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rosalacey.jpg (24126 bytes) (L) Rosa Bell Hall Hopkins Howard, daughter of Andrew Jackson "Jack" Hall and America "Merky" Cook.  (R) Lacy Hill, son of  John P.  Hill. The picture was taken circa 1918.  Her handwritten inscription on the back  relates to her friend Della Tackett that he is her "old sweetheart".


I have been doing genealogy research for the past ten or so years in an attempt to preserve family history for my descendants and to satisfy a longing to know more about those who went before us.  When I started I had a very small compilation of names from my grandmother, Rosa Hall Hopkins Howard, and a few sketchy,  folksy stories she could remember about her days as a young girl.  With rheumy eyes, she would gaze into the distance and recall the heart wrenching story of a little family torn apart by the wanton act of another, a young woman losing the love of her life and her precious child at the tender age of twenty three; stories of the loss of three little sisters whose laughter was stilled by "the fever", of a colorful character of a mother who carried a derringer in her bosom and a stiletto knife in her shoe-top and kept as her companion a snow white poodle adorned with red bows, who "quit" her husband and returned to her beloved Kentucky to live until her death at the age of forty four.  Armed with the artillary she had given me, I set out in search of these elusive folk...  some whose names had changed after a scrape with the law and most likely hid when the census takers or "revenue-ers" came to call.  Nevertheless, the names have increased greatly, I have met inlaws and outlaws, alike; and the faces in the old pictures have taken on names and personalities. 

Anyone who shares this passion for the past is well aware of the many hours spent writing letters in hope of a response, poring over index cards at the local courthouses and health departments, straining diligently to make out the names on census reports stored on microfilm at the public libraries, feelings of frustration when the pieces of the puzzle just do not seem to fit....   but they also understand the feeling of joy and swelling of emotion when they are able for the first time to view a picture of their great great grandfather, who until this time had only been a name in a story from a beautiful 92 year old woman's memory.  Many thanks must be given for the wonderful people who are willing to share with "cousins" the knowledge, folklore, photographs and other bits they have gathered through the years.

With that said....     I will try here to share what I have learned and hope to continue to learn.  The search is never ending, it is a beautiful saga that continues to unfold and this one is dedicated to my grandmother, Rosie.

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Rosa Hall Hopkins Howard and her first husband, Norman Hopkins, son of Smith Winfield Hopkins and Mary Ellen Wright.  Picture was taken circa 1920.  He was killed when struck by a plane in 1927.




(L) Oscar Hopkins, Sr., (C) Glenn Hopkins, (R) Rosa Bell Hall Hopkins Howard.  The picture was taken circa 1923.   Glenn was killed along with his father, Norman Hopkins, in 1927 when the wagon they were riding on was struck by an airplane operated by pilot Pat Love.




Front: Jerry Hopkins, son of Estil Hopkins and Gretchen Marie Vest. Back (L) Raymond Hopkins, (C) Rosa Hall Hopkins Howard, (R) Willie "Bill" Hopkins.  Raymond and Bill are the two younger sons of Norman Hopkins and Rosa.




Rosa Hall Hopkins Howard, daughter of America "Merky" Cook and Andrew Jackson "Jack" Hall.








Rosa Hall Hopkins Howard, daughter of America "Merky" Cook and Andrew Jackson "Jack" Hall.  Taken at age 89.



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