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Hirman M. SURRATT, 1800-1850
North Carloina US State North Carolina State Flag
b. North Carolina!
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Died Georgia!
Hirman M. SURRATT, 1800-1850, age 49yrs

Fifth Generation!
Hirman M. SARRETT; [SFA©-FG 1451] [SFA©-ID#]
(Some researchers have concluded that this is also "Hosen" or "Henry P." with no Source Reference for this conclusion..prsjr)
(4th s/o SAMUEL, 3 & NANCY (JOHNSTON) SARRETT; See: AWR Soldier!
(1Gs/o...Joseph,3 & Mary SARRATT, of Person Co., NC.
(2Gs/o...Samuel,1 & Anna (Unknown) SARRATT of Prince George's Co., MD.
(3Gs/o...Joseph,1 & Katherine SARRATT) "The American Progenitor!"
Need Photo of b. 02 Sep 1800, on his fathers farm near the South Hyco Plantation, in Person Co., NC. [REF: #90 pg146]
d. before 1850 Census, age 49yrs nr Painterville, DeKalb Co., GA. [per 1850 Census]
Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me)
It is believed he married twice, first age 18y in Bedrord Co., TN. to:
Need Photo of Wife Unknown;
b. c1800, Unknown Co., TN.
d. 15 Mar 1829, a29y in Habersham Co., GA. (During Childbirth?)
Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me)
They had at least 3 Sons born to this 1st Union: [per Census Records]
At age 29yrs he married 2nd on 27 Aug 1829, in Habersham Co., GA. to [See: m. rec]
Need Photo of 28 year old Miss Millie STRATTON;
b. cira 1800, Unknown Co., NC. [1850 Census]
b. cira 1798, Unknown Co., NC. [1860 Census]
d. bfr 1880, age 79yrs [Not in Census, Gordon Co., GA.]
Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me)
They had at least 2 Sons born to this 2nd Union:
 FIRST MARRIAGE: c1818, Bedford Co., TN. Wife Unknown, 2 Sons
 Son/Dau  Click on Name for More Inf.  b.-d.  Married/Info.  Ch. 1st Son: Sanford,2 SARRETT,  GA. c1829-1887 a58yrs GA.  m. *1853 GA. Miss Tabitha A. CLAY,   3Ch. 2nd Son: Berry A. SARRETT,  GA. *1829-1912 a83yrs GA.  m. c1854 GA. Martha J. THRASHER,   7Ch.
 SECOND MARRIAGE: *1829, Habersham Co., GA. Milly A. STRATTON, 2 Sons 1st Son:      McNeal SARRETT,  GA. c1834-18?? a??yrs GA.  Not Traced! 2nd Son: Cicero Green SARRETT,  GA. c1835-1875 a40yrs GA.  m. *1835 GA. Miss Sarah Jane CLAY,  9Ch.
     Known Grandchildren/1st Cousins 

  Chronological Time Line
 Type  Date  Age  Remarks  (Click on Date for more Info.)  Liv'g in Co.
 Born  1800    in the home of his Parents & 3 older Brothers!  South Hyco Plantation  Person Co., NC.
 Census  1800   3mth  in the home of his Parents & 3 older Brothers!  Bedford Co., E. TN.
 Deed  1816  16yrs   in the home of his Parents, when Father was Granted 30acres,  nr Coffee Crk & the Elk Rivers  Lincoln Co., E. TN.
 ARW Pen.  1818  18yrs   in the home of his Parents, when Father filled Pension Application in,  Nashville  Davidson Co., E. TN.
 Census  1820  20yrs  with 1st Wife & 2 Son, living with Parents   Bedford Co., E. TN.
 Death  1821  21yrs  when Father died, 1st April, age 67yrs   nr Shelbville,  Bedford Co., E. TN.
 Census  1830  34yrs  can NOT be found by this writer   in TN. or GA.
 Census  1840  44yrs  can NOT be found by this writer   in TN. or GA.
 Death  1850  49yrs  Not with the 15 Oct 1850 family Unit  Painterville,  DeKalb Co., GA.
  "Widow" Mrs. Millie A. (Stratton) SARRETT, WESTBROOK
 Census  1850  50yrs  H/H Wid with 3 Sons, Berry A., McNiece, & Green C.  Painterville,  DeKalb Co., GA.
 Census  1860  60yrs  H/H "Widow" Living Alone, Step-Son Berry A. SARRETT, next door!  Campbellton,  Campbell Co., GA.
 Census  1870  70yrs  was "Domestic Help" for, her Step-Son Berry A. SARRETT,  Calhoun Twp.,  Gordon Co., GA.

   Possible Record Problem #1.
  No record has been found by this writer, for the wherebouts of Hiram SARRETT's Famiy in the 1830 & 1840 Georgia's Census?

  Possible Record Problem #2.
       Will JOHNSON is a Celebrity Genealogist for
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     An email sent to me Feb 27, 2007 from Mr Amos Surrett
     I think it is interesting to note that about 1853 the time Sanford and Talitha are getting married is about the time Samuel G. Sarratt is settling the estate of Nancy Sarratt . I said 1853 was when Nancy applied for her pension It was actually late 1852 when she apply and receive her Revolutionary War pension. Samuel was attached to the 10th North Carolina Regiment and wintered at Valley Forge during the winter of 1777-1778. Samuel was later taken prisoner probably at Charleston S. C. in 1780 and remained a prisoner until the end of the war. This leads to the mystery of what happened to Henry P. if indeed Samuel G. was his brother and Nancy was his mother. He certainly was Sanford, Berry A., NcNeas and Green Cicero's father.
      Milly Westbrook is list in the 1850 Dekalb Co Ga census as being the head of household in the census records with Berry A Serrett age 18, McNeas Serrett age 16 and Green Cicero Serrett age 14 which indicates that Henry P. Serrett was living in 1836 when Cicero was born. I have never been able to find Henry P. after the marriage to Milly Stratton in book A page 141 on 27 August 1829 & Samuel G. marriage to Sarah Black Book A page 159 on 10 November 1831. Of the children of Henry P.'s and Milly's I find that Berry A. married Martha J Thrasher. I was never able to find a record of this marriage of Berry A. and Martha J. Thrasher.
     I found the record of Sanford Serrett and Talitha Clay in Dekalb Co. Ga. [Book 2 page 252] on 15 May 1853 and the marriage of Green Sarratts to Sarah Jane Clay on 1 May 1854 in Book 2 page 311.
I have never been able to find any record of McNeas Serrett except the 1850 census record of Dekalb Co Ga. in which he is listed in the household with Milly Westbrook. I think he must have died before the census was taken in 1860. Green Cicero can be found on a couple of records in Campbell Co. store ledger in 1853. This was the year before Cicero and Sarah Jane were married. I could never find Sanford and Talitha or Cicero and Sarah Jane in the 1860 census.
I found their brother Berry A. and Martha J (Thrasher) Serrett in the 1860 Campbell Co Ga census with their children Thomas age 4 and his brother Francis age 2. Milly Westbrook was living next door to Berry A. and his family.
In the 1870 census the family of Berry A. Serrett age 40 is found in Gordon Co Ga. along with Martha J age 41, Francis M age 12, Thomas J. age 14, James H. age 9 mos, Julia age 9, Milly A. age 7, Harriet E. age 4 and Milly age 69 listed as a Domestic.
In the 1880 Gordon Co. Ga. census militia dist 114 I found Berry A age 51 Martha J age 52, Francis age 22, Julia age 19, Milliice age 17,Harriet E age 14, James H age 12, Mira J age 8
In the 1900 census of Gordon Co Ga. I found Berry A ( AKA Beron G.Serratt) age 70, Martha J age 71, Julia W. age 39, Harriet age 34, Myra age 28 with grand children Julia B. age 8 and James age 3. I did not trace Berry and family in the 1910 census and he died before the 1920 census Berry A Serrett born 16 March 1829 and died 26 March 1912 Martha J (Thrasher) Serrett born June 1828 died 28 November 1917. both are buried in Hopewell cemetery in Oakman Ga.
If you look at the records of Sanford and Green Cicero the first records I could find of Cicero is the Dekalb Co Ga. 1850 census when he is living with Milly Westbrook's. The first record I find of Sanford is the marriage record of his marriage to Talitha Clay in Dekalb Co Ga.on 15 May 1853. Listed Book (2) page 252. The next record I find of Cicero is his marriage to Sarah Jane Clay in Dekalb Co Ga. on 1 May 1854 Listed Book 2 page 311 the sister of Talitha Clay and the daughter of Jeddy Clay The next record I find is when Cicero enlisted in Co. A 56th Ga. Regt. at Campbellton Ga. On 22 April 1862. Cicero is captured along with 30,000 other Confederates soldiers at Vicksburg Mississippi on 4 July 1863. He signed an oath of allegiance and was released to return home. Cicero is captured again in July 1864 in Carroll Co Ga. and sent to Chattanooga Tenn.and then to Louisville Ky. to be released north of the Ohio River. It is my understanding that you could agree to be released north of the Ohio River and escape being put in a prisoner of war camp. His military records states that Cicero has dark complexion, dark hair, blue eyes and is 5 feet 7 inches tall.
Sanford Surrett said he was conscripted into Co A 56th Georgia Regt. The same Co. and Regt. that Cicero was in. Co A of the 56th Ga Regt is a Campbell and Coweta Co unit. There is no date when Sanford enter the army. The first record of Sanford is when he is captured on 16 December 1864 near Nashville Tenn. The battle of Stone River was being fought at that time but it doesn't say if that was the battle where Sanford was captured. Sanford is sent to Louisville Ky. and on to Camp Chase Ohio. He signs an oath of allegiance on 15 May 1865. Sanford states that he is from Carroll Co Ga and was conscripted into the army. He is 38 years old has dark hair, dark eyes, dark complexion and is 5 feet 6 1/2 inches tall.
Sanford and Cicero both survived the civil war and can be found in 1870 census Sanford can be found in the Cherokee Co Ala census M593 reel 07 Leesburg Dist page 270 line 48. Sanford Surrett head of house age 41 male farmer born Ga Talitha A age 41 female housekeeper born Ga Green Surrett is no longer with Sanford and Talitha. He is in Paulding Co Ga with wife Nancy (Dodd) Surrett and son John. Cicero Surrett & family is in 1870 census Floyd Co Ga. M593 reel 149 page 260 line 16 Cicero Surrett age 35 born Ga. in 1835 Sarah Jane age 34 " Ga. in 1836 Wm R age 13 " Ga. in 1857 Frances age 12 " Ga. in 1858 Cicero A age 8 " Ga. in 1862 Henry J age 4 " Ga. in 1876 James O age 3 Ga. in 1867 Mary T age 1 " Ga. in1869 Naomi Arfay is born in Ga in 1871 and And Sarah Elizabeth is born in Ala in 1873.
The next record of Sanford Surrett is when Sanford bought 40 acres of land in 1874 from a Mr Garner of Polk Co Ga. Sanford is living in Haralson Co Ga. at the time. He purchases The 40 acres of land in Cleburne Co Ala. for the sum of $100.00 dollars (actual 39 81/100 acres)
Since Sanford bought the 40 acres of land in Cleburne Co Ala in 1874 and William R Surrett married Emma E Bolton 19 Oct 1874 daughter of James & Nancy (Cook) Bolton in Cleburne Co Ala.
Frances M Surrett married Franklin V. Miller in Polk Co Ga on 7 Oct 1876 and Sarah Elizabeth Surrett was born in Ala abt. 1873 its hard to determine when Sanford and Cicero moved to Cleburne Co Ala.
We know that Cicero lived in Cleburne Co Ala. when he was shot and killed on 27 November 1875. I have never been able determine where Cicero is buried. There is an unmarked grave in the Mars Hill cemetery where all the graves of my great granddaddy Green Surrett his wife Nancy (Dodd) Surrett, Green Surrett's mother Talitha (Clay) Surrett and children Mary Golden, Delitha Payne and Noah Surrett are all buried. The unmarked grave is in the Surrett section but no one knows who is in the grave. I don't believe that my great granddaddy Green and Nancy came to Cleburne Co Ala until about 1891 Green and Nancy lived in the Big Bend area of Floyd Co Ga in 1887 that is where Sanford Surrett died on 31 May 1887 no one can find his grave at this time. My granddad remembers Sanford dying but could never go back to the exact place he was buried since he was about 8 years old at the time and when they moved away to Ala. a few years later they never returned since it would have been about 2 days there and 2 days back until they got their first car about 1925 or so which would have been close to 40 years later.
When my grand dad (Boss) and great grand dad Green and Nancy Surrett moved to the Mt. Creek area of Cleburne Co Ala. Cicero widow and children had moved away to Delta Co Texas and later to Pushmataha Co Okla. If Cicero was buried in Mars Hill cemetery there wasn't anyone to point his grave out since all his family moved to Texas sometimes in the late 1880's except Sarah Elizabeth Surrett who was about 1 year old when Cicero was killed. She married James Andrew Wallace and continued to live in Ala. but not close to Mars Hill cemetery. I doubt that she ever knew where her daddy was buried being that young and by the time some one came along that would have know Cicero like Green Surrett all of Cicero kids and Sarah Jane were long gone. As far as I know Henry J Surrett was the only one to moved back to Ala.
Sarah Elizabeth with spouse James Wallace who stayed in Alabama and Henry J. and his spouse Mary J. (Kernan) Surrett who lived in the Mt. Creek area of Cleburne Co Ala in 1880 but moved to the Mobile Co and Baldwin Co area of Alabama around the year 1900 and live there until their death. Some of James Wallace and Sarah Elizabeth (Surrett) Wallace grand children are the ones who have the picture of Cicero with his fiddle under his chin. I think the Surretts were musical incline although I could never play an instrument my self. My granddad played fiddle his brother Noah played fiddle and banjo and his sister Delitha played a banjo. His daddy Green Surrett played fiddle. I'm not sure if any of his older brothers John or Martin or his granddad Sanford played or if any of his older sisters played or not.
After not being able to find Sanford and Talitha or Cicero and Sarah Jane in the 1860 census I found them though their civil war records in Carroll Co Ga in 1862. After that they were fairly easy to trace.
1870 Cherokee Co Ala Leesburg Dist M593 reel 7 page 270 Line 48 Surrett S age 41 MW Ga Farm Hand Surrett Talitha age 41 FW Ga Housekeeper
1870 Floyd Co Ga. Cave Springs Dist Division 141 M593 reel 149 page 2 Line 168 Surrett Cicero MW age 35 Farmer born Ga Sarah FW age 34 House Keeper " Wm R MW age 13 work on farm " Frances FW age 12 " " " " Cicero A. MW age 8 " " " " Henry J. MW age 6 " James O. MW age 3 " Mary T. FW age 1 "
1870 Paulding Co Ga. Burnt Hickory Eutaw Dist. M593 reel 168 page 20 Line 148 Serit Green age 20 Nancy age 25 John age 1/12 Nancy (Dodd) Serit is the daughter of Henry & Mary Dodd of Paulding Co Ga. I believe Mary Dodd maiden name might have been Forsythe I could never find the marriage record of Green and Nancy (Dodd) Surrett I have not spent a lot of time in the Paulding Co courthouse so it is possible that one exist and I just haven't found it.
1880 Cleburne Co Ala. census Oak Level Beat #2 ED 41 T009 reel 008 page 24 line 48 Surrett Sanford age 52 Ga Ga Ga Surrett Talitha age 48 Ga Ga Ga Tucker Willie age 7 Ga Ga Ga Tucker Martha age 12 Ga Ga Ga
William Tucker took the name of William T Surrett and was known as Will Surrett around the east Alabama and west Georgia area all his life I never knew what happen to Martha Tucker. There was another child named Daniel Tucker that was raised by the Lamineck family that I never trace.
Will Tucker Surrett went to Texas to look for his mother and spent a good bit of time in Texas searching for her but never found her. I could never figure out why Sanford and Talitha took in two children that they didn't know anything at all about. One explaination is that close to where Sanford and Talitha Surrett lived were the wagon yard where all the people going to Texas would lay over to repair their wagons and restock up their supply and get ready to move on. I think maybe William & MarthaTucker's father and mother thought the trip would be more than the children could take so left them behind with the idea to come back for them later and never made it theirself. That would be another mystery that l would like to solve. Who were William, Daniel and Martha Tuckers parents and what happened to them.
1880 Cleburne Co Ala Oak Level Beat 2 T009 reel 008 page 23 Line 194 Surrett Sarah age 44 Ga Cisan age 18 Ga Henry J age 15 Ga James O. age 13 Ga Mary age 11 Ga Arfay N. age 9 Ga Sarah E. age 4 Ala Cicero was shot around 8 or 9 o clock on Nov 27 1875 about the 1 mile marker on the Pryor Station Road died sometime in the early morning of Nov. 28th 1875 in Cedartown Ga. Cicero was a resident of Cleburne Co Ala.
1880 Paulding Co Ga. Burnt Hickory Dist [T009 reel 160 ED157 Page 18 Line 150]
Surrett Green 30 Ga Ga Ga
Nancy 25 " " "
John 10 " " "
Martin 8 " " "
Mary J 5 " " "
Sarah J 4 " " "
Ellen M 3 " " "
Henry 8/12 " " "<---always known as Boss!
1900 Cleburne Co Ala Oak Level Dist T623 page 3 Line 46 Surrett Talitha W F born Oct 1834 age 63 Ga Ga Ga 1-1
1900 Cleburne Co Ala T623 reel 9 page 1 Line 1 Surrett J.W. (John) born Oct 1869 age 30 Ga. M.E. Sept 1872 27 Ga. A.M. May 1896 4 Ala. J.W. Jr 1899 3/4 Ala.
1900 Floyd Co Ga census T623 reel 196 Dist. 110 Line 152 Surrett Martin H/H Dec. 1874 age 25 Ga. married 7 years Lena E. Jan 1873 26 Ala 2-1 Rebecca Sept 1896 3 Ga.
1900 Cleburne Co Ala Oak Level Dist T623 page 2 Line 33 Surrett Green born 1849 age 50 Ga. Ga. Ga. Mary born Jan 1873 age 27 Ga Ga Ga Noah born Oct 1881 age 18 ' ' ' Litha born Aug 1883 age 16 ' ' ' Willard born Mar 1897 age 3 " ' '
1900 Cleburne Co Ala Oak Level Dist T623 page 3 Line 46 Surrett Talitha WF Oct 1934 age 63 Ga Ga Ga 1-1
Today I'm going to start on the history of Sanford and Cicero and Berry A Surrett:
If you read The Surrett families from 1715 till 1980 you will see that the first Sarratts in America seems to be Joseph & Kathrine Sarratt in Prince Georges Co. Maryland. As best as I can tell they had three children Susanna Sarratt born about 1700 married to Henry Dickinson about 1720 Samuel Sarratt born about 1708 married Ann they had 5 children (1)Joseph (2) Allen (3) Samuel (4)Richard (5)Thomas and Joseph Sarratt born about 1710 had 2 children (1)Joseph (2)Alphonsus. Samuel Sarratt is the Sarratt that I believe is the line of Surretts that Sanford and Cicero and Berry A. Surrett desended from. Samuel married Nancy Johnston 24 May 1792 in North Carolina. Samuel apply for a pension in 1819 and receive it but died in 1821 inBedford Co. Tennessee. He is honered with other patriots who fought in the Revolutionary War on a plaque in the lobby of the courthouse in Shelbyville Tenn. Nancy Surrett, Samuel wife moved to Habersham Co. Ga. She apply for a widows pension in 1853 and her son Samuel G Surrett helped her apply for it. Samuel & Nancy had 4 children (1)Samuel G. (2) Joseph (3) James (4) Hiram. In the application that Nancy filed to apply for her widows pension some of Samuel & Nancy old neighbors George & Fanny Brock of Gilmer Co Ga. who stated that Samuel & Nancy had 4 sons (1) Joseph (2) James (3) Samuel (4) Hosea . Some records show Samuel G. Married Sarah Brock and that her father was Thomas Brock maybe a relative of George & Fanny Brock.
This is not true Samuel G Sarratt married Sarah Black ( not Brock) in Habersham Co. Ga. 10 Nov. 1831. Henry P. Sarratt married Milly Stratton in Habersham co. Ga on 27 August 1829.
Henry P. and Milly are the parents of (1)Sanford Surrett (2) Berry A. Surrett (3) McNeas Surrett (4) Cicero Surrett.
Samuel G. Surrett settled his mother Nancy Surrett estate in 1853 in Habersham Co. Ga. I believe that Samuel G. and Henry P. are brothers although I have no proof that they were related. There was only 1400 heads of house hold in Habersham Co Ga in the 1830 census and it doesn't seem that you could have three people with a name like Surrett in a county that small that would not be relatives. I'm not sure if Henry P. is Hiram from Samuel old Prayer Book or Hosea from the memory of George and Fanny Brock.
It seems that if Samuel G. and Henry P. were brothers their father would be Samuel Sarratt and their Grandfather would be Joseph Serrett . their great grand father would be the old Joseph Sarratt of Prince Georges Co Maryland. I think I have this figured out right, but I have never verified anything past The Marriage of Henry P and Milly Stratton and Samuel G. and Sarah Black.
I have no idea what happened to Henry P. Serrett after his marriage to Milly Stratton in Habersham Co Ga. on 27 Aug 1829. The next record I find is a record of Milly Westbrooks in 1850 Dekalb Co Ga census. It list Milly Wesrbrook age 50 with Berry A. Serrett age 18, McNeas Serrett age 16 and Cicero Serrett age 14. There is no mention of Sanford Serrett in the house hold with Milly Westbrook and the other brothers. Sanford who would be about age 23 at that time. Green Serrett who his the son of Sanford Serrett and Talitha Clay was born on 29 Sept. 1849. So he could be living with Talitha Clay although there is no census record listing him with Talitha and Green in the 1850 census.
The records show Sanford Serrett married Talitha Clay in Dekalb Co Ga. on 15 May 1853. Cicero married Sarah Jane Clay in Dekalb Co Ga. on 1 May 1854 Talitha and Sarah Jane were the daughters of Jeddy/Jeudy/ Judy Twilley Clay.

U.S. Federal Census "Widow" Mrs. Milly A. (Stratton) SERRATT, WESTBROOK, can be found with Family:
 Enumerated Date: 15 October 1850
 1850 Census Painterville Dist, DeKalb Co. , GA
 [Fed. #, Reel# M432-006 Page: 170a  F.V.29 
 Pg.  F.V.  FName  MName  LName  Age  Born  b.Yr.  Remarks
  170a   29  Milly A.  (STRATTON)  WESTBROOK   50   GA  1800  H/H Wid Hiram M. SARRETT, *1829
 Step  Son:  Berry  A.  SERRET   18   GA  1832  Farm Hand!
 #4.  1stSon  McNeal    SERRET   16   GA  1834  No Schooling?
 #5.  2ndSon  Green  C.  SERRET   14   GA  1836  No Schooling?
 All can NOT Read or Write!
 #2. 2nd Son: Sanford SURRETT, age 22yrs, b. c1828 GA. is NOT listed with this Family!

U.S. Federal Census Berry   SURRETT, can be found with Family:
 Enumberated Date: 02nd July 1860,
 1860 Census Campbellton, P.O., Campbell Co. , Georgia
 [Fed. #, Reel# M653-011 Page: 309   F.Visit:967 
 Pg.  F.V.  FName  MName  LName  Age  Born  b.Yr.  Remarks
  309  967  Berry    SURRETT   52   GA  1808   H/H No Occup. Listed!
  309  967  Martha J.  (THRASHER)  SURRETT   31   GA  1829   m. 6yrs Berry A., 1854
  309  967  Thomas  J.  SURRETT    GA  1856   Son 1st, m. Callie, GOSWICK, c1874
  309  967  Francis  M.  SURRETT    GA  1859   Son 2nd, m. Ella Unk., c1894
  Step-Mother Milly, living alone, next door...prsjr
  309  968  Milly  (STRATTON)  WESTBROOK   62   GA  1798   H/H No Occup Listed!, Liv Alone! Can R&W!
 #2 2nd Step-Son: Sanford SURRETT, GA. 32yrs b. c1828 GA. with Wife & 1 Ch. NOT Found! [1860 Census]
 #5 2nd Son: Cicero G. SURRETT, GA. 25yrs b. c1835 GA. with Wife S.J. & 2 Ch. [1860 Census, Cherokee Co., GA.]

U.S. Federal Census Berry  A.  SERRAT, can be found with Family!
 Enumerated Date: 24 Aug 1870, P.O. Calhoun, GA.
1870 Census, Calhoun Twp., Gordon Co., GA
 [Fed. #, Reel# M593-0153E.D.  Page, 262  F.Visit:1222
 Pg.  F.V.  FName  MName  LName  Age  Born  b.Yr.  M/F  Remarks
 262  1222  Berry  A.  SERRAT   40   GA  1830  M  H/H Farmer $21/$220
 262  1222  Martha J.  (THRASHER)  SERRAT   41   GA  1829  F  m.14yrs Berry A., 1856 7Ch.
 262  1222  Thomas  J.  SERRAT   14   GA  1856  M  Son 1st, m. Callie, GOSWICK, c1874
 262  1222  Francis  M.  SERRAT   13   GA  1857  M  Son 2nd, m. Ella Unk, c1894 9Ch
 262  1222  Julia  A.  SERRAT    GA  1861  F  Dau 1st, Not Traced!
 262  1222  Millie  A.  SERRAT    GA  1863  F  Dau 2nd, Not Traced!
 262  1222  Harriet  C.E.  SERRAT    GA  1866  F  Dau 3rd, Never Married?
 262  1222  James  H.  SERRAT  0.1   GA  1870  M  Son 3rd, m. A. Polly CULIN, c1891
 262  1222  Millie  (STRATTON)  SERRAT   69   GA  1801  F  Domestic, (Mother Wid Hiram M., 1829
 Berry A., Could Read & Write!
 Wife Martha A. (Thrasher), Could NOT Read or Write!
 Step-Mother Millie, listed as "Domestic Help", and she can Read & Write!
 #2 2nd Step-Son: Sanford SURRETT, GA. 42yrs b. c1828 GA. with Wife & 1 Ch. NOT Found! [1870 Census]
 #5 2nd Son: Cicero G. SURRETT, GA. 35yrs b. c1835 GA. with Wife S.J. & 2 Ch. [1870 Census, Cherokee Co., GA.]

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