This Photo Library is from various sources that I've been able to locate. The intent is to remember what McPherson County has been. Additions from your collection would be appreciated. Remember that these photos are large files and may require greater time to download than in normal for text type files.

Photo - Sod House in McPherson County  


South Dakota Map with Counties Identified

 Eureka SD Photos

Birds Eye View - Eureka

Partial View - Eureka

Eureka Bank

Eureka Bazaar

Hospital - Eureka

Lutheran Home (formerly a College) - Eureka ..demolished in October 2000

Main Street - Eureka

Market Street - Eureka

July 4, 1919 - Eureka 

July 4, 1919 - Eureka (2nd photo)  

Eureka SD Depot about 1911

Replaced Eureka Depot as taken in 1981

Market Street -Eureka (dirt street)

Market Street, Eureka SD

The Old Lutheran Church in Eureka  



Wetonka SD Photos

Wetonka,  SD Main Street

Wetonka Photo as of July 2000

Leola SD Photos

Court House 1900- Leola

Court House 1950- Leola

Court House 1999- Leola

Main Street South - Leola

Main Street North - Leola

Sherman Street - Leola

Lutheran Church - Leola 

Catholic Church in Leola SD



Blizzard of 1951- McPherson County

Blizzard of 1966 - McPherson County

Tornado of 1968 -McPherson County


natural disasters

Toronado 1968 - McPherson Co.


high school reunion photos

Eureka H.S. Class of 68 - 30 year Reunion

Eureka H.S. Class of 48 - 51 year Reunion

Eureka H.S. Class of 49 - 50 year Reunion

Eureka H.S. Class of 50 - 49 year Reunion


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