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I was born in Hillsview.....my dad's name was Ernest Berreth and he was a teacher in the
school there....also my uncle Oliver Nelson (later he lived in Aberdeen and worked in a
furniture store....nick named...Happy Nelson and just died a few months ago) We moved to
Hosmer when I was 1 year old....my mother's name was Kiesz.....then on to Groton, SD where
I went to school for 12 years....then off to college at the U of SD and on to the army and Miami, FL
where I have spent most of my adult life.  I am looking for others who are researching the Berreth and Keisz names.  

Duane Berreth 11/00 dberreth@worldnet.att.net

Looking for any info on or descendants of Ralph F. and Henry C. Sutherland of Koto Twp. They both appear on the 1890 census of Veterans and Ralph appears on the 1900 census. Looking for death dates and burials and any other info. Also, can anyone tell me who the old village of Sutherland was named for?

Thanks Robert Sutherland-Wedding. RSuthWed1@aol.com

April 1999

I am (have been for nearly 15 years) searching for an obituary for Regina Opp who (according to family legend) died at Long Lake in 1903) Can you tell me where I might find such an Obit? Her husband was Johann Friedrich Opp (but he died in Russia before Regina came over in

about 1885)....probably lived with her son Daniel F. Opp and wife Magdalena...

I am looking for the grave of Regina Opp who died at Long Lake, South Dakota in 1903 (according to family records).

 Thanks, Coleen Mielke at coleen@mtaonline.net

May 1999

William C. Miller was born in 1922 to Anthony and Christine (Fischer) Miller in Wetonka. He grew up and attended school in this area. He married Dorothy Herman in Aberdeen, they had two sons and three daughters. I am looking for anyone researching the Miller/Herman family, I am willing to exchange or share information. I have the obituary for him if anyone is interested.

Thanks, Kelly Mitchell kmitchell@rocketmail.com

October 1999 

More Information about "Odessa" on the Pixel Server by Marty McMahon

If you haven't visited the library recently, please do. Roger has made several changes and additions. You can always visit the "changes" list at

 http://pixel.cs.vt.edu/library/newstuff for the latest updates. One thing worth mentioning is the AHSGR and GRHS sections on the main library page. These areas now include all the unique submittals related to the two organizations. Many new extractions are currently being prepared for posting so keep checking back.

Of particular interest is the final posting of the St. Petersburg Microfilm Birth indexes. These files have been extracted and input computer files over the last 3 years by Reuben Drefs and his volunteers on the Bessarabian Extraction Project. This posting follows the posting of the complete marriage indexes. The Death extractions are in process and we look forward to making these available in the future.

Pixel (or more correctly the Odessa Digital Library) is a data source on the internet. It can be reached using a Web Browser at: <http://pixel.cs.vt.edu/library/odessa.html>

It contains in excess of 110 megabytes of data on Germans from Russia. This equates to in excess of 750 books/files. This data has been extracted, assembled, scanned and made available by many GER-RUS researchers for the use of all of us. The H-O-H is an extraction done by Dale Lee Wahl of the Bessarabian church records. It is a list of all the Heads of Households found in those films. Many Many other resources are available on line within the library. Many of the St. Petersburg films have been extracted, a project is in work to extract the Bessarabian Church records and part of them are already available. Several "Jubilee" books for towns in North and South Dakota are available on line. Lots of info that every GER-RUS should take a look at and hopefully support by assisting in the donation of data.

Most of the extraction files are only indexes of films with enough information to hopefully let you confirm your person is the right one. They are NOT full extractions!!!!! Once you find an entry to looks right, you need to go to the LDS film referenced for confirmation and to get the rest of the information available on the film.

Also as with all extracted data there will be errors. We try to make sure they are a minimum, but we all know how hard it is to read the handwritten script on these films, so look closely at all spellings and don't take the data as gospel. If it looks close, I'd recommend you get the film and confirm the data. Of course my experience says the same is true for all extractions and indexes I've run into including the Census indexes.

This effort is not directly affiliated with any group but works closely with GRHS and AHSGR and much of the data came from those organizations. It was established by and is maintained by a group calling themselves the Odessa group that wanted to establish a resource for all GER-RUS folks. The Server is provided by Dr. Roger Ehrich at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg Virginia.

Hope this explains what the "Pixel" or Odessa Library is. There is more information about it's founding and how to use it within the first page of the site.

                                                                                                     This page last updated :  10/29/05