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The Economic Development
of Middletown, Ohio
George C. Crout

The following is offered for publication by the author, Mr. George Crout. Written in 1941, it is the thesis for his first Master of Education degree. He explains Middletown's early economic history in clear terms producing a valuable resource for the history student.

- The Middletown Historical Society

  1. The Coming of the Pioneer

  2. The Pioneers Build a Town

  3. An Economic System Develops

  4. Canal Days in Middletown

  5. Pigs and Pork

  6. Economic Pattern of Middletown 1830-1850

  7. A Railroad is Built

  8. A Hydralic Furnishes Power

  9. Middletown: the Paper City

  10. Conclusion

    Appendix: Later Developments of the Paper Industry


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