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Welcome to my home page!

This page was last updated 14 July 2006 -- rak.

My name is Dick Kraus.  Much of my life is devoted to genealogy.  All of this site is.  Please be patient.  There is so much to put here, it will be years before every part is complete.  On the other hand, I hope to add something virtually every week unless I am traveling.

Please feel free to explore anything here that interests you.  When you can add any correction, corroboration, extension, or constructive criticism please let me know.  I especially want to eliminate errors.  And I want to make all this more complete.  Your help might be just the next needed thing.  

Please e-mail me at dickkraus1@yahoo.com  your comments, or you can contact me through my other site: rakgen.  You can make this your project too!  Some relative or friend had a hand in providing virtually everything that is available on this site -- otherwise I could not have information on over 15,000 relatives.

Each section of the site includes a "Work Log" so you can check to see if since you last visited there have been any updates in which you have an interest.

The site, unlike Gaul, is currently divided into six parts:

Dick's Family Tree; visits to ancestral villages.       Dick's DNA projects

Alexandertal  -- from whence my dad's dad's parents came to the US

Casebolt Family History Books

Early Kentucky, or Southern Ruggles Home Page

Genealogical Tools

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You may have come here to see reports on my recent trip to Russia.  The quickest way to do that is to click on Russia2001.