Not gold but only men can make

Not gold but only men can make, a people great and strong

Men who for truth and honor's safe, stand fast and suffer long

Excerpt from "A Nation's Strength" by Ralph Waldo Emerson

  Lundy Hall was born the youngest son of America Cook and Andrew Jackson "Jack" Hall.  He lost the sight in his right eye as a young child while running across a field, falling, and  a stubble of weed struck his eye.  He was raised by his older sister, Rosa, after his mother's death.  According to Rosa, he insisted in joining the military after his nephews joined and went to serve in WWII.  He was first rejected by the Army due to his blindness but persisted and was finally accepted and served as an MP in the States.








































Joseph Harold Estep is the older son of Anna Howard and Luther Harold Estep.


lundyarmy.jpg (93509 bytes)


Lundy Hall. s/o Andrew Jackson "Jack" Hall

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Oscar Hopkins, s/o Rosa Bell Hall

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Raymond Hopkins, s/o Rosa Bell Hall



Willie Hopkins, s/o Rosa Bell Hall

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Melvin Hall, s/o Challie Hall

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Linzie Hall, s/o Andrew Jackson "Jack" Hall

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Georgie Hall, s/o Lee J. Hall


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Joseph Harold Estep, s/o Anna Belle Howard

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Farrell Francis Ashley, Jr., s/o Emma Hall

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Russell Clayton Cremeans, s/o Pauline Hall

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Norman Hall, Jr., s/o Norman Hall