Curry Co. Cemeteries A-D
Curry County Cemeteries A-D

Agness Pioneer Cemetery [Oak Flat Cemetery]
Armpriest Cemetery
Bagnell Ferry Cemetery [Rumley Hill Cemetery]
Barlow Cemetery [gravesite]
Battle Rock [gravesites]
Bald Ridge Cemetery
Benham Lane Pioneer Cemetery
Big Meadows Cemetery [Billings Cemetery]
Bigelow Cemetery
Billings Cemetery [Big Meadows Cemetery]
Cape Blanco Pioneer Cemetery [Hughes Cemetery]
Carpenter Cemetery [Snodgrass Cemetery]
Clarno Springs Cemetery [gravesite]
Clay Hill Cemetery [gravesite]
Colonel Munsey Cemetery [gravesite]
Colvin Cemetery [gravesite]
Cooley Cemetery
Costelloe [gravesite]
Crew Cemetery
Davis Cemetery [gravesite]
Denmark Cemetery [Langlois or Willow Creek Cemetery]
Dr. Cooper Cemetery [gravesite]
Bagnell Ferry Cemetery [Rumley Hill Cemetery]

Located 3 miles north of Old US 101 (Jerry's Flat Rd.---just southeast of the Rogue River Bridge in Gold Beach),

off of Squaw Valley Road; below Bill Russell home.




McMANN, El_ H.; age 18 years

RUMLEY, Lucy; wife of W. A. Rumley

TICHENOR, Randolph

TICHENOR, Jenny; wife of Randolph

WOODWORTH, John; (11/16/1824-5/1/1895)

WOODWORTH, John; d. 1941

Bald Ridge Cemetery

Located near the air field in Marial (northeast of Illahee).

CRITESER, Mary E. "May"; (11/1/1863-6/21/1934)

DEL MAR, Mrs. Cora; (1878-1928); age 50 years, 6 months, 15 days

Barlow Cemetery

Located near Marial (northeast of Illahee).


Battle Rock [gravesites]

These graves are located on historic Battle Rock at Battle Rock State Park in Port Orford, US 101.

SUMMERS, Betsy; (1839-1904)

SUMMERS, Ralph, Jr.; son; (1867-1892)

SUMMERS, Ralph Erastus "Jacob" "Jake"; (1815-1909); Battle Rock Defender, 1851

THOMAS, "Enos"; unmarked grave; Canadian Native American, hung for "aiding and abetting belligerents during the Rogue River uprising"

UNKNOWN; unmarked grave; brave of Coquille River tribe, hung by miners on Battle Rock in 1856.

Benham Lane Pioneer Cemetery

Located on Benham Lane in Harbor; 30 graves, 1 marker; mostly Indian graves

HATFIELD, W. W.; (11/13/1883-5/28/1912); drowned

Big Meadows Cemetery [Billings Cemetery]

Located near Ilahee.

BILLINGS, Adeline B.; (1842-1921); Indian name Komlomnick-Ifshopete, princess of Karok Tribe.


BILLINGS, George; (1865-1905)

BILLINGS, John; (7/4/1826-9/24/1908)

Cape Blanco Pioneer Cemetery [Hughes Cemetery]

Located about 5 miles north of Port Orford on Cape Blanco Highway, property once owned by the Hughes family.
There was once a small Catholic Church here called St. Mary, Star of the Sea.

DUFFY, Michael; Sacred to the memory of Michael Duffy; born in Co. Monaghan, Ireland, 1817; d. Jan 30 1903;
May his soul rest in peace.

FORTY, Infant; Son of Charles Forty (unmarked)

FORTY, Infant; Son of Charles Forty (unmarked)

HUGHES, Patrick; Sacred to the memory of Patrick Hughes; born in Co. Tyrone, Ireland, April 15, 1830; d; June 28, 1901;
aged 71 years; May his soul rest in peace.

McCARTHEY, Denis; native of Cork, Ireland; d. April 16, 1898; aged 79 years; May his soul rest in peace.

McMULLEN, Catherine; beloved wife of Frank McMullen; d. Dec. 27, 1915; aged 78 years, 6 months, 7 days; RIP.

McMULLEN, Frank; beloved husband of Catherine McMullen; born in Co. Tyrone, Ireland, April 2, 1840;
died at Port Orford, Oregon Nov. 1, 1905; RIP.

SULLIVAN, William;born in Cork, Ireland; died May 7, 1900; aged 86 years

Carpenter Cemetery [Snodgrass Cemetery]

Located at the Arnold Carpenter homesite near Carpenterville, southeast of Pistol River.




Clarno Springs Cemetery

Located near a small creek at Clarno Springs, north side of the Rogue River opposite Jerry's Flat (just southeast of the
Rogue River Bridge in Gold Beach)on old US 101.

This is the site of the mass grave of 10-12 victims of a massacre which ocurred 2/22/1856 or early dawn 2/23/1856.

Clay Hill Cemetery

Located above Clay Hill Lodge, up Clay Hill Creek, 14 miles up the Rogue River from Agness; on Rogue River Trail.


Colonel Muncy Cemetery [gravesite]

Located in Signal Butte area east of Gold Beach.

MUNSEY, Col.; War vet

Colvin Cemetery [gravesite]

Located on hilltop on Jack Leith ranch on Hunter Creek, southeast of Gold Beach. This was the former homestead of Henry "Sam" COLVIN.

COLVIN, Henry "Sam"; buried 1919

Cooley Cemetery

Located on Pedrioli Lane in Harbor, southwest of the Van Pelt Cemetery.

COOLEY, Frances A.; (4/2/1831-10/3/1897)

COOLEY, Miller; (12/18/1822-9/9/1902)

COOLEY, Elizabeth Hill; (9/24/1825-8/12/1916)

Costelloe Cemetery [gravesite]

Located 5 1/2 miles up Winchuck River, southeast of Brookings.

COSTELLOE, Edmond; (11/18/1912); age 36 years; Woodman of the World (WOW)

Crew Cemetery

Located on Piercy Sweet Ranch, on the north side of the mouth of Elk River, between Sixes and Port Orford.

CREW, Charles; d. 5/26/1888; age 74 years; native of Dorchester, England

CREW, Margaret; d. 8/9/1889; age 64 years; native of Dorchester, England

Dr. Cooper Cemetery [gravesite]

Located 1 mile down Cape Ferrello Road, off of US 101, north of Brookings.

COOPER, Arthur, M. D.; (11/22/1841-8/18/1903); native of Scotland

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