Samuel,3 SARRATT, c1754-1821
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Samuel,3 SARRATT, c1754-1821 American Revolutionary Soldier

Fourth Generation!
1st s/o JOSEPH,3 & Mary (Unknown) SARRATT of Person Co., NC.
(1Gs/o  Samuel,1 & Anna (Unknown) SARRATT) of Prince George's Co., MD.
(2Gs/o  Joseph,1 & Katherine (Unknown) SARRAT)The American Progenitor
b. c1754 on the South Hyco Plantation, in what now is (Person Co.) 
then Caswell County, North Carolina; [Based on REF:#90 pg32] 
died 01 April 1821, age 66yrs, at Bedford Co, Tennessee; [REF:#90 pg146] 
Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me)
The County has honored him by placing his name, with
other patriots who fought in the Revolutionary War on a plaque in
the lobby of the Court House at Shelbyville, Tennessee; 
At the age of 38 yrs. he married on 24 May 1792, [REF:#90 pg32]
near the line of Person and Caswell Counties, North Carolina, 
by the Justice of the Peace JOHN WOMACK to  
21 years old Miss NANCY JOHNSTON;
(d/o M/M JOHNSTON Parents)
born about 1771, Location Unknown, NC.; 
(this is based on a 1852 application for SAMUEL, 3's pension which 
she swore she was 81 years old...prs) 
Is believed, that after the death of her husband, she relocated to 
Habenshame Co., GA., to live with her son 3rd Son SAMUEL G. SARRETT, 
until she died in Jan. 1853 in Habenshame County, Georgia; 
Burial: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me)
They had at least Four Sons born to this Union: [REF:#90 pg146]
 1 1st. Son:  Joseph M.,  b. 03 June 1793  Not Traced!  
 2 2nd. Son:  James M.  *1794-1876 a82y  m. c1818 1) NC. M. Polly POWELL,  15Ch.
       m. c1849 2) AR. Mary E. TIDWELL,   0Ch.
       m. *1869 3) TX. Ellen L. BONEY,   0Ch.
 3 3rd. Son:  Samuel G.  *1796-1880 a83y  m. *1831 GA. Sarah BROCK,   7Ch.
 4 4th. Son:  Hirman M.;  *1800-1850 a48y  m. c1820 TN. 1st Wife Unknown,   2Ch.
       m. *1829 GA. 2nd Millie STRATON,   1Ch.
SAMUEL, 3 SARRATT, at the age of 23 years, on 12 May 1777 enlisted as a Soldier in the Continental Line. He was in the 6th. North Carolina Regiment and was in SHEPPARD'S Regiment at Valley Forge (10th North Carolina) under the Command of Captain WILSON until it was reduced. Since these units were under the command of General FRANCIS NASH who was killed at Germantown, it is safe to assume SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT saw action at Brandywine as well as Germantown, Pennsylvania. This entire Army was under command of GEORGE WASHINGTON, and SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT endured the cold hungry winter at Valley Forge, along with GEORGE WASHINGTON, LAFAYETTE and others. SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT was taken Prisoner, before his term expired and remained a prisoner until the end of the War. It is possible he was captured, when the Colonists capitulated to the British at Charleston, S.C. in 1780 since the Regiments he named and the Commanders he identified were involved in that action.
See SAMUEL SARRETT: American Revolutionary Papers by Paul R. Sarrett
, for Continuation.
SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT, age 36, has been identified in the 1790 Census, for the Caswell Co., NC. and still living with his parents. [See: 1790 Census M-637, Reel 7, Pg. 2, F.G.]
On 06 Dec. 1790, the State of North Carolina awarded SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT 640 acres of land for his service during the American Revolutionary War, it reads as follows:
STATE of NORTH CAROLINA     No. 3726     Dec. 06 1790
The Honorable JAMES GLASGOW, Esq.,
Secretary of State, to
Colonel MARTIN ARMSTRONG, Greeting

You are hereby required to lay off and survey for Heirs of SAMUEL SERRET a private in the Line of this State, 640 acres of land within the limits of the land reserved by law for the Officers & Soldiers if the Continental Line of this State, observing the directions of the Act of Assembly, in such case made and provide for running out lands. Two just & fair plans thereof, with a Certificate to each annexed you are to transmit to my office within the time limited by law. Given under my hand at Fayetteville the 6th day of December, 1790. LS/ J. GLASGOW
Person Co., NC. was created in 1791, from the larger Caswell Co. The County Seat is Roxboro, NC. 27573. It ils located in the Northcentral part of the State. Bounded by: Halfax Co., Virginia on the North; Granville Co., NC on the East; Orange & Durham Co.'s on the South; with Caswell Co. on the West.
A record shows that SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT, age 38, married on the 24 May 1792, in what now is Person Co., NC. This wedding was officalated by Mr. JOHN WOMACK, J.P. to the 21 year old Miss NANCY JOHNSTON.
On June 27, 1796, in Person Co., NC. SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT, age 42 assigned his 640 acres over to a JOSEPH LEWISS, no record found that he ever filed a survey, or lived on this 640 acres. His brother JOHN, 2 SARRETT was one of the Witness. The following letter is on file in the Archives in Nashville, Tenn.
STATE of NORTH CAROLINA     June 27 1795

This may certify that I SAMUEL SARRATT of the said County and State: Do by these presents assign over to JOSEPH LEWISS all my right & Title to a land warrant to the amount of 640 acres of land which I am entitled to for my services as a Continental Soldier in the war with Britain, the warrant now being in the hands of Mr. WILLIAM DONALDSON of Cumberland, to lay for said LEWISS. Certified from under my hand and seal this 27 day of June 1796.
Witness JNO. SARRATT <----Samuel, 3 Brother
If you will be so good as to return the works in the name of JOSEPH LEWISS so that the grant may come out in his name, to the surveyor General.
No record has been found for SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT, age 46, in the 1800 Census for Person Co., NC. and no Census records availabe for East TN., but it is believed that SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT and family removed to Bedford Co., East Tennessee, prior to his fathers death in 1801, but after his youngest son HIRMAN/HOSEN SARRETT was born in Sep. 1800, no positive proof has been found, such as Tax Records or Land dealings to confirm this...prs
1800 Census, Bedford Co. TN. (None Available!)
 N/A  N/A Samuel   SARRATT  46 yrs  1754  NC  Farmer
   Wife: Nancy  (JOHNSTON) SARRATT  29 yrs  1771  NC  Keeping House
 1.  1stSon Joseph  M. SARRATT  07 yrs  1793  NC  Not Traced!
 2.  2ndSon James  M. SARRATT  06 yrs  1794  NC  m. 4 Times!
 3.  3rdSon Samuel  G. SARRATT  04 yrs  1796  NC  m. *1831 Sarah BROCK
 4.  4thSon Hirman  M. SARRATT  6/12  1800  NC  m. c1820 Millie Unknown
Samuel,3 SARRETT's Fathers Will & Testament - Dec. 1801
The language of his father JOSEPH, 3 SARRATT'S Will indicates his disappointment with 1st Son SAMUEL, 3 SARRATT, who was, believed to be in Bedford Co., Tennessee. A record shows, in Dec. 1801, father JOSEPH, 3 SARRETT, Will was proved in Person Co., NC. Court, at Roxboro, NC. and which he left SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT, only "10 Shillings". Father JOSEPH, 3 SARRATT, left all his remaining land (Some 211 acres), to his 3rd. son ELISHA SARRATT, he also said in his Will that in regard to the land that 1st. son SAMUEL, 3 SARRATT sold to his brother, 3rd. son ELISHA SARRATT a good deed, should be prepared for ELISHA SARRATT, because father JOSEPH, 3 SARRATT, had intended that land for 1st Son SAMUEL, 3 SARRATT originally. [No land record has been found, of Joseph, 3 Sarratt to his 1st. son Samuel, 3 Sarrett by this writer ..prs]
Samuel,3 SARRETT, a56y should be found in the :
1810 Census, Lincoln Co. TN. (None Available!)
 N/A  N/A Samuel   SARRATT  56 yrs  1754  NC  Farmer
   Wife: Nancy  (JOHNSTON) SARRATT  39 yrs  1771  NC  Keeping House
 1.  1stSon Joseph  M. SARRATT  17 yrs  1793  NC  Not Traced!
 2.  2ndSon James  M. SARRATT  16 yrs  1794  NC  m. 4 Times!
 3.  3rdSon Samuel  G. SARRATT  14 yrs  1796  NC  m. *1831 Sarah BROCK
 4.  4thSon Hirman  M. SARRATT  10 yrs  1800  NC  m. c1820 Millie Unknown
Samuel,3 SARRETT's Land Deed May 01. 1816
SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT, age 62, on 01 May 1816, shows the first Deed found in Lincoln County, TN. a County formed from the larger Bedford Co, TN. in 1809. The Deed was for 30 acres and the description indicate he already lived on 10 acres. [Note Spellin SERRET]
Lincoln Co., TN. was created in 1809 from the larger Bedford Co. The County Seat is Fayetteville, TN. 37334. It is located in the Middle Tennessee Section. Bounded by: Marshal, Bedford, & Moore Co.'s on the North; Franklin Co., on the East; Madison Co., Alabama in the South; with Giles Co., TN. on the West. (First Census 1820, Co. Clerk has m. & Pro Rec; Clerk & Masters has Civil Court Rec.; Reg. Deeds has land Rec.)
                                            { SS. May 01, 1816
In consideration of Military service performed by SAMUEL SERRET to the State of North Carolina Warrant No. 3726 for 640 acres dated the 6th day of December 1790 entered on the 4h day of April 1816 by No. 9132. There is granted by the said state of Tennessee unto GRISSON MORRIS assignee of the heirs of the said SAM'L SERRETT. A certain tract or parcel of land containing 30 acres part of said warrant by survey, the 01st day of May 1816. Said Land lying in the Second District in Lincoln County, of Coffee Creek; of Elk River bounded as follows to wit:
Beginning at the South East corner of his 10 acres entry on the North boundary line of BENJAMIN JOHNSON'S tract on which he now lives; thence North 84, East with said line 42 Poles to a Spanish Oak on the line of a ridge; thence North 8 Poles to a Dogwood Beech on the School line; thence West ?... on the East boundary line of a tract of land on which WILLIAM PITTMAN now lives; thence South 6, East with said line 48 Poles to two Beeches of said GRISSON MORRIS'S Northwest corner of his 10 acres entry; thence East to point of beginning.
ARW - Pension Application - 1818
On 07 Sep. 1818, at age 64, SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT, filed Pension Application, at Nashville, Tenn. while he was living in Bedford Co., TN. and received $8.00 per month for his Services in the American Revolutionary War. He said he had two children to support. His Nephew WILSON SARRETT, (s/o bro John,2 SARRETT) of Benton Co., TN. to testify in his behalf and in a later session of testimony, his brother JOHN, 2 SARRETT, swore to his veracity. The Bible Records [a page from a torn Prayer Book) he submitted, showed he had four sons altogether and no daughters. Its interesting to note that SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT, had a Church of England Prayer Book. The SARRATTS in Maryland all belonged to the Episcopal Church, even when it was not the official church of Maryland, but his father JOSEPH, 3 SARRATT in Person Co., North Carolina had joined the Primitive Baptist Church, perhaps SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT, carried the book with him into Tennessee which had been brought from Maryland by his Grandfather SAMUEL, 1 SARRATT
Samuel,3 SARRETT, a66y can be found in the :
1820 Census, Bedford Co. TN. M-033 Reel 122, Page 8, Line 6
 008  006 Samuel   SERIT  66 yrs  1754  NC  (45 Over)
   Wife: Nancy  (JOHNSTON) SERIT  49 yrs  1771  NC  (45 Over)
 4.  4thSon Hirman  M. (16 to 26) SERIT  20 yrs  1800  NC  m. c1820 Millie Unknown
 4.  D-I-L Wife 1st  (UnK,(16 to 26) SERIT  19 yrs  1801  NC  w/o Hiram M. SARRETT,
 4.  GrnSon Son 1st   (10 Under) SERIT  02 yrs  1818  NC  Not Traced!
 4.  GrnSon Son 2nd   (10 Under) SERIT  01 yr  1819  NC  Not Traced!
   M-Slave Unknown   (16 to26) SERIT  20 yrs  1800  NC  Not Traced!
   M-Slave Unknown   (16 to26) SERIT  20 yrs  1800  NC  Not Traced!
  Not living in the 1820 Census family Unit!
 1.  1stSon Joseph  M. SERIT  27 yrs  1793  NC  Not Traced!
 2.  2ndSon James  M. SERIT  26 yrs  1794  NC  m. 4 Times!
 3.  3rdSon Samuel  G. SERIT  24 yrs  1796  NC  m. *1831 Sarah BROCK
Shelbyville Cemetery, Bedford Co., Tennessee
age 67yrs
1754 - 1821

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ARW Soldier

Samuel,3 SARRATT, died on 01 April, 1821 in Bedford Co., TN., soon there after his wife the Widow NANCY (JOHNSTON) SARRATT removed to Habersham Co., Georgia to live with her son SAMUEL G. SARRETT.
No Will & Testament for Samuel,3 SARRATT.
On 08 March 1852, the Widow for 31 years, filed a ARW Widows Pension Application of the Pension Act of July 07, 1838 she received $80.00 per year Commencing on March 04 1836 up until her death in Jan. 1853.
Based on the 7th. July 1838, Act of Congress, NANCY (JOHNSTON) SARRETT, received $ 80.00 per year, commencing on March 04, 1836.
Issued 06 Oct. 1852, "Certificate of Pension" sent to Smith & Jones, Nashville, TN.
Based on the 4th. March 1843, and June 17, 1844, Acts of Congress, The Widowed NANCY (JOHNSTON) SARRETT, received $ 80.00 per year, commencing on March 04, 1836.
Issued 06 Oct. 1852, "Certificate of Pension" sent to Smith & Jones, Nashville, TN.
Based on the 4th. March 1848, Act of Congress, NANCY (JOHNSTON) SARRETT, received $ 80.00 per year, commencing on March 04, 1836.
Issued 06 Oct. 1852, "Certificate of Pension" sent to Smith & Jones, Nashville, TN.
District of West Tennessee
DECLARATION UNDER ACTS, July 07, 1838, March 03, 1843, June 17, 1844, Feb. 02, 1848
                                            { SS. March 08, 1882
On this 8th. day of November (should be March) 1852 personally appeared before me a Justice of the Peace in and for said County and State NANCY (JOHNSTON) SARRETT, a resident of Habensham County, State of Georgia, age eighty one years, (b. 1771) who being sworn according to law, doth on her oath make the following Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provisions made by the Act of Congress, Dated July 7, 1838, March 3rd. 1843, June 17, 1844, and Feb. 2, 1848. That she is the widow of SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT, who was a Pensioner of the United States under Act of March 18th. 1818 on the Rolls of the Nashville, Tennessee Agency at the rate of Ninety Six Dollars ($96.00) per annum. That he lived in Bedford County, State of Tennessee in which County and State he died on or about the first day of April in the year Eighteen Hundred and Twenty One. (1821)
She further declares that she was married to the said SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT, on the 24th. day of May in the year Seventeen Hundred and Ninety Two (1792) on the line of Person and Caswell Counties in the State of North Carolina, by one JOHN WOMACK a Justice of the Peace, that she was not married to him prior to his leaving the service, but the marriage took place previous to the first day of January Seventeen Hundred and Ninety Four (1794) where as at the time above stated.
That she has not again intermarried, but remains the widow of the said SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT, that her name before her marriage was NANCY JOHNSTON, and that she has in her possession no other record or documentary evidence in support of her claim or in proof of her marriage than that hereto annexed, and which is the genuine original family record, kept by her husband during his life time.
                     Her ^ Mark
Named, before me this 8th. day of March 1882
Witness LS\ H. M HARPER?
I hereby certify that I am personally acquainted with NANCY SARRETT, the above named declaiment, that she is a woman of honesty and that by reason of old age and body informity, she is unable to attend Court in order to make her declaration. I set my hand this 8 day of March, 1852,
Known all men by these presents that I NANCY SARRETT of Habensham County, State of Georgia do hereby Consent and appoint "SMITH & JONES" of Nashville, Tennessee my true and lawful Attorneys for me and in my name to present and prosecute my claim against the United States, for Revolutionary Pensions as widow of SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT, deceased, late of the pensioner of the United States, hereby certify and conforming all time lawful act in the pension.
Witness my name ordered this 8th. day of March, 1852 Signed,
Sealed & Delivered in person of:
Witness LS\ M. M. HARPER
Witness LS\ H. L. HARPER
Acknowledge before me this 8th. day of March, 1852
COUNTY COURT CLERK CERTIFICATE SEAL STATE OF GEORGIA } } SS. COUNTY of HABENSHAM } March 19, 1852 I JAMES E. GREGGS, Clerk of the before mention Court of said County, do hereby Certify that WILLIAM C. KING whose name appears to the foregoing known Attorney, was at the date hereof an acting Justice of the Peace for said County. Duty qualifies and Commissioned according to the laws said state and that his signature aforesaid is genuine. Witness my name and seal of Office this the 19th. day of March, 1852 LS\ JAMES E. GREGGS, County Clerk To: District of Columbia, County of Washington Sep. 15, 1852 The Attorneys "SMITH & JONES", must have been requested to verify the marriage of SAMUEL, 3 and NANCY (JOHNSTON) SARRETT, because on the 15th. Sep. 1852, the Attorney WILLIAM H. SMITH, of Nashville, Tenn., appeared before the Justice of the Peace in the Washington County, District of Columbia, that he sent a letter to the County Clerk of Caswell, North Carolina, for records of marriage in that county on 24th. May 1792, as her affidavit above, "and no answer of any kind has been received, from the County Clerk." LS\ WILLIAM H. SMITH The following Affidavit of GEORGE (b. 1769) and wife FANNY (Unknowm) BROCK (b. 1770), they tell the Court that they new SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT, list the name of SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT's father JOSEPH SARRETT, SAMUEL'S marriage, their children, four sons all born in North Carolina, which means they did not leave NC until after HOSEA was born on 02 Sep. 1800. Its interesting to note that son SAMUEL G. SARRETT was married to SARAH BROCK whose father was THOMAS BROCK, no doubt a relative of the 83 year old GEORGE BROCK who testified for NANCY (JOHNSTON) SARRETT. AFFIDAVIT GEORGE & FANNY BROCK Sep. 8th. 1852 STATE OF GEORGIA } } SS. COUNTY of GILMER } On this 8th day of September, A.D. 1852, personally appeared GEORGE BROCK of Gilmer County, State of Georgia, age 83 years and FANNY BROCK, of the same place, age 84 years, and after being duly sworn as terms of law. Saith on oath that they been intimately acquainted with SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT, of North Carolina, Caswell County and know that he was a Soldier in the Revolutionary War, from this fact, they were acquainted with his father JOSEPH SARRETT and the family generally and remember when he was absent from home, in Service and that he has said SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT and NANCY JOHNSTON were married, some nineteen years, after the close of the War in the said state of North Carolina and lived together as man and wife from that time and from said marriage were born to them the following children: First JOSEPH SARRETT, JAMES SARRETT, SAMUEL SARRETT and HOSEN SARRETT, all in North Carolina, after which he then saw SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT migrate to the state of Tennessee and died there. They think in the year 1821, leaving the said NANCY JOHNSTON (Now SARRETT), his widow and she is still his widow. Sworn to and subscribed this day and year written before. LS\ GEORGE BROCK LS\ FANNY ( X ) BROCK Her ^ Mark Witness LS\ JOSHUA SUMMER, Justice of the Peace CERTIFICATION I hereby certify that the above names affidavits GEORGE BROCK and FANNY BROCK may be relied on for truth and honesty. LS\ JOSHUA SUMMER, J.P. Filed in Superior Court of Gilmer Co., Georgia, on Sep. 09, 1852. LS\ RAMSON B. PERRY, Clerk. This is the last record found of this family by this writer. ..prs

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