Descendants of Philpot Sutton

Part I

Descendants of Philpot John Sutton

A family history of the complete descendants

--   both male and female descendant lines   --

at least those I am able to learn of )

Philpot J. Sutton and Susanna Hunnex came from England, probably arriving at Boston, Massachusetts about 1794, maybe earlier. The name "Sutton, Philpot" appears on a list of letters remaining at the Boston Post Office, Dec. 27, 1794. I presume they then traveled northwest into New Hampshire, probably along the Merrimack River, then north along the Pemigewasset River, or maybe northwest to the Connecticut river into northern New Hampshire. They were at or near Lancaster, N.H. about 1797, there are indications their son, Joshua was born there.

They then moved to Barnet, VT, the family is found there in the 1800 Census. Here they had a farm near a small brook which enters the Connecticut River. This brook has since been known as Sutton Brook. Then about 1806 they moved north to Barnston, Stanstead County, Quebec (PQ). It is my goal to learn of all the descendants of these families, (male and female lines).

I attempt to tell their story, and follow their migrations into New England (1794), Quebec (1806), Ontario (1840s), Wisconsin (1840s), Illinois (1850s), California (1850s), Minnesota (1860s), Washington (1880s), and many other states. I try to include references, however, entries not sourced remain as an oversight from my earlier days, or are a strong lead which needs to be followed up. I've outlined some facts of their lives in chronological order. In some places I've made slight assumptions, mostly supported by other evidence. It is my desire to confirm or deny these. This is very much a working project, which I try to update at least 2 to 3 times a year.

I've had much help from many volunteers and distant cousins, a great pleasure to meet you all, and thanks for your help. There is much to learn. I hope to meet more descendants and improve our knowledge of our common ancestors. I welcome any information you want to add, no matter how small, as each piece builds upon the other. Please bring any errors or omissions to my attention. If you have any questions, please ask.

I have now learned of more than 4,947 descendants, and I last messed up these pages   18 June '21.  

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Part I :  Descendants of Philpot J. Sutton

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1812 - Map of the Eastern Townships


1862 - Map of the Eastern Townships


1881 - Map of the Eastern Townships


1815 - Barnston: Ranges & Lots

where we were in 1900

Where were we?

Mapping migrations and the distribution
Philpot Sutton's descendants

MAPS:  1794   to   2000

Sutton Brook

Philpot Sutton's family arrived at Barnet, VT., about 1798. They settled at a place where the Passumpsic River enters the Connecticut River. Near this spot a small stream, known as Sutton Brook, empties into the Connecticut River. They lived here about 5-8 years and then moved north to Barnston, Stanstead County, PQ.

A picture of Sutton Falls along this brook is found in the book; "The History of Barnet, Vermont".

Barnston Baptist Church

Barnston Baptist Church

Many of the early settlers at Barnston, PQ. were Baptist. Philpot Sutton and his family were among the church's founding group.The Deacons and Elders would conduct these early gatherings in their homes and barns. In 1835 they had the resources to build a church; Barnston Baptist Church, and in 1837 it was completed.

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Part II

My Ancestors

"Where did I come from?" Here I attempt to answer that age-old question as I journey back along both my paternal and maternal lines. It's turning out to be quite an adventure and history lesson. Many of Philpot Sutton's descendants marry into the earlier arrivals to New England and most all these maternal lines go back to the arrival of the Winthrop Fleet @ 1630.

The Mayflower: Indications are that an ancestor came with the Mayflower. Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, Volume Six: The Stephen Hopkins Family, leads me to investigate the ancestors of Lucinda Dyer, wife of Augustus Golliff.

* I last messed up these pages June '21.

My Ancestors

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Some Descendant Lines

of first immigrant ancestors to the U.S

Baldarelli    @1909        (updated July '21) Contessa    @1915        (updated July '21)
Golliff    <1800        (updated July '21) Hart    @1853        (updated July '21)
Mulgrew    @1885        (updated July '21) Lang    @1860        (updated July '21)
Morrison    @1730        (updated July '21)

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