would very much appreciate hearing about it. Of special interest would be to know who the individuals were who are mentioned as dying or wounded in Major Blankenship's Report.

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The original of this article including the Daily Reports, the Voucher List and the
complete Rosters was originally published in Volume I of Harlan Footprints.

Also at this site:
the Daily Reports of the Harlan County Battalion, an
alphabetical listing of the extant vouchers
a copy of the voucher to Thomas Creech
from the Harlan County Battalion file at the Military Museum
and the Leonard Farmer letter & militia list. Note: scans of the copies of the remaining vouchers in the voucher list are being made and uploaded to this site.

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