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Beals family researchers have long wondered about the identity of the parents of Sarah Antrim, wife of Thomas Beals. Because of the excellent research done by Opal M. Lousin of Northbrook, Illinois, we have solid evidence that Sarah’s name was Ancram or Ankrum, rather than Antrim. She was the daughter of Richard and Mary (Ashman) Ancram of Prince Georges Co. and Charles Co., Maryland.

The following timeline contains information taken from a letter written in 1998 by Opal M. Lousin to the editors of the National Genealogical Society. A copy of this letter is available for viewing at Earlham College in Indiana, USA. Thanks to K. Hatchett for copying this letter and sharing it with us. The letter was scanned in and OCRd, so I’d suggest you take a look at the original letter and documents if you have the opportunity to verify the contents. One problem I can see is that Mary (Ashman/Ancram) Matthews was 55 years old according to the year of her birth when she had her last child, Margaret Matthews.


1. Richard ASHMAN ( - 1698) & Anne --- ( - 1717)

2. Mary ASHMAN (3 Aug 1685 - ) & Richard ANCRAM ( - 1726/1729)

3. Sarah ANCRAM (About 1724 - 6 Jul 1813) & Thomas BEALS (14 Mar 1719 - 29 Aug 1801)

4. Jacob BALES* (28 Oct 1768 - 12 Feb 1853) & Rebecca ADAMSON (About 1780 - About 1843)

5. Anna Jane BALES* (1815 - After 1870) & Andrew TODD (About 1806/1807 - Aug 1848)

6. Thomas TODD (28 Mar 1845 - 30 Sep 1938) & Mary Elizabeth "Polly" RIPPEE (18 Jun 1846 - 24 May 1910)

7. James Harrison TODD* (13 Jan 1870 - 7 May 1946) & Mary Evaline "Eva" YEISLEY (12 Nov 1873 - 1 May 1944)

8. William "Elbert" TODD (20 Oct 1899 - 27 Apr 1971) & Ethyle Zola MARAH (2 Apr 1903 - 1 Oct 1995)

9. Donald Truman TODD (31 Aug 1924 - 14 Nov 1954) & LaVonne Arlene LACKORE

10. Joanne Louise TODD

    29 Jun 1680 - daughter Elizabeth born to Richard and Anne Ashman, lived at the head of the Wicomico River, Maryland

    4 Feb 1682 - son Richard born to Richard and Anne Ashman, lived at the head of the Wicomico River, Maryland

    1683/84 - son John born to Richard and Anne Ashman, lived at the head of the Wicomico River, Maryland

    3 Aug 1685 - daughter Mary born to Richard and Anne Ashman, lived at the head of the Wicomico River, Maryland

    1 Oct 1687 - son Standish born to Richard and Anne Ashman, lived at the head of the Wicomico River, Maryland

    12 Jun 1691 - son Edward Hardy born to Richard and Anne Ashman, lived at the head of the Wicomico River

    6 Jul 1695 - son William born to Oliver and Elizabeth Matthews of Newcastle Co., Delaware.

    11 May 1698 - will of Richard Ashman of Charles Co., Maryland

    20 Jun 1698 - will of Richard Ashman was probated in Charles Co., Maryland. To son Richard a part of a tract called "Promise", to son John half of Baker’s Addition, to daughter Mary half of tract called "Baker’s Addition", to Standish residue of tract called "Promise", to Edward Hardy was given "Ashman Parche".

    abt 1701 - Anne Ashman married Capt. Henry Hardy, the magistrate who had witnessed the will of Richard Ashman.

    28 Sep 1714 - will of Henry Hardy of Charles Co., Maryland

    29 Jul 1715 - Richard and Mary Anchoram conveyed Baker’s Addition containing 50 acres to Mary’s brother, John Ashman, who sold parcel to John Blee for 2,500 pounds tobacco.

    29 Sep 1716 - will of Henry Hardy was probated in Charles Co., Maryland. He left Hardy's Purchase to his daughter Ann and specified she was to be brought up in the Protestant religion. He mentioned his kinsman Henry, son of George Hardy of Loughboro, Leicester Co., brother George, and an unnamed residuary legatee in Britain. The inventory record named Richard Ashman, the younger, as next of kin and Hardy's wife Anne as executrix.

    17 Apr 1717 - will of William Forster conveyed 150 acres called "St. Edmonds" at the head of Portabacco Creek to his widow, Ann. He had inherited this parcel from previous wife Dorothy. Will was probated on 25 May 1717 and the inventory was made 24 Jun 1717.

    10 Oct 1717 - will of Ann Forster, widow of William Forster.

    13 Dec 1717 - will of Ann Forster was probated. 150 acres called "St. Edmonds" on Portabacco Creek was left to her son John Ashman and to her daughter, Mary, wife of Richard Ankrum. She gave her son Richard Ashman the services of Englishwoman, Charity Thompson, for the next two years of her term. Also mentioned were her daughter Ann Ollover, James Penny and the children of Mary Ankrum; and her three sons. John Ashman, Richard Ashman and Richard Ankrum were named as executors.

    22 Feb 1723 - Richard Anchoram was bound to John Ashman to abide by division made of part of a tract called St. Edmonds which had been left to John Ashman and Mary Anchoram (sic) in their mother’s will.

    24 Nov 1726 - conveyance of division of part of a tract called St. Edmonds was completed between Richard Anchoram and John Ashman.

    1729/30 - daughter Elizabeth born to William and Mary (Ashman/Ancram) Matthews in Stafford Co., Virginia.

    1732 - son William Jr. born to William and Mary (Ashman/Ancram) Matthews in Stafford Co., Virginia.

    28 Sep 1733 - William and Mary Matthews moved to Prince Georges Co., Maryland and sold a 50-acre tract of land in Stafford Co., Virginia called Stor Plantation to John and Anne Ashman. John was Mary's brother.

    1734 - daughter Mary born to William and Mary (Ashman/Ancram) Matthews at Monocacy, Prince Georges Co., Virginia.

    1734-35 - William and Mary (Ashman/Ancram) Matthews Sr. became active in the Quaker Church.

    25 Mar 1734 - William Matthews Sr. leased part of a 200-acre farm from Charles Carroll Esq. Of Baltimore. This farm "Carrollton" was located between Monocacy Village and the Potomac River.

    20d, 9m, 1739 - will of William Matthews Sr. in Prince Georges Co., Maryland bequeaths to his daughter-in-law Sarah Ancram a gray mare and a "ewe commonly called hers." The others mentioned included his daughter Elizabeth, his son William, his daughter Mary, his daughter Hannah and the child "his wife is big with" (Margaret). The balance of the estate was left to his "loving wife Mary."

    2d, 2m, 1740 - daughter Margaret born to William and Mary (Ashman) Matthews

    12d, 9m, 1741 - Sarah Ancram and Thomas Beals, both of Prince Georges Co., Maryland, were married at Cold Springs Mtg., Monocacy, Prince Georges Co., Maryland, marriage was recorded at the Hopewell Meeting in Virginia. Witnesses included Oliver Matthews, Thomas Matthews, Francis Henley, Amos Jenny, Evan Thomas. John Wright, Mary Matthews, Sarah Beales, Elizabeth Matthews, Hannah Ballinger, Susanna Moon, Mary Tannyhill.

    1790 - will of William Matthews Jr, son of William and Mary (Ashman) Ankrum Matthews, made in York Co., Pennsylvania. He left 10 pounds to "sister Sarah Bails, wife of Thomas Beals.

    6 Jul 1813 - Sarah (Ancram) BEALS dies in Fairfield, Highland Co., Ohio.

SOURCES used by Opal Lousin to document her research were as follows:


1. Richard Ashman, Charles Co., Maryland, CR 49, 151-i, A2, p. 207-210

2. Ann Forster, Charles Co., Maryland, AB 3 pp. 122-123 CR 49, 151-2

3. William Matthews, Sr., Prince Georges Co., Maryland. - Baldwin Wills Will 20 day 9th mo. 1739, pr. 9d May 1740

4. William Matthews, Jr., York Co., Pennsylvania, Will 20th day 12th mo. 1790 pr. May 25, 1792


1. Early Charles Co., Maryland Settlers 1658-1745 by Marlene Strawser Bates and F. Edward Wright, pub. 1995

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7. Pioneers of Old Monocacy by Tracey & Dern, pub. 1989

8. Shenandoah Valley Pioneers by Cantmell, pub. 1963


1. Film M560 - Maryland State Archives - William Matthews letterbook

2. Marriage record information from Lora Merz, Berwyn, PA

3. Many personal notes of Anna Gardinier, deceased

4. Friends Miscellany, Vol. II 2nd edition - Quaker Miscellaneous


If you have access to any of the following records (or anything else concerning these early families), please copy and send to: Opal M. Lousin, Apt. 730, 2625 Techny Road, Northbrook, IL 60062-5962. Please do NOT write to Opal for research help, she has contributed plenty already. You can also e-mail Karmenn Hatchett or Joanne Rabun with any late-breaking developments in this research and it will post it here.

The following records should be searched for using various spellings of name Ancram:

1. MARRIAGE RECORDS of Richard Ancram and Mary Ashman.

2. MARYLAND RECORDS of births of Mary and Richard Ancram’s children before 1717 (death of mother Ann Forster), and to which should show Sarah's birth record, when family possibly to Stafford Co., VA.

3. BIRTH RECORD & PARENTS of Richard Ancram using various spellings, Maryland or Virginia.

4. DEATH RECORD of Richard Ancram, possibly in Stafford Co. 1726-1729, file lost?

5. WILL of Richard Ancram.

6. MARRIAGE RECORDS of Mary (Ashman) Ancram and William Matthews about 1739, possibly in Stafford Co., VA.

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