Dick's Family Tree -- Introduction

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This site will be my family tree and related projects.  Each person in a family tree has an Ahnentafel number and each will have one web page in this site.  In the Ahnentafel system, I am 1, my father is 2, his father is 4, and his mother is 5.  My mother is 3, her father is 6,and her mother is 7.  Each person's father is double the person's number and the mother is 1 more than the father's number.  The name of each family tree web page will be its Ahnentafel number.

In addition to pages for individuals, there will be one web page per ancestral couple.  The "couple" pages will be numbered half way between its members numbers, e.g. my parents as a couple will be 2.5, half way between dad at number 2 and mom at number 3.  A "couple page" will include basic information on all the known and suspected children of the couple, to the best of my knowledge.

Finally, for some of the family names, there will be an essay regarding that family in general.

For direct descent in the Tree, I offer what proof I have, or indicate the lack of it.  For other descent which I mention and in which you may be interested, you can ask me about proof and/or more detail.  Unless you have information which I want to exchange, there will be a small charge.  Please go to rakgen for details.

Check the Work Log to find which pages have been worked on most recently.

Pages you can reach:

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Relatives not necessarily in the Tree:

Number 15 is Angeline (Ruggles) Burden, my mother's grandmother.  No one so far has been able to discover where her Ruggles forebears came from before 1793 or so.  In an effort to remedy that deficiency, I have been coordinating a national project aimed at finding the origin of the Ruggleses who began showing up in northeastern Kentucky in the 1790's.  For further information on the origins of Angeline's ancestors, click on Southern Ruggles.

Mom, number 3, was born Wanda Myrtle Casebolt.  Thanks to her eldest sister, Grace,  I have for some decades been gathering the history of the Casebolt family.  In 1992, I published the first book which covered the first three generations of Casebolts in America. For that book and later offerings, click on Casebolt

 All my dad's, Number 2's, ancestors were German.  All his great-greats left Germany in 1766-67 settling in all-German villages on the Volga River in Russia.  His grandparents Kraus left the tiny village of Alexandertal in Russia and came to the US in 1876.  I am the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia's village coordinator for Alexandertal history.  For that work, click on Alexandertal.

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