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This page presents historical and genealogical information on the largest unit from Kentucky to serve in the Confederate forces during the War Between the States, 1861-1865.

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The Orphan Brigade Kinfolk Association Annual Meeting

on Saturday, October14, 2017, Louisville, KY


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ORPHAN BRIGADE BOOK REPRINT - Janaway Genealogy Books has recently reprinted Ed Porter Thompson's History of the Orphan Brigade - click here for further info.

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Search Engine for known burial locations of Orphan Brigade Soldiers is now on line. Over 500 burial locations listed!

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Our pages on the background, history, uniforms, flags and weapons of the brigade can be found here.

Our data section features rosters, burial information and photos of the soldiers.

Looking for more resources? Check here for our suggested reading list and bibliography, associated WWW links, hints on how to find and research your Orphan Brigade ancestor, and information on the Orphan Brigade Kinfolk Association.

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