2. Name:     John1B Jonathan "Johnson" Casebolt  

    (for information on his life and descendents, click Chapter 31)

Born:         abt. 1800 in: Carter Co, TN1

Died:         1881 in: Pike Co, KY2

Married 1:   abt 1818 in: Virginia3

Spouse:     Nancy1B.1 Friend3

Married 2:   4 May 1843 in: Pike Co, KY4

Spouse:     Mary1B.2 "Polly" Sanders4

Married 3:   17 Sept. 1858 in: Pike Co, KY5

Spouse:     Sarah1B.3 Ann (Lee) Ramsey5


1 John J. is listed in the 1850 census as age 50, in 1860 as 60, in 1870 as 71, and in 1880 as 80, and as "born in Tenn." in every census.  Halstead, Lois J. book order, 26 October 1992: "My great great grandfather, John Jonathan Casebolt, was born 1800 in Carter Co, Tn."

2 He was alive for the 1880 census in Pike Co, KY.

3 Based on the age of their eldest child they must have married about 1818 and must have been living in Lee Co, VA at the time.  Nancy's given name is listed in the 1850 Floyd Co, KY census after they have separated -- she is living next to "Friend" families whom I assume to be her closest kin.

4 I assume that Nancy kept all of her children with her leaving none for the "other" woman to raise ... this would indicate that John J's and Mary's first child was born in 1835 although they did not marry until 1843 which may have been after Nancy had died or, possibly, left the state.  Kozee, p.149, "John J. Casebolt married Polly Sanders in Pike Co, KY on 4 May 1843; same is in KR 35(112), p.234.

5 KR 35(112), p.350: "John J. Casebolt married Sarah Ann Ramsey, widow of Daniel, in Pike Co, KY on 17 September 1858 [Mary having died in 1857 -- rak]." Dyer, Kenneth L. e-mail to RAK, 29 Sept. 1998: "... her previous surname being Lee."



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