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The specific amounts of foodstuffs, etc, have been deleted from the list for space reasons. Nearly all the vouchers are on the same form as the one to Thomas Creech shown on this site. Many had only the year for a date.

NOTE: The images for each of the vouchers have been added to the site. These are scans of photocopies obtained in 1983 from the Kentucky Military History Museum, 125 East Main Street, Frankfort, Kentucky.

Bennet BAILEY image use of 1 horse 7 days & 1 horse 21 days for transporting arms & clothing Dec 28th
John BAILEY Sr image pork & bushels of meal Dec 24th
Henry BARKER image 2 head of beef less the value of the 2 hides Nov 20th
Wiley BELCHER image bacon Mar 1st
Joseph BLANTON image neat & salted pork, corn meal & bacon Jan 29th
Hezekiah BRANSON image damage to land & destruction of timber &c Mar 21st
Nimrod BRANSON image 2 horses 7 days each for transporting arms & clothing Dec 28th
Carlo B BRITTAIN image gross pork Dec 4th
Henry BROWN image corn, rations, meal, rations for 1 horse, hay Jan 3rd
Isaac CALAHAN image porkDec 23rd
John CHAPEL image beef, corn, potatoes, hay, rations & bacon1862
Ailey CLAY image castings1863
William CORNETTE image side of leather & 2 still tubs(?)Oct 29th
Henry B CREECH image pine planks, castings, corn, soap, making 1 sackNov 1
Thomas CREECH image corn, fodder, cured beef, diets and 2 gallons of Brandy by order of the major for tired soldiers 1862
A B CULTON Capt image expenses from camp to Frankfort & back 197 miles (stagefare was $4 and the railroad fare was $2.20) 1862
Joseph DAY image pork & salt Nov 25
William DIXON image salt and
iron, plank & other bills paid to E WILSON, John ASHER, B ASHER, John LUCAS& W MINIARD
Oct 15th and in Feb
" "
image for bill of Capt HUFF & self at John CHAPELS, stage & car transportation, bill of Capt HUFF & self at Frankfort, transportation back to battalion, bill of MORGAN & PIERCE, James BOGGS keeping horses at Richmond, John BROCKMAN $1.50, Julius ROBERSON $1.50, Henry SMITH $1 and John CHAPEL $1 Jan 25th
" "
image damage done by encamping on land and destroying rails &c (damage assessed by Joseph & Alexander CREECH) Mar 21st
William FARMER image rations for 16 men Dec 24th
Hiram FEE image corn Feb 22
Felix G GILBERT image bacon, corn, irish potatoes, hay & iron Nov 16th
" "
image corn, bacon & hay Dec 18th
" "
image bacon, corn & fodder Jan 1st
H G GILBERT image corn, rations, hay & pork Dec 18th and Jan 2nd & 4th
Haywood GILBERT image corn meal & bacon Mar 9th
William GROSS image corn meal & bacon Apr 10th
John HALCOMB image pork Jan 19th
Wm HALEY by Hiram S POWELL image for the use of three 4 horse teams & wagons for nine days each 1862
Ramsey T HAYS image bushels of mealDec 20th
Elisha HELTON image baconMar 2nd
Shadric HELTON image corn & baconJan 21st
Andrew HOWARD image corn,hay,rations for 6 men,corn meal & baconFeb 20th
James HOWARD image corn meal & bacon
& bacon,neet pork & corn
Feb 18th
Mar 1st
John HOWARD image bacon
& bacon & corn
Mar 4th
Mar 12th
John J HOWARD image salted pork, bacon, dried beef, corn meal Jan 27th
Elizabeth LEWIS image corn, rations, molasses, 1 side of leather, beef, hay
and for feeding 1 wounded soldier for 22 days
James J LEWIS image leather, corn & beef Dec 6th, 31st & Jan 3rd
John LEWIS image bacon & porkJan 2nd
Rebeca LEWIS image boards
& use of a horse 7 days
Oct 14th and Dec 30th
Wilson LEWIS image shoe leather, castings & hayFeb 10th
John LUCAS image bacon & porkJan 2nd
Whit MOODY image for the use of 1 four horse wagon & team three days hauling arms from Lexington to Kingston1862
Levi MUNCY image rations for 23 men & cornJan 3rd
Benjamin F NOE image bacon & cornMar 15th
James M NOLEN image corn & $5 for damage done by camping on land and for burning railsDec 15th
Elias OSBORN image rationsDec 23rd
Joshua C PERKINS image pork, meal & rationsDec 24th & 28th
Barton POTTER image bacon & porkJan 2nd
Ambrose POWELL Capt image for extra expenses to Richmond & back 147 miles1862
H S POWELL image for cash paid Adams Express Co for freight on 15 boxes containing 100 guns & accoutrementsDec 12th
Hiram S POWELL image for the use of 3 four horse teams & wagons, 2 days each hauling clothes from Lexington to Manchester
image for expenses on the road from home to Frankfort and back 197 miles and at Frankfort ... includes feed for horses, 3 telegraph dispatches, 27 lbs of rope, 3 reams of paper, one gross of pens, 32 holders & 1 doz bottles of ink1862
John REYNOLDS image corn, bacon, hay & rationsMar 7th
Elisha ROBERTSON image 3 bushels of cornDec 24th
Julius ROBERTSON image pork, beef, corn, fodder & cabbageNov 18th
Blackwill SAMS image 300 lbs of groce porkDec 28th
Joseph SAYLOR image neat pork & cornJan 31st
Solomon C SAYLOR image baconMar 12th
Andrew SERGEANT image use of one 4 horse wagon & team for hauling arms & ammunition, 18 days, and use of one 2 horse wagon & team for sameNov
" "
image use of one 4 horse wagon & team hauling ammunition & arms 26 daysDec
" "
image corn meal, candles, rations, salt and for bedding for sick manJan 2nd
David SERGEANT image fodder
Mar 13th
Mar 23rd
Elias SMITH image one horse in transporting arms & clothing for 21 days from Manchester in Clay Co to camp in Harlan CoDec 28th
George W SMITH image rationsDec 24th
John E SMITH image beef, corn, side of leather, rations for 35 men 1 dayOct 28 & 29
Noble SMITH image corn & rationsDec 26th
James SPURLOCK image rationsDec 23rd
Ira STAMPER image 16 days work in blacksmith shop in Dec, 8 days in Jan and paid on "detached duty" for Jan 21st
Elisabeth TURNER image groce pork & neat porkMar 15th
James TURNER image corn & baconMar 18th
Simeon WILSON image groce porkMar 4th
James WHITE image baconNov 18th
& Dec 17th

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