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My Grandmother


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Cook Family


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Webb Family


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Stapleton Family


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Crockett Family


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King Family


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Hall Family


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Adams Cemetery   


Conley/Cole  Cemetery


Mershon Cemetery


Family in Military


Guest Book

                                     Foregone Folk

   This page and the ones which follow are

a humble attempt to pay homage to those

who went before us.  It is only for their

strong will and sacrifice that we are where

 we are today.  Miners, railroaders,

preachers, lawmen, outlaws...  name it

and they lived it. Some of the surnames

you will encounter include but are not

limited to: Cook, Harrison, Flannary,

Webb, King, Harris, Harrison, Owens,

Cheek, Jenkins, Blanton, Hall,

 Sturgill, Howard, Shepherd, Salyer,

Stapleton, Crockett, Stafford, Walker,

Meade.  Much gratitude and love for each

 and everyone of them.


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                                                   Hugs and Smiles      





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