Pvt. Richard Kidder Woodson

    First Kentucky "Orphan" Brigade 


Pvt. Richard Kidder Woodson, 2nd Kentucky Infantry

Pvt. Woodson was born 12 August 1840 in Jessamine County, and fought for Company C of the 2nd Kentucky Infantry. He later became their color bearer. He became ill while his company marched to Ft. Donelson, so he was not involved in that battle, nor was he captured as the rest of his company was.

While the 2nd Kentucky was in prison after Donelson, Pvt. Woodson served in a Tennessee command. He was recommended for promotion, on account of gallant conduct by Gen. Bushrod Johnson during the spring and summer of 1862.  He served in Co. E, 4th Kentucky Infantry, during the battle of Baton Rouge, where he was wounded.

Pvt. Woodson rejoined the 2nd Kentucky at Hartsville and Murfreesboro/Stones River. He was mortally wounded on 2 January 1863 during the Battle of Murfreesboro, and died on 22 January. He was named to the Confederate Roll of Honor for gallant and meritorious conduct on the field at Murfreesboro.  He is buried in the Frankfort, Kentucky, Cemetery.


Thompson, Ed Porter, "History of the Orphan Brigade", pg 571

-----Laura Cook

from the 1895 Annual of the Confederate Veteran Association of Kentucky, page 195:

Born near Frankfort, Kentucky, August 12th, 1840. Enlisted in the Army of the Confederate States at Camp Boone, Tennessee, July, 1861, as a private in Company C, 2d Kentucky Infantry, the Orphan Brigade, Breckinridge's Division, Hardee's Corps, Army of Tennessee. He was sick at the time of the battle of Fort Donelson and served in a Tennessee regiment while his own regiment was in prison, and for gallant conduct was recommended for promotion by Gen. Bushrod Johnson.

After his regiment was exchanged he returned to it. At the battle of Baton Rouge he was so badly wounded through the right lung that he was discharged from further service, but partially recovering re-enlisted in his Company and fought at Hartsville and Murfreesboro where in that awful charge of Breckinridge's Division, he, seeing his battle flag fall for the third time, raised it from the dust and fell mortally wounded, shot through both thighs. He was found upon the field by his kinsman, General S. Woodson Price of the United States Army, who sent him to Nashville, Tennessee, where, under the care of Mrs. Governor Brown, he lingered for twenty days, when death came to his relief. He was awarded a medal of honor for gallant and meritorious conduct on the battlefield of Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

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