Quaker-Roots Quaker Marriage Certificate Jacob Jackson & Ann Beals
Quaker Marriage Certificate
of Jacob Jackson & Ann Beals

Contributed to The Quaker Corner by Robert F. Hill

WHEREAS, Jacob Jackson, son of Samuel and Catherine Jackson, of the County of Surry, and the province of North Carolina; and Ann Beals, daughter of Bowater and Sarah Beals, of the County and province aforesaid, having declared their intentions of Marriage before several of the Monthly Meetings of the people called Quakers, at New-Garden whose proceedings therein (having consent of Parents and Relations concerned) were allowed of by the said meetings -

NOW, these are to certify whom it may concern, that for the full accomplishment of their intentions, this Tenth day of the Eight month in the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and seventy four, they, the said Jacob Jackson and Ann Beals, appeared in a public assembly of the said People, and others met together, at their usual Meeting-House at Toms Creek, in the County of Surry aforesaid, and the said Jacob Jackson, taking the said Ann Beals by the Hand, did in a solemn manner openly declare that he took her to be his Wife, promising to be unto her a loving and faithful Husband, until Death should separate them. And then and there in the said Assembly, the said Ann Beals did in like manner Declare that she took the said Jacob Jackson to be her Husband, promising to be unto him a loving and faithful Wife untill Death should separate them, or words to that effect. AND MOREOVER the said Jacob Jackson and Ann Beals, she according to the custom of marriage assuming the name of her Husband, as a further confirmation thereof, did then and there to these presents set their hands. - - -

Jacob Jackson
Ann Jackson

And we whose names are thereunder subscribed, being amongst others present, at the solemnizaton of their marriage and superscription in manner aforesaid, as witnesses thereto, have hereunto set our hands, the day and year above written.

Thomas Jessop Amos Henley Joseph Hiett Samuel Jackson
Thomas Jessop Uriah Carson Ann Jessop Bowater Beals Juner
Moorman Ballard Curtis Jackson (Suzannah) Hiett Ths. Beals
David Ballard Thomas Sumner Elizabeth Beals Sarah Beals
John Bryant Henry Worley Hannah Hiett Catherine Jackson
Daniel Beals Richard Jones Ann Hiett Sarah Beals
Samuel Bond Jamima Jones Ruth Worley Ruth Beals
John Burris Mary Jessop Ester Burris
Caleb Jessop Hannah Hiett Phebe Sumner
Jacob Jessop Lydia Bryant
John Hiett

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