Curry County Cemeteries E-H
Curry County Cemeteries Extracts E-H

Edgerton Cemetery
Edson Cemetery
Elephant Rock Cemetery
Fort Orford [gravesite]
Foster Creek Cemetery [Illahe Cemetery]
Fox Hill Cemetery
Fry Cemetery
Geisel Monument
Gibbs Cemetery
Gold Beach Cemetery [Rogue Cemetery]
Gold Beach Pioneer Cemetery
Graveyard Point [gravesites]
Guerin Cemetery
Haines Cemetery
Halfmoon Bar [gravesite]
Hawkins Cemetery
Hoosknaden Creek [gravesite]
Huckleberry Knoll Cemetery
Hucktill Cemetery [gravesite]
Hughes Cemetery [Cape Blanco Pioneer Cemetery] 
Fort Orford [gravesite]

This is an unlocated/unmarked grave on the site of Fort Orford, near downtown Port Orford, just off of US 101.

LONG, Unknown [Mr.]; First settler of Port Orford; brought to fort during Indian conflicts; died of natural causes; buried on fort grounds; gravesite lost

Foster Creek Cemetery

Located near Illahee at the top of the knoll between Foster Creek and the road to Powers at Big Bend; 300 yards uphill.

BILLINGS, Albert; b. 1873

BILLINGS, Emmeline; b. 1871

BILLINGS, Raleigh; b. 1878


BURNS, E. B.; drowned in Rogue River

CREESEN [CREASON], Scotty; drowned in Rogue River



FOSTER, Charles

FRY, Eureka; b. 1856

FRY, Infant

JONES, Hathaway; (1870-1937)




THOMAS, Florie

WOLF, Unknown

Fox Hill Cemetery

Located on a hill north of the mouth of Euchre Creek; on Euchre Creek Road, across from the Ophir School (off US 101, north of Gold Beach). Trees in plot have been cut and land has been plowed under for pasture. No markers remain.

CAREY, Martha A.; (4/4/1847)-3/9/1897); wife of Asa B. Carey

FISH, Eugene; d. 10/12/1913; age 55 years; father

FISH, Cornelius; son

Indian Joe; buried outside fence

MERRILL, Josephine; d. 4/2/1917; wife of John B. Merrill


WILLARD, Jerome B.; parents of Mrs. Delos Woodruff

WOODRUFF, Nelson R.; d. 1892; age 44 years, 7 months

Fry Cemetery

Located near site of Fort Lemory up Rogue River, east of Gold Beach.

FRY, Ike; d. 1928; age 75 years

FULLER, Jim; d. 1925; age 75 years

Geisel Monument

This monument marks the site where four members of the Geisel family were massacred by Indians in 1856. The graves have been maintained and are preserved in an Oregon State wayside (west side of highway) located north of Gold Beach on US 101.

GEISEL, John (and sons); In memory of John Geisel, also his three sons John, Henry, and Andrew, who were massacred by the Indians, February 22, A. D. 1856. Aged respectively 45, 9, 7, and 5 years. Also wife and mother, died September 20, 1899 aged 75.

EDSON, Christina; (1829-1899) [this is the wife of John GEISEL, listed in the other grave above; she survived the massacre and later remarried]

In a fenced plot on US 101 near Geisel Monument.

COY, Freddie; age 12 years; son of Isaac COY

CAREY, Jennie; wife of Isaac COY

UNKNOWN; unknown man drowned

Graveyard Point [gravesites]

These lost graves are located somewhere on Graveyard Point, above the dock in Port Orford.

ADAM, Pvt. Unknown; Unlocated/unmarked grave; soldier died in 1850s in Port Orford

HILL, Pvt. Unknown; Unlocated/unmarked grave; soldier died in 1850s in Port Orford

Haines Cemetery

Located near Dement Ranch in Eckley area.

AVERY, unknown



HAINES, Joe; infant

HAINES, Liberty; killed in shoot-out

WHITNEY, unknown

Huckleberry Knoll Cemetery

Located just above Bear Pen Flat on the South Sixes River, southeast of Sixes.


JOHNSON, unknown

LACEY, Willis; WWII vet

MADIGAN, Mike "Griz"

McLOAN, unknown

Hucktill Cemetery [gravesite]

Located near Floras Creek, southeast of Langlois; unmarked..


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