Letters, Catawba
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Some Catawba Letters
Native American Catawba Nation
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Letters Received, Box 4, S.C. Archives (Folder 27)
Jim Patterson on April 24 & May 5th, 1877
Letters to the Governor, regarding Indian Agent for the
Catawba Nation, listing several Catawba Nation representives.

      To His Excellency, Gov. Wade Hampton, Columbia, S.C.
     We the undersigned Catawba Indians having implicit confidence 
     in and a high regard for the integrity of Mr. William White 
     of Rock Hill, York County, S.C., would respectfully pray your
     Excellency would appoint him as our Agent.
     Fort Mill, S.C.
     April 24, 1877
     Names: -- 
     Peter Harris, 
     James Patterson, 
     Billy George, 
     Taylor George, 
     Billy Harris, 
     George Canty, 
     Epp Harris, 
     John Scott, 
     Little John Scott, 
     Tom Stephens, 
     Wesley Harris, 
     John Gandy,
     James Harris, 
     Tom Harris, 
     Jim Watts; 
     each name followed by "his + mark"; 
     the names in pencil, the main body of the letter in ink.

Letters Received, Box 4, S.C. Archives (Folder 37)

   To His Excellency, Wade Hampton, Governor of the State of South Carolina
   Your Petitioners, members of the tribe of Catawba Indians, located in 
   the Eastern portion of York county, respectfully request the removal 
   of their present agent, Mr. R. L. Crook, and that Mr. William Whyte 
   of Rock Hill, be appointed to the position in his stead - May 5th, 1877            
   A. Tims Chief
   Billy  his X mark George               George  his X mark  Canty
   Epp    his X mark Harris
   John   his X mark Scott
   John   his X mark Scott
   Taylor his X mark George
   Witness: James his X mark Patterson
   A. Tims     John  his X mark Gandy
   Jim Patterson on May 1, 1877

Wade Hampton Papers, Box 14,
Folder S, S.C. Archives
   "Catawba Nation, York County, South Carolina.
   To the Honorable Senate & House of Representatives, Columbia, S. C.
      We the undersigned Catawba Indians of York County do most 
   respectfully petition your Honorable Bodies to remove from 
   office, as Agent, R. L. Crook, Esquire, of Rock Hll, because 
   he has not treated us as we should have been treated: 
   2nd, Because he has not distributed our funds appropriated 
   by the state in a just and equitable manner.
      We further petition your Honarable Bodies to appoint as 
   our Agent William David White of Rock Hill, a man in whom 
  we have confidence, and who we believe to be our friend, and
  will act justly towards us.
      We have the honor to be most respectfully yours --
  Names                              Names
  Peter   (his X mark) Harris        John  (his X mark) Gandy
  James   (his X mark) Patterson     Jony  (his X mark) Wates     
  William (his X mark) George        Helen (her X mark)  Gorge*
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