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Index to Gilbert Cope's Collection of Family Data
The original records at the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania
were microfilmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah in 1966.
Also partially indexed in the manuscript card catalog
of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania

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ADAMSON Where Does Rebecca Fit In?

Adamson Ancestry - by Jerry Adamson
Adamson Facts & Places, Cemetery Photo Album, Research Data, Old Letters, Old Photos, Mailing List, Much More!

ALLEN Jerry Richmond's Quaker Collection
Who Were Sarah's Parents Anyway?

JTRs Colorful Families


Ballenger Family of Katie Bond

BARRETT Loretta Baughan's Quaker Ancestors

Cheska's Beals Family - by Cheska Wheatley

Beals Family of Katie Bond

The Beals Family by Bill Putnam

Descendants of John Beals - by John Beals

JTRs Colorful Families

Jean Leeper's Beals Family

A Genealogical Record of The Beals Family from 1660 to the Present Time Written in 1910 by Jacob Beals

Jacob, Son of Thomas Beals or his Brother John? JTR's research conclusions

Climbing Jacob's Ladder (looking for a Jacob Beals?)

Thomas Beals, First Friends Minister in Ohio by Harlow Lindley, other notes by JTR

The Family of John & Margaret (Hunt) Beals including John's near death experience!

BEESON Gail Harvey Budda's Beeson Family Homepage

Early Platte Map of Union Twp., Fayette Co., PA

Charles Pugh & Ruth Beeson

Beeson Family of Katie Bond

BLACKBURN The Official Blackburn Genealogy Home Page

JTRs Colorful Families: Blackburn

BLAIR Elizabeth Harris's Blair Family
BOGUE Jean Leeper's Bogue: From Scotland to America
BONSALL Ruby McNeill's Bonsall Ancestors
BOONE Ancestors and Descendants of The Boone Family

Family of Jacob Borton by Katie Bond


The Bowater Family by Bill Putnam

BRANSON Branson's Close Call

JTRs Colorful Families: Branson

Pat Patterson's Genealogy Page


The Brazelton Family by Bill Putnam

BROWN Cheska's Brown Family - by Cheska Wheatley
BUNDY Descendants of Jonathan Bundy
CANADAY The Canaday Family by Bill Putnam
CHILDREY Agnes Childrey: A Child of the Wrightsborough, GA Quaker Colony Captured by Indians
CLAYTON Beware of Erroneous Research by Cheska Wheatley

Cheska's Clayton Family - by Cheska Wheatley

Clayton Family of Katie Bond

The Clayton Family by Bill Putnam

COATE Loretta Baughan's Quaker Ancestors

Coates Digital Archive

COFFIN Gleanings from the Coffin Family Tree

Tristram Coffyn (1609-1681) The Immigrant

Levi Coffin House (Underground Railroad)

Coffin Family of Katie Bond

Reminiscences of Levi Coffin

COPPOCK Loretta Baughan's Quaker Ancestors

Gary Hawley's Site

A Genealogy On the Coppock & Coate Families by Wm. Mendenhall

COX Jerry Richmond's Quaker Collection

Descendants of Abel Cox

The Cox Connection


Descendants of Robert Day


The Dillon Family by Bill Putnam

DIXON The Descendants of Thomas & Phebe Dixon Rubottom by Danene Brown Vincent
DOUGHTY Flushing Freedom Trail: Charles Doughty's Kingsland House
DRAPER Jean Leeper's Draper Family
DYER Mary Dyer, Quaker martyr
EBERLY Eberly Ties to Cane Creek by Barbara Eberly

The Edge Family by Bill Putnam

ENGLISH Elizabeth Harris's English Family
EVANS Donna Woodard's Evans Family
FAWCETT JTRs Colorful Families
FOX George Fox - Autobiography

George Fox - Travels in North Carolina & Virginia

GARDNER Memoirs of the Life & Religious Labors of Sunderland P.
GEORGE George Family Some Called Quaker
GRAY Elizabeth Harris's Gray Family
GRUBB Gail Harvey Budda's Descendants of John Grubb

The Family of John Grubb by Katie Bond

HADLEY Descendants of Simon Hadley

Jerry Richmond's Quaker Collection

The Hadley Association

HALLOWELL Jean Leeper's Family of John Hallowell of Darby, PA.
HARLAN The Harlan Family In America

Harrold and Related Roots On-Line Database

HARVEY Kathy Johnston's Quaker Families
HAWORTH Haworth Net

The Haworth Family by Bill Putnam


The Henley Family Genealogy

HIATT Jean Leeper's Hiatt Family

Jerry Richmond's Quaker Collection

HIBBS Loretta Baughan's Quaker Ancestors

Hicksons of Wrightsborough of Dan Stubbs

HINSHAW The Hinshaw Family Association

Jerry Richmond's Quaker Collection

Hinshaw Family of Katie Bond

HOBSON Jerry Richmond's Quaker Collection
Jean Leeper's Hodson: From Eng to PA to NC to IA
HOGGATT Ruth's Genealogy Page

Jerry Richmond's Quaker Collection

HORNER JTRs Colorful Families
HUFF The Journey of Daniel Huff 1806 trip journal
HUGHES The Hughes Family in America,1698-1998 by Dan Hughes

The Hunt List

Hunt Family of Katie Bond

HUSSEY Kathy Johnston's Quaker Families
JACKSON Marriage Certificate of Jacob Jackson & Ann Beals
JESSUP The Jo Martin Family Home Page: Thomas Jessop and his descendants were very active in the Quaker church in Perquimans Co. NC, New Garden, Guilford Co., NC and at The Westfield Friends in Surry Co., NC.
JOB Anne Jobe's Andrew Job
JONES Jerry Richmond's Quaker Collection
LADD Misty Ladd Flannigan's Ladd Digging Ground
LAMAR Elizabeth Harris's Lamar Family

Lamb Family of Katie Bond


Cheska's Lanckford Family - by Cheska Wheatley

LOUDER Eleen's GenSearch (Louder/Lowder Letter)
McGREW JTRs Colorful Families

Which Mary did James McGrew Marry?

McPHERSON Loretta Baughan's Quaker Ancestors
MACY Autobiography of William Macy (1786-1869) includes Journey to Lost Creek
MADDOCK The Southern Quakers Descendants of Josef Maddock
MARIS Maris Genealogy Home Page
MARSHALL Jerry Richmond's Quaker Collection
MARTINDALE Donna Endicott's Martindale Family
MAXWELL Jean Leeper's Maxwell: From Ireland to NC to IA
MENDENHALL Mendenhall Family Association

Jean Leeper's Mendenhall (Mildenhall): From England to America

Wally Garchow's Mendenhalls

MICHENER Michener: Servants in the William Penn Household
MIFFLIN Mifflin Family Archives
MILLIKAN Elizabeth Harris's Millikan Family
MOON Kathy Johnston's Quaker Families

Moon Family in America

MOORE Descendants of Richard Moore of Wrightsborough
NEWBY Jean Leeper's Newby Family

Quaker O'Nealls and Friends Genealogical Web Site, by John and Siv O'Neall

OSBORN Reminiscences of Aunt Sade Montgomery
PEELE Horace B. Peele's First Peelle Family in America
PEGG Families Descended From Daniel Pegg
PEMBERTON Loretta Baughan's Quaker Ancestors
PENN William Penn: Visionary Proprietor, by Tuomi J. Forrest
PENNINGTON Pennington Research Association
PERKINS Paul Redden's Perkin Page
PRICE The Journey of Benjamin Price 1799 trip journal

Charles Pugh & Ruth Beeson

PYLE Loretta Baughan's Quaker Ancestors
RICKS The Descendants of Jonas Ricks
RATCLIFF The Ratcliff Family
Jean Leeper's Roberds From Wales to PA to SC to IA
RUBOTTOM Rubottom & Allied Families by Danene Brown Vincent

The Sanders Family Assoc. of the South


The Scarborough Family by Bill Putnam

SEAMAN Descendants of Capt. John Seaman, Long Island
SMITH Elizabeth Harris's Smith Family

Michael Smith's Smith, Coon and Gardner Family Tree


Starbuck Family of Katie Bond


The Stanfield Family


National Stanley Family Society

STUART Jennifer's Fulton, Stuart, Burling & Kilcoyne Genealogy
STUBBS Henry Stubbs of Lake Minnetonka
SWAYZE Bettie Holme's Living Family Tree
THORNBROUGH Thornburg Page by Dave Thornburgh

The Thornburg Family by Bill Putnam

Family of Rowland Thornbrough by Katie Bond

TOMLINSON Elizabeth Harris's Tomlinson Family
TREADWAY Ancestors of Dan Treadway by Dan Treadway
TRUEBLOOD Trueblood: From Shoreditch, Middlesex, England to NC
WHINNERY The Whinnery Research Network
WHITSON Henry Whitson and his Descendants by Jim Kuethe
WOOLMAN The Journal of John Woolman

Ruby McNeill's Woolman Ancestors

Family of William Woolman by Katie Bond

WORRELL Ruby McNeill's Worrell Ancestors
WRIGHT Kathy Johnston's Quaker Families

Ruby McNeill's Wright Ancestors

Wright Tidbits | Indiana Wrights

John Myer's Research Center for Irish John Wright of Castleshane, Ireland


Yarnall-Yarnell Home Page


Zelley Family Tree

Zelley Family Tree as compiled by Jack Bowman and from research obtained and verified largely from Nelean S. Meadows, genealogist, with assistance of many Zelley family members throughout the United States.

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