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Many of us descended from early Ruggles settlers in Kentucky have known very little of our heritage -- and much is still a mystery.  But both the fact that we now know more about our ancestors than we did just a few years ago and the prospect that we may someday actually resolve many of the remaining mysteries surrounding our origins -- both that fact and that prospect are due to one woman more than to any other one person.  Viola Vera (Fritch) Schneider, with the loyal aid of her helpmate and husband, Bob, has tirelessly crisscrossed this country finding old records.  Even more importantly, she has painstakingly filed both her own work and that of countless other researchers so that it all is available for posterity.  Chances are that, if you are a Southern Ruggles and know something of your ancestry, cousin Vi had a big hand in it.  The odds are perfect that if from now on you learn much about your Southern Ruggles ancestry your new knowledge will be based on Vi's solid work.  Each one of us as a Southern Ruggles owes cousin Vi a debt none of us can ever adequately repay.  All we can do is say "Thank you so very, very much, cousin Vi!"  This Southern Ruggles website is dedicated to Viola Vera (Fritch) Schneider, descendant of the second child of John (10000) Ruggles, first Ruggles settler in Kentucky.

The Ruggles family, with its many spellings [R(i)(o)(u)g(h)(g)(e)l(l)(e or a)(s)(s)], is a large family of long-standing in the US and Canada.  The larger, better researched and, some might say, more famous, portion of the family were northerners.  They were early in Massachusetts, multiplied in New England and Nova Scotia, and then spread south and west across the continent.

However, many of us of Ruggles descent, apparently never had Ruggles ancestors in New England or Canada.  We of the "Southern" or "Early Kentucky" Ruggles, aka "EKR", seem to have a different pedigree since leaving the British Isles.  Usually our ancestors even had given names quite different from the "Northern" or "New England" Ruggles, aka "NER".  So where and when did our Ruggles ancestors arrive on this continent?  Who were those earliest emigrants?  Did they really have nothing to do with New England -- or were they descendants of those early Massachusetts Ruggles??

Our newest section "Imagined Roots" begins to catalog instances in which folks have grafted southern Ruggles into other people's family trees!  Click on it to check it out!

It is the goal of Project 2 of the RootsWeb Ruggles Mailing List to solve these mysteries.  This web site is to be our on-going progress report.

William D. Perkins was the list coordinator of our Mailing List and father of the idea both of this project and of this site.  Dick Kraus is project coordinator of Project 2 and keeper of the site.

In the spelling given in the square brackets at the beginning of this page, any letter inside a set of parens can be left out, and some obviously almost always are.

Please explore what we have to offer.  We want to hear from anyone who can add any correction, corroboration, extension, or constructive criticism to our study.  We know there are errors in what we are presenting.  And we know it is far from complete.  Please e-mail Dick Kraus at [email protected] with your comments.  You can make this your project too!

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