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Suggestive Materials for the Teaching of Local Social Studies with
Illustrations from the History and Geography of Middletown, Ohio

Submitted to the Faculty of Miami University in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Education.

George C. Crout
Miami University
Oxford, Ohio

The following is offered for publication by the author, Mr. George Crout. Written in 1948, it remains a unique synthesis of locally obtained resources valuable to today's history student. This is the thesis for Mr. Crout's second Master of Education degree. We are indebted to his talent and scholarship and grateful for his permission to present it to you here.

- The Middletown Historical Society


This study has been undertaken to obtain all the available local resource material which would be of value to students and teachers in the public schools of Middletown, Ohio.

While everyone readily admits that the use of local material will enrich the school curriculum, this type of material is the most difficult of all information to obtain. The history of a community must be obtained by searching through primary sources and involves much work to mine a little gold, while the geography of a city is compiled by actual field work, visitation of each industrial establishment.

This study was made to give to teachers and pupils a reliable source of information about Middletown, Ohio which can be used as a resource material for each class to develop as seems appropriate to a particular learning situation. It is hoped that this study will serve as a stimulus to teachers in other communities to conduct similar investigations.

The writer is appreciative of the Stratford House, 52 Vanderbilt Avenue, New York, which has signed a contract to publish the material in book form. He also appreciates the helpful suggestions of Dr. Harvard F. Vallance, Director of the Graduate School, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. To the hundreds of Middletonians who loaned valuable source material, and who gave generously of their time for interviews, the writer expresses a debt of gratitude. Miss Emma Hale, local librarian, has been most helpful and suggested the publication of this work.


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

  2. The Setting of the Story in Time and Place


  3. Life in Early Middletown


  4. The Development of Local Institutions


  5. Industrial Middletown


  6. Summary and Conclusions


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