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From the Steps to the Prairies

Let's talk German Russian

Mennonite Stories of Faith

Pioneers and Their Sons

Plain Folk- North Dakota's Ethnic History

The Plough and the Pen

Himmler's Auxiliaries

Three Reviews of Georg Aberle

The Store Keeper's Daughter

Mennonite Food Ways

Kolyma: The Artic Death Camps   

Black Sea Germans in the Dakotas   

The Last Bridge & A Distant Promise: A New Beginning

The Story of the Volga Germans


Marieberg: Fate of a Village

* Note:  Edna Boardman has given me permission to publish book reviews that have appeared on a German Russian Listserv. 

Below, you'll find several exceptional book reviews.

From the GRHC site:

May I invite you to review new pages that have been added to the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection at "New Pages" section:

"The German-Russians - Part I - America Gained When Germans Fled Russia" by Harold D. Hamil, former editor of "Farmland News", 1972.

"The German-Russians - Part III - Lesson for Others in their Hard-Work

Heritage" by Harold D. Hamil, by former editor of "Farmland News", 1972.

"The Cathedral of the Plains", by David Dary, "Kansas City Star", Star Sunday Magazine, 1972.