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George Crout Chronicles

A modest collection of works from the renown local historian and educator

For many years Mr. Crout has written about Middletown, the Miami Valley and the state of Ohio. We are privileged to present a small sample of these works for history students everywhere. - Middletown Historical Society

The Economic Development of Middletown Ohio 1796-1965

Mr. Crout's first Master's thesis offers a detailed account of the early economic development of Middletown. He skillfully recollects Middletown's journey from a rural village along the Miami River through the industrial expansion brought to its doorstep by the the Miami-Erie Canal.

Madison Township Bicentennial Sketches (1799-1999)

Mr. Crout's 1998 book on the history of his birthplace chronicles the many communities of Madison Township. Topics covered include stories of early pioneers and life on the farm, a history of the railroad and depot, an examination of nine distinct communities and a look at the origins of local institutions like schools and churches.

Suggestive Materials for the Teaching of Local Social Studies with Illustrations from the History and Geography of Middletown, Ohio

A product of Mr. Crout's second Master's degree, his thesis of 1948 is a clear, wide ranging study of life during Middletown's early years. He brings richly detailed local resource material together for the benefit of instructors and students.

Miami Valley Vignettes

As is described in the preface of this 1982 publication: "Few river valleys have as rich a history as the Miami Valley of Southwestern Ohio." Mr. Crout's vignettes are a collection of historical highlights of the Miami Valley introducing some of its most famous people, its historic sites and those events which were to influence our state and national development.

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