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History of the Catawba Native Americans.
Extracted from: "A History of the Upper Country of South Carolina, Vol. II"
By John H. Logan... orig. Pub. 1910 & p14-17: Joseph Habersham, Historical Collections.
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History 1

Native Americans South Carolina
Extracted from: "The Indian Tribes of North America"
By John R. Swanton, Pub. 1920; This list the Native Americans, History; Place Names; Sub-divisions; in SOUTH CAROLINA.

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History 2

The Catawba Native Americans
Extracted from: "Myths of the Cherokees"
By James Mooney (1861-1921) Published by Governmental Printing Office Washington, DC. in 1900; pp 380-81

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History 3

Catawba Chief's in 1795
Extracted from: "Catawba, Native Americans"
by Jean W. STRINGHAM ([email protected]) Dated: Aug. 11, 1998 06:10:29 EDT;
Deed description of the 15 mile square Catawba Indian Reservation to James GREER of Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina (January 29th 1795) This Indenture made 17 Sept. 1788 By Catawba Nation, listing of tribe's head men.

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(Catawba) Briton GEORGE, Revolutionary War Records
Extracted from: "Catawba, Native Americans"
by Jean W. STRINGHAM ([email protected]) Dated: Aug. 11, 1998 06:10:29 EDT;
Briton GEORGE, b. c1742, at the Catawba Villiage, (present-day) Botetourt, Co., VA. served in Washington's Army for 7 years. (1st NC. Volunteers) married Sarah RIDEL, d/o King HAGNER (they had 8 Children born to this Union)

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B. George

Census Records

Extracted from: "Catawba, Native Americans"
by Jean W. STRINGHAM ([email protected]) Dated: Aug. 11, 1998 06:10:29 EDT;
1847 Census Dated: 29 Sep. 1847; The second census of The Catawba Indians giving the names of the people as follows.
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1847 Census

1854 Census In 1854, the 91 Catawbas in North and South Carolina (84 in South Carolina).

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1854 Census

1880 Census for Catawba Twp., York Co., South Carolina.

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1880 Census

1900 Census for South Carolina, York County, Indian Reservation (Enumeration District #100)

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1900 Census

Some Letters

Jim Patterson on April 24 & May 5th, 1877 Letters to the Governor, regarding Indian Agent for the Catawba Nation, listing several Catawba Nation representives.
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Fort Mill, SC.

Dated 01 Aug. 1900
Catawba Indians Will Be Remembered; Monument to Those Who Fought for the Confederacy; Dedicated at Fort Mill; Fifty Indians From Reservation Present; Speech by Ben Harris, Monument Town; Listine of Catawba Indians in the Civil War; Listing of 75 last of the Catawba Nation.
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Ft Mill, SC

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